Woman Wondezarro
WW Bizarro
Species: Bizarro
Homeworld: Bizarro World
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Base: Hall of Injustice
Affiliations: Bizarro Super Powers Team
Abilities: All of the powers of Wonder Woman (albeit with far less intelligence)
Weaponry: Magic Lazzo
Voiced/Played: B.J. Ward

Woman Wondezarro was a Bizarro clone of Wonder Woman created by Bizarro's duplicator ray.

She was a member of Bizarro No. 1's version of the Super Powers Team. Like many Bizarros, Wonderzarro is an antithesis of her clonemother, Wonder Woman, both in appearance and manner. She wears gigantic earrings that give the appearance of baseballs, and her leotard, boots and tiara have mismatched designs, as opposed to Wonder Woman's classic leotard which accentuates her figure.

In keeping with the often-kept custom of animated depictions of Bizarro being voiced by Superman's voice actor, voice actress B.J. Ward does a dual role of voicing Wonderzarro and Wonder Woman.

Bronze Age Background

Bizarro-Wonder Woman was first shown as a member of the Bizarro Justice League team of social misfit heroes that inhabited Bizarro World.[1] Their home base is an abandoned submarine at the bottom of the sea. Her team consisted of 'Bizarro', 'Bizarro Yellow Lantern', 'Bizarro Aquaman', and 'Bizarro Hawkman'. 'Batzarro' had left the team to form the superhero group "The Insiders", a Bizarro version of the Outsiders team. Although never stated, it may have been possible that Bizarro saw Wonderzarro as more than a team member and a possible love interest, echoing some depictions showing Wonder Woman as a girlfriend of Superman. It is later learned that she works for the supervillain known as the Monarch. She is also responsible for the death of the supervillain Tracer, whom she killed by hanging him with her magic lasso.

Episode Appearance

Season 6 (1985):


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