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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (03x12.b - The Final Challenge)

Diana Prince (08x08a - The Village of Lost Souls)

Real name: Diana Prince
AKA: Major Diana Prince
Amazon Princess
Angel (by Steve Trevor)
Species: Metahuman
'Born of the gods'
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: Hippolyta (mother)
Donna Troy (adopted sister) Nubia (sister of the gods)
Artemis (ancestor, deceased)
Steve Trevor (eventual husband)
Occupation: Superhero
U.N. Employee
NASA Trainee
USAF (major)
Field Intelligence Officer
Fashion Boutique Store Owner
Base: Paradise Island
Military Intelligence
Hall of Justice
Di Prince's Boutique
Unnamed Military Base
Affiliations: SuperFriends
Justice League of America
Abilities: Enhanced Strength
Weaponry: Magic Lasso
'Bullet Proof' Bracelets
Voiced/Played: Shannon Farnon[1]
Connie Cawlfield[2]
B.J. Ward[3]
Guadalupe Romero[4]
Angela Villanueva[5]
Carmen Consentino[6]
Alex Borstein[7]
Rachael MacFarlane[8]
Mary McDonald Lewis[9]
Wonder Woman Gallery

SuperFriends / Justice League of America Team Member

From the tranquil shores of Paradise Island came Diana, princess of the Amazons, to battle evil in the world of Men! Stronger than Hercules and Swifter than Mercury … Wise as Athena and Beautiful and Aphrodite … She champions justice as – Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman, #301 (April 1983)

Season 1 - Wonder Woman INTRO Card 2

Season 1, Intro Card

Steve and Diana (09x03 - The Darkseid Deception)

Col. Steve Trevor & Wonder Woman
Image from: 09x03 - The Darkseid Deception

Wonder Woman is the Amazon Princess, from Paradise Island.

She is one of the few female members of both the Justice League of America and the SuperFriends.

With her Invisible jet, magic lasso and bracelets, super strength, and other abilities, she is a great addition to the team.

In her civilian identity, she is known as Diana Prince, and she has been an Air Force intelligence officer, NASA astronaut trainee, U.N. employee and the proprietor of a mod fashion store.

She is a founding member of the Justice League of America.

Her worst enemies have been Ares/Mars (the God of War), the Duke of Deception, a servant of Mars and costumed or metahuman villains like Cheetah, Dr. Cyber, the Angle Man, Dr. Psycho and the bizarre Communist Chinese menace Egg Fu.

In the Earth-1A universe, Darkseid is obsessed with making her his queen.

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Physical Appearance

Wonder Woman wears a red gold-trimmed tube top with blue and white star bottoms and red and white boots. Her outfit was conceived long before the show by William Marsden, inventor of the lie-detector and an out-spoken feminist. Wonder Woman's outfit has been reinvented for many different adaptations, the Hanna-Barbera, version, tries to blend the kitschy 50s patriotism of her outfit with a more Greek look, while keeping most of the color scheme.

Background Information[10]

As a Child and Teen

As a Child and Teen
See Also: History of the Amazons

On the parallel-universe of Earth-1A, when Olympian goddesses Athena and Aphrodite observe that Queen Hippolyta is depressed over love lost, they decide to give her, not a man to love, but a child. Not only because of her depression, but because of her deeds of justice throughout the land. Athena guides Hippolyta in carving the figure of a baby girl from clay and then gives the child-statue life. Aphrodite gives the baby the name Diana, after the moon goddess, since the moon is shining down upon them.[11] Hippolyta calls the baby her “wonder child!” [NOTE: This is before Paradise Island would travel to a magic dimension where they would be rejuvenated, ensuring their immortality – thus having no need to reproduce.][12]

As an infant, the little princess received visits from the gods in the royal chamber: Aphrodite bequeaths the beauty of goodness; Athena bequeaths the wisdom of the planets; Mercury bequeaths speed faster than his and Hercules bequeaths strength greater than he has. The queen then prays that these blessings be used for justice.[13]

