Continuity-Related Comic Book Character
Yankee Poodle
Yankee Poodle
Real name: Rova Barkitt
Species: Poodle
Homeworld: Earth
Hair: white
Eyes: blue
Occupation: Journalist
Base: Follywood
Affiliations: Zoo Crew (Earth-C)
Canine Commandos (Scoobyverse)

Yankee Poodle was a female poodle dog with magnetic super powers.



Yankee Poodle was one of the stars of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, which was a Saturday morning cartoon that was aired on TV along with other cartoons such as Funny Bunny and Rainbow Bears.[1]


On this Earth, she was a journalist, and a member of the animal superhero team known as the Zoo Crew.

In an alternate timeline, Yankee Poodle was one of the many superheroes of the Zoo Crew present when Mr. Mxyzptlk destroyed Earth-C during his conflict with Bat-Mite.[2]


In this universe, Yankee Poodle held membership in the Canine Commandos alongside her teammates: Bulletdog, Nighthound, Robbie the Robot Dog and Rex the Wonder Dog.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers



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