Zi-Kree (06x03a - The Evil from Krypton) 4
Species: Kryptonian
Homeworld: Krypton
Universe: Earth-1A
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Occupation: Supervillain
Base: Krypton (formerly)
Phantom Zone
Affiliations: Phantom Zone Criminal
Rogue of: Superman
Voiced/Played: Allan Lurie
Zi-Kree (06x03a - The Evil from Krypton) 3

Zi-Kree is a native of the planet Krypton.

Background Information

Zi-Kree was banished to the Phantom Zone by Jor-El.

In time however, Zi-Kree escaped and comes to earth for revenge against Jor-El's son. He starts by sneaking into the Fortress of Solitude while Superman is busy on a mission. Zi-Kree is able to use the Fortress to cause the Sun to red, thus stripping Superman (and all Kryptonians) of his super-powers (except Zi-Kree, who possesses his powers regardless). Superman, with the help of Aquaman and Green Lantern are able to defeat Zi-Kree and send him back to the Phantom Zone.


Zycree vs. Superman!


  • Michael Reaves named the character after another famous Super Friends writer: Marc Scott Zicree, a noted sci-fi writer in his own right.[1]
  • His appearance is based off of Terrence Stamp's famous portrayal of General Zod in Superman I and Superman II.

Episode Appearance


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