You may be looking for Novarian (a 'Bigfoot / Sasquatch' type alien from another planet).
You may be looking for Bigfoot an episode from the The Secrets of Isis (1975-77).
You may be looking for Big Foot an episode from the SuperFriends, 1980 Shorts.


An example of a Yeti.[1]

A yeti, (also known as an Abominable Snowman) was originally just considered a legendary creature that is an ape-like humanoid that's taller than the average human, often times considerably taller. The creature was similar to the Sasquatch, and for years it was incorrectly believed that the the myth may have arisen from a common source. However in actuality, these were two separate species.

When Wonder Dog was transformed into a giant by Shamonite, he was mistaken for a yeti by Doctor Shamon, who ran in fear, finding and begging Batman and Robin to protect them from the abominable mountain creature.

When Wonder Dog covers himself in snow in an attempt to get Batman, Robin, Marvin and Wendy's attention, once again he is mistaken for an abominable snowman by Marvin.[2]


The Abominable Snowman was made into a Super Powers Collection action figure by Gulliver Juguetes for the Latin-American line.

In the comics

In DC Comics, a character called Yeti was a supervillain that had the ability to transform himself into a monstrous creature, like the legendary Yeti. He appeared in 52 # 32 (December 2006).[3]

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