Little Diana began her costumed adventures on her original homeland of Amazonia[14] while still a small child — sometimes called Wonder Tot.[15] These adventures[16] continued into adolescence as Wonder Girl,[17] even meeting and joining forces with time-traveling versions of herself at different ages.[18]

As a teenager, Diana travels with the rest of the Amazons who flee their homeland after all their men were killed in wars. During their voyage, they encounter “man perils”, so it falls to Diana (because of her 'giftedness by the gods') to rescue them and bring them safely to a new home they will call Paradise Island. On their way to the island, they passed through the 'mists of eternal youth' which will allow them to remain as they are, provided that they NEVER leave the island. At their new home, young Diana becomes their protector.[19]

Heroine of Man’s World

Heroine of Man’s World

In the late 1950’s, during the early part of the Vietnam War,[20] Athena, patron goddess of the Amazons appeared to Queen Hippolyta (In the Earth-1A universe, this meeting and Diana's arrival in the states would have to take place in mid 1960). She informs her that war has ravished the earth one again and the Queen must send one warrior to the Man's World to battle crime and injustice managed to succeed in every challenge, becoming the Amazon’s warrior to leave Paradise Island and stay at the Man's World.[21] However, she was forced to leave Paradise Island sooner than expected. As the contest ended, a plane flying over Paradise Island explodes and its pilot ejects. This causes them all distress, because Athena’s law states that if a man’s foot touches their Island they will lose all their powers. Not only is he falling towards their land, his chute won’t open. Knowing that that they must save him and protect their powers, Diana sweeps into action, riding the air currents to save the man and prevent him from setting foot on the island. The man considers her an angel, and when she tries to put him in the ocean, they notice sharks. Knowing that they wouldn't stand a chance against them, Wonder Woman would use her breath to blow air into his parachute and float them to safety on American shores. On the mainland, the pilot introduces himself as Colonel Steve Trevor part of Military Intelligence. Wonder Woman explains to him that she is sent to America to aid the cause of justice. He finds such a feat impossible.[22] Steve goes on to say that he was on a secret mission for the government, but someone must have sabotaged his plane. She eventually drops Steve off at hospital and then goes out to explore the city.[23] [NOTE: Diana is still a teenager (in body only, not mind) at this point (perhaps 16 or 17) and would begin to age in man's world, losing her immortality].

As Diana explores the city, she breaks up a robbery. This gives her an idea. She decides to perform her "bullets-and-bracelets" bit on stage to earn so money.[24]

Wonder Woman soon returns to her home, because she left in such haste. The Queen gives Diana the Magic Lasso, made from links of the magic girdle of Aphrodite, which compels anyone bound with it to obey the orders of the binder.[25] During her return trip home, [conjecture based on origin of Robot Plane and using the Earth-One story Wonder Woman, #98 (May 1958) as her ‘coming to America’ story] Diana tells her mother that ‘riding on the air-currents’ is not practical for fighting crime with other-worldly criminals. Hippolyta thinks it’s best to consult the goddess Athena to find a plane equal ‘unique in its own way’ as the lasso, bracelets, tiara and other parts of her costume. Athena tells her that she will find the most ‘unique aerial steed’ the skies have ever seen. But first she must journey through the Green Grotto at the bottom of the seas and fight her way to the prize. She wastes no time and heads deep into the ocean. After a series of struggles that she overcomes, she is soon caught in a giant water spout and is hurled upward at incredible speed. As she is thrown out of the water and into the air, she sees a magnificent sight! It is Pegasus – the flying mystical horse. Pegasus proves to be difficult. Wonder Woman is forced to lasso the beast with her magic lasso. It pulls her high into the sky. When she loosens the rope, she is thrown free and beings to fall. She wishes to herself that Pegasus would come to her aid and he does. Then, as if by magic the sky is filled with lightning and they fly into a mysterious cloud. Then it happened – the winged steed transformed into a unique plane![26] Diana is dubbed “Wonder Woman” by her fellow Amazons, and takes the transparent Robot Plane given to her by the Queen as a parting gift.[27]

