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*[[Krypton]] [[Destruction of Krypton|(exploding)]]
*[[Krypton]] [[Destruction of Krypton|(exploding)]]
*[[Outer space]]
*[[Outer space]]

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Reverse side[2]

Product type

Action figure

Action figure

Wonder Woman

Action figure line

Super Powers Collection


Super Heroes



Card artwork

Front of card

Back of card



  1. This image was taken from Ebay.
  2. This image was taken from Ebay.
  3. Could be Captain America but it looks like he has blond hair. This is difficult to tell due to the quality of the image.
  4. You can at least see her cape, possibly more; difficult to tell.
  5. There are other characters in the images on both sides of the card, but they are too hard to see due to the quality of the image. Also the bright glare that takes up a good portion of the card doesn't help much either.
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