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Wonder Woman's Tiara
Image from 1980 Shorts: Rock & Roll Space Bandits (09/27/80).

All variations of Wonder Woman throughout the Multiverse wear a small, golden (or occasionally silver) tiara adorned with a red star, a symbol of her status as princess of Paradise Island.

The tiara can be used as a throwing weapon, similar to that of a boomerang. With her level of super-human strength Wonder Woman is capable of cutting very durable substances.[1]


Wonder Woman’s star-tiara (as she called) was found one day while she was rocketing through outer space. She noticed a crimson glow from a star in the Milky Way. It was the planet Alpha Negra. As she turned to investigate in her Amazon Plane, she noticed another star heading to Alpha Negra. She headed towards the dead star that should not have been emitting any light. As she hovered in orbit, a large object begin to fire rays at her. As she takes evasive action, she sees a building that has opened its roof for her to enter. The old scientist inside, greets her and explains that she has drawn the wrath of Phenegs. Surprised, Wonder Woman says that she thought they destroyed themselves in the battle that supposedly destroyed Alpha Negra. Wonder Woman decides to leave and take the battle with her. As fate would have it, the Phenegs destroyed themselves. She then heads back to the planet surface to see the old scientist. He presents her for a gift with the galaxy’s gratitude for her mighty deed. A ‘necklace of freedom’ he had a acquired in the battle against the Phenegs. When she returned to earth, she decided to wear it as tiara.[2]



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  1. A prime example being when she cut Superman's throat to temporarily disable him. As revealed in the post-crisis story: Wonder Woman, #219 (September, 2005).
  2. As revealed in Wonder Woman, #95/2 (January, 1958).
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