Lt. Diana ‘Prince’ / Captain Diana Prince - Military Intelligence / Location Unknown

Lt. Diana ‘Prince’ / Captain Diana Prince - Military Intelligence / Location Unknown

Becoming Lt. Diana ‘Prince’ – Meeting General Darnell and Military Intelligence

It’s not long before Wonder Woman returns to the hospital to check on Steve Trevor. She meets a young nurse crying on the front steps. The nurse looks up to see the famous Amazon she has heard so much about. She tells Wonder Woman that her name is Diana Prince, and that she was planning to get married the following week, but her fiancé, Dan was just transferred to South America. She is so sad, because she doesn’t have the money to join him. As the young woman talks, Wonder Woman is struck with how much they resemble each other. She even has her same name! Aphrodite must have arranged this, so the princess could have an American identity. She tells Diana that she is also a trained nurse and that if she sells her credentials to her, she can be with the man she loves and young Diana can go to South America to be with her fiancé (Wonder Woman had recently made some money doing her "bullets-and-bracelets" bit on stage). The young lady agrees and Wonder Woman assumes the identity of the Diana Prince and is soon at the side of Steve Trevor.[28] [NOTE: Ever since then, Diana Prince White has known Wonder Woman's secret, but has told no one.]

Settling into her new secret identity, Lieutenant ‘Diana Prince,’ nurse, works at a local Army hospital where her former counterpart worked. In this ‘secret identity,’ Diana acted as nursemaid to Steve who was a patient in much need of rest after his ordeal over Paradise Island. Before his discharge, she decides to change back to her Wonder Woman guise, checking on the man ‘who stole her heart from the moment they met.’ It is then, that she meets General Darnell. Instead of thanking her for saving Steve’s life or being pleasant, he berates her saying that the Army and the Amazons (meaning women) don’t mix as they’re a liability in battle. When the General leaves, Wonder Woman looks at Steve and is sadden wondering why he doesn’t like her. Steve smiles, calls her angel and instead of responding, talks about marrying her. A few days later, Diana as Wonder Woman goes to Gen. Darnell’s office at Military Intelligence in the capitol city to look around.[29] After Steve is discharged, Diana finds out about an experimental plane and how Steve is going to test it, so soon after his ordeal. This worries Diana. When Steve doesn’t return from that test-flight, Diana fears the worst. As Wonder Woman grieves, Gen. Darnell consoles her. She soon uncovers a plot to sabotage the experimental test flight by the Angle Man. She rescues Steve, but the Angel Man gets away.[30]

Shortly after this, nurse Lt. Diana and her convalescing patient Colonel Trevor are in military attire, taking a pleasant Sunday afternoon walk at the local Zoo. As they approach the female Gorilla cage, Dr. Psycho who is lurking nearby, hypnotizes Giganta the Gorilla into falling in love with Steve Trevor. It breaks free from its cage and grabs Steve. Diana changes into Wonder Woman, but is overcome by her powerful foe. If it wasn’t for her magic lasso, she would have been defeated. As the gorilla is subdued, Professor Zool appears and asks that the gorilla be turned over to him for 'evolutionary (ape into human) experimentation' because of her human-like tendencies. He is however, denied his request by the Zoo Keeper, who takes the gorilla and locks it another cage for the evening. Prof. Psycho decides to capitalize on the apes evening containment by breaking Giganta out of the zoo and delivering her to Professor Zool’s lab. Professor Psycho knows Professor Zool has been unsuccessful and that he can help make the experiment successful as he will project his 'brain-waves' toward the gorilla while she is in the evolution machine. Through his psychic connection, he tells the gorilla that she will become a beautiful woman who only thinks of Steve Trevor, and that she must eliminate the Amazon Wonder Woman who stands in her way. The experiment is a success and the gorilla is now a large, powerful and beautiful woman. Professor Psycho then arranges for Giganta to find Steve and Wonder Woman again. Giganta seeks to eliminate Wonder Woman so that she can have Steve for herself. Wonder Woman again triumphs over Giganta and takes her to Paradise Island for rehabilitation.[31]

While working at the local army hospital, Diana along with Steve Trevor defeats a strange villain named Paper Man (who dies)[32] and tangles with Dr. Psycho again.[33]

In addition to her nurse duties at the local hospital, Diana pulls double duty, also working as Wonder Woman with Military Intelligence.[34]

On one notable occasion, Wonder Woman is watching Steve perform aerial stunts. Back on the ground Steve he asks her to marry him – again! Wonder Woman respectfully declines, telling him that she must focus on her duty to fight evil and until she is no longer needed for that job. Steve tells her that all he can think about is her and that he could pick her out in a crowd no matter what. Taking the challenge, she tells him that within the next 24 hours, if he can find her three times in public, she will marry him. So she puts on a pair of glasses and applies for a secretary's position at ‘Military Intelligence’ that would report directly to Col. Trevor. She passes the gauntlet to get the position and is hired by Gen. Darnell. Sure enough, Steve doesn't recognize her. Diana then realizes that this is a perfect secret identity and will keep her aware of villainous schemes that would need her attention.[35] [NOTE: This implies that she gave up her job at the local hospital.]

Lt. Diana and Colonel Trevor are in military attire, taking a pleasant afternoon walk at the Zoological Park. Steve leans over to Diana and says, “You’re a wonderful girl Diana! But – it’s an ‘angel’ I need – not a nurse.” Diana doesn’t mind, enjoying the time spent, no matter her appearance as she is quite taken with him. But their enjoyment would be cut short by the appearance of a villainess calling herself the Cheetah (a nemesis who how will plague Wonder Woman for years) and her gang from robbing a zoo of its priceless extinct animal exhibit for a client. Diana makes her ‘quick-change’ into Wonder Woman. As two engage in battle, the Cheetah slips away. Later at Trevor’s home, Cheetah sneaks in and hypnotizes Trevor into smooching with her! When Wonder Woman arrives concerned that her dinner date didn’t show, she sees them, as the Cheetah had planned. She is tear-stricken and upset, allowing the villainess to take her by surprise, steal her magic lasso, and encircle her with it. Wonder Woman, enslaved by the Cheetah, is forced to take her and Steve to the Cheetah's private island where her personal army awaits to fight as mercenaries. The Cheetah forces Wonder Woman to remove her bracelets so that she will not be able to repel bullets with them. But the removal of the bracelets causes Wonder Woman to go into a rage, negating the lasso's control and enabling her to break free and smash wildly into the Cheetah's men, defeating them. Steve, who has recovered from the hypnosis, manages to get Wonder Woman's bracelets back on her wrists. She kisses Steve, then captures the Cheetah, promising to take the villainess to an Amazon prison for reeducation.[36]

Later, the princess of Paradise Island is seen settled into her secret identity as Lt. Diana working in her office at ‘Military Intelligence.’ [NOTE: Her office appears to be an outer office, where walk-in traffic would meet her, suggesting she is an office manager or secretary.][37]

Wonder Woman is seen eagerly watching the exploits of new super-hero to earth, Superman on TV.[38] [NOTE: In the Earth-1A Universe, this would fall somewhere between 1961 and 1963.]

Over the next decade [NOTE: the exploit depicted below would be about 8 to 10 years in the Earth-1A universe], Lt. Diana works from her office at ‘Military Intelligence,’ reporting to Gen. Darnell. Wonder Woman is seen a close friend of Lt. Diana’s and is seen frequently in Diana’s office. Lt. Diana is also a supporter of the Wonder Woman Fan Club.[39] Together with Steve, Wonder Woman solves many crimes deemed a threat to national security, tasked to them by Gen. Darnell. They also go out together on several dates, all the while Steve is unaware that she is also Lt. Diana.[40] Lt. Diana also receives messages from her mother, Queen Hippolyta from the Amazon Omni-Receiver on a personalized Omni-Screen hidden in a desktop picture frame in her office. It emits a tone in a frequency alerting her to a message, that no mere mortal detect.[41]

[In February 1971 in the Earth-1A universe], established heroine Wonder Woman teams up with some new heroes, such as the Flash, Superman, Aquaman, Batman and Robin and a few other hero’s including a ‘non-powered’ Air Force pilot, Hal Jordan. They all meet the Martian Manhunter and defend the Earth against an invasion of White Martians. They successfully fend off the attack and discuss forming a club or a society to uphold Justice in the World, but decide to wait until another time.[42]

Forming the Justice League

As fate would have it, exactly a year after the secret gathering of heroes, they had another opportunity to thwart an Appellaxian invasion. They decide to formally work together and thus the Justice League of America was born![43] The initial Justice League lineup included seven of the Leagues most prominent members: Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. At that time, the Justice League operated from a secret cave, located outside of the small town of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.

Joining the Justice League did not deter Diana from keeping her day job at ‘Military Intelligence.’ She still worked with Col. Trevor as Lt. Diana and taking missions from Gen. Darnell as Wonder Woman, which usually involved Col. Trevor. This she balances with her new role as founding member of the JLA.[44]

Shortly after joining the JLA, Wonder Woman saved an unnamed infant from a burning house fire. Unable to find her parents or family, Wonder Woman brings the child to Paradise Island and she is named Donna Troy. The young girl would be raised on the Island as the adopted daughter of Queen Hippolyta, and thus Diana's adoptive sister. Naturally, she was unable to compete with the Amazons on a physical level, lacking their special powers. She was given powers by the Amazonian scientist Paula using a modified Purple Healing Ray. She also learned the ways of Amazon combat and physical training.[45] Donna would return to ‘man's world’ as the teenaged Wonder Girl of the Teen Titans.[46]

Wonder Woman also meets future associate in the Air Force and friend to Diana Prince, college student Etta Candy. As a late teen, Eta is seen a member of the Holliday Girls – Wonder Woman fan Club on the campus of Holliday College. Wonder Woman joins them frequently on campus to share stories of her adventures. Also in the group are: Inez Grey, Lita Little, Tina Toy and Thelma Tall.[47]

Diana is starting to have misgivings about her relationship with Steve. He proposes to Wonder Woman, yet again. She refuses, thinking to herself, if he truly loved he’d love me both – as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince! Later, Gen. Darnell promotes Diana to ‘Captain’ for valor and courage in the field. In honor of her captaincy, a costumed party is held. Cheetah and her gang crash the ball in hopes of stealing the charity-marked proceeds. In the guise of Wonder Woman, Diana defeats them. Afterwards, Wonder Woman contemplates telling Steve about her secret identity, but decides against it.[48] She maintains her position at ‘Military Intelligence,’ this time as Captain. As Wonder Woman she still has many adventures with Col. Steve Trevor.[49]

An interplanetary conqueror called Klamos and his prime minister Grok are in search of a suitable queen for the monarch. To this end, they capture powerful and beautiful (by the standards of each planet) females from many worlds. From Earth they take Supergirl and Wonder Woman, capturing the former by red-sun radiation and the latter by magnetizing her bracelets together. The women contestants are set against each other in a battle royal. Supergirl and Wonder Woman do fight each other, and, after a tough battle, Supergirl apparently defeats the Amazon and tosses her limp body onto the dais where Klamos and Grok sit. But when Grok and Klamos approach, Wonder Woman springs to life, tossing Grok to Supergirl. The Maid of Might uncovers a wrist-control device which Grok uses to control Klamos, a robot, and manipulates it to destroy Klamos. Wonder Woman tells the people of the planet where they fought that they are to spread the word of their liberation. However, Grok teleports away, vowing vengeance.[50]

A Season of Change – The De-Powering of Wonder Woman

A Season of Change – The De-Powering of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman and the Justice League have just defeated Generalissimo Demmy Gog and his rag-tag-six who stole a "Morale Machine" invented by Prof. Howard Aiken. During the mission, the stolen tech comprised the Leaguers and their emotional demeanor, putting the Leaguers at each other’s throats. At the JLA Happy Harbor Headquarters the re-morale-adjusted Justice League members do their best to smooth over their earlier squabbles to once again stand united.[51] An exhausted Diana heads home. While at home, Diana is watching the news when she hears that Colonel Steve Trevor is wanted for being a double agent. This news worries Diana and she prepares to look for Steve. In reality, this is a ruse, orchestrated by General Darnell, so Steve could get in contact with the criminal organization headed by the mysterious Doctor Cyber. Only Darnell knowing the truth. At that exact moment, Diana is called back to Paradise Island to discuss an urgent matter with her mother. Diana is informed that for 10,000 years the Amazons have helped man find his maturity. This ‘time of aid’ is at an end and that they must journey to another dimension to rest. She gives Diana an Ultimatum – choose between departing with her Amazon sisters or give up her powers to remain in Man’s World. Diana chooses to stay. She goes through the Amazon rite of renunciation, and leaves her uniform and ‘unique weapons’ behind. She takes her plane back to America and then watches as it leaves to head back to Paradise Island. Unable to locate Steve, and no longer having super-powers, Diana presumably resigns her Army commission at the ‘Military Intelligence Agency’ [this is NOT mentioned in the story] and begins to look for an apartment. She looks for several, eventually finding one that has a store front at the street level. As she inspects the building, she comes across a mysterious blind Chinese man named Mr. Ching. She soon finds herself learning martial arts. She trains regularly for weeks. Soon she is reunited with Steve who is in a coma in the hospital. Distraught, but undeterred, she vows to find who did this to Steve.[52] During her training, she seeks out the JLA to explain her situation and to tender her resignation. They do not accept and instead give her a leave of absence.[53] [NOTE: Not long after this, the JL HQ, the Secret Sanctuary was compromised by the Joker.[54] In response, the JLA built a geosynchronous (22,300 miles above the equator) space station "satellite headquarters."[55]

She settles into her identity as Diana Prince and opens up her own fashion boutique below her new apartment, in lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village calling it ‘Di Prince's Boutique.’ She and Mr. Ching also begin to track Dr. Cyber and in so doing, meets detective Tim Trench. Soon they learn that Steve has been kidnapped from the hospital. With Mr. Ching and Detective Trench by her side, they infiltrate the castle hideout of Dr. Cyber. There they discover Steve Trevor, who barely has time to warn them of a trap before he is machine-gunned in the back, and dies, leaving Diana devastated. The threesome battle Cyber's agents, most of whom escape, with Detective Trench as their captive. Mr. Ching has nabbed one of Cyber’s female agents, and tells Diana he will hypnotize her into telling them where Trench has been taken. Meanwhile, Tim finds himself is taken to meet Dr. Cyber face-to-face, and learns that Cyber is a woman.[56] She attempts to recruit Trench to her side, but before he can give an answer, Diana and Mr. Ching break into the fortress and join Tim in a battle against Cyber and her cronies. Cyber and her gang escape again, with Diana and her friends barely dodging an explosion that destroys the fortress. Later that evening, Diana ponders to herself what it means to be human and how fickle emotions can be. She is falling for Tim and thinks that is not a bad thing, because he is helping her keep her mind off Steve. The next morning, Tim finds a clue that leads them to the European nation of Bjorland, where they once again discover and battle Cyber and her troops. Cyber dangles a priceless hoard of gems before Tim and offers them to him if he will become her agent and kill Diana and Mr. Ching.[57] In response, the greedy Tim turns and fires his gun over the heads of Diana and Mr. Ching, telling them his action isn't anything personal, but he will fire for real the next time. He takes Cyber's jewel box, but does not ally himself with Cyber, and leaves in the helicopter Cyber had intended as her escape craft – showing them the true coward he is. Mr. Ching is hurt in the fight, but he and Diana are aided by the wealthy Reginald Hyde-Whyte, who appears as if by coincidence. Soon Reggie reveals himself to be an agent of Dr. Cyber. Diana, in tears, beats Reggie senseless. Feeling used, lied to and alone, she runs away, telling Mr. Ching she is never coming back.[58]

Mod-Karate Era – Hero for Hire

She however, still maintains contact with Mr. Ching. Under his tutelage, Diana becomes a non-powered plainclothes adventurer, and P.I. for hire, traveling the globe.[59] She occasionally joined the JLA to give aid when she could. On one such mission she joined them on a mission to Earth-Two.[60] and joined Batman,[61] Superman[62] on a few team-ups.

Coming back from one of her many adventures, Diana enters her Boutique and finds Cathy Perkins[63] a young runaway who is hiding out from the sinister Top Hat and her gang. Diana takes her in and helps her get cleaned up. Feeling sorry for her and what she has had to endure on the road, she frees her from those who seek to oppress her and reunites her with her parents. She also helps her into college and gives her a job in the Boutique to help run it while she is away.[64]

Diana meets private detective Jonny Double and two immediately form a romantic bond.[65] In their first adventure together, Diana apparently kills Dr. Cyber. This distresses Diana, but Jonny is there to comfort her.[66]

Short time later, Mr. Ching and Diana are in Jonny Double’s office in New York City being attacked by two Asian assassins. They easily defeat them and find themselves embroiled in another mystery – where is Jonny Double? After spending most of the night in the police station, a weary Diana heads home only to find a note telling her to get the Fist of Flame if she wants to see Double alive again. Distressed Diana realizes that she is out of money to all the world-travelling she has done recently. She decides to sell the boutique and her apartment to raise the money she needs. Their journey takes them to Tibet in China and then to the mystical land of Nehwan.[67] They save Johnny and bring him back to earth.[68]

By happenstance, Diana comes across former assistant at the boutique, Cathy Perkins as Diana argues with a few men on the streets about their aggressive behavior and demeaning talk. As the two ‘catch-up,’ Diana reveals that she sold the boutique and was actually looking for a place to live. Cathy offers for Diana to stay with her at Avenue E on Philbert Place (between ninth and tenth) until she gets herself together. Cathy tells Diana, that she is now enrolled in a women's liberation group and is taking karate lessons. A few days pass and Diana is offered a job at Grandee's Department Store by Mr. Grandee, its owner. He wishes to pay her big bucks for appearing in ads for his store as the symbol of the new liberated woman. Excited, Diana heads down to her friend Jonny Double’s office to tell him the good news. The two go out and end up back at Cathy’s apartment, who tells them that Grandee is under-paying his all-female staff below minimum wage. Diana and Cathy argue. Diana looks to Johnny for support, but he bows out saying he sides with Cathy. Distraught, Cathy takes matters into her own hands and is held hostage. Diana trails them back to Grandee's store, defeats them and Grandee, and frees Cathy. In the after-math, Grandee's Department Store closes down. Feeling vindicated, the pair attends liberated woman’s meeting, only to have 250 unemployed women storm in and angrily blame them for their unemployment.[69]

When Batman happens to be at the scene of a fight between two rival Spanish groups in the middle of Gotham City, he enlists the aid of Diana Prince to help him find the cause of the warfare on Gotham's streets. In order to infiltrate one of the gangs, Diana poses as a legit, from an agency, Spanish-speaking companion for a young lady, so her father can work. They soon find themselves involved in a local conflict over the liberation of the Spanish nation of San Sebastian. Helping the revolutionaries, they foil a plot by the corrupt leaders of that country that involved smuggling parts for fighter jets into the country. After defeating the mastermind behind the operation, Batman turns over the parts to the rebels.[70]

Powers Restored. A New Beginning - U.N. / New York

Powers Restored. A New Beginning - U.N. / New York

A mentally-disturbed sniper kills several people with a rifle, among which is I-Ching, who dies in Diana's arms. Diana goes after the killer, but is struck in the head and knocked unconscious. The killer falls out a window to his death. Diana awakens in a hospital, an amnesiac. Amazingly, she is drawn back to her homeland which had also returned from its rejuvenation pilgrimage. She steals a plane from a Military Airfield and heads to Paradise Island. Her plane crashes and she is fished out of the water by the Amazons. Queen Hippolyta has her dressed in her an updated (and perhaps more revealing) Wonder Woman outfit and has her memory restored using the ‘Amazon Memory Bank.’ Everything was restored except the Amazons’ departure to another dimension and all that followed. This leaves Diana with no recollection of anything that’s happened in the interim – namely the death of Steve Trevor. When Diana awakens, she is Wonder Woman again, with all her original powers. She is heralded as ‘Wonder Woman’ by all – save one ... an armored challenger who demands the right to fight for the title of Wonder Woman. The armored woman and Wonder Woman battle to a draw. The newcomer unmasks herself and identifies herself as "Nubia! Wonder Woman of the floating island!" Diana and Nubia embrace, and then Nubia leaves to return to her island, promising that someday they will prove which is the true Wonder Woman. Hippolyta tells Wonder Woman she must return to Man’s World, though she can return to Paradise Island when she wishes. She is dropped off in New York at the U.N. Building. She dresses up as Diana Prince enters a job-fair for the United Nations that is already underway. When the moderator tells the group of women before him, that he needs guides that speak as many languages as possible, Diana raises her hand. The old man thinks to himself ‘how plain’ Diana looks, but hires her anyway. She finds other new hires with the U.N. to share her rent in an apartment, not far from the U.N. Building.[71] As Diana starts working as a linguist and guide, she meets Morgan Tracy.[72]

A short time later, Mars, the god of war attacks Paradise Island. The attack is led by the warrior maiden Nubia, ranting and claiming to be the real Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, the true Wonder Woman is called back from man’s world to defend her home. After a fierce battle with a woman she thought was her ally, Wonder Woman sees the god of war’s ring on Nubia’s finger. She removes it and Nubia comes to her senses, as if she’d been brainwashed. Nubia confronts Ares and he leaves vowing to return. Wonder Woman says farewell to her ally and seeks out her mother to find out who the mysterious woman is and why she can’t seem to shake the thought of her. Her mother tells her that Athena instructed her to create a second statue of a child at the same time as she created one for Diana – one from black clay. This statue was also given life by Aphrodite, but before the gods came down to bless the children, Mars, the god of war stole one of the babies, right from the cradle. He named her Nubia and raised the girl to be his instrument of vengeance against the Amazons.[73]

The U.N. is under attack! Heavily armed gunmen are parachuting into the U.N. Plaza. Clark Kent is on hand for Metropolis’s WGBS Studios covering an address by Indira Gamal, Pamanasian prime minister. Their terrorist mission: assassination of the prime minister in front of the whole world. Wonder Woman shows, making her return debut. The gunman open fire on Wonder Woman, having little affect. Clark uses his heat vision, so as not to draw attention to himself as he broadcasts live. Also on hand is Morgan Tracy, who is acting bravely tackling armed men to the ground. It turns out that all the gunmen were women. As Clark resumes his coverage of the address, one of the women brandishes a firearm and goes after Tracy. Wonder Woman, now in the guise of Diana Prince doesn’t hesitate and rescues him. Later, Tracy approaches Diana, praises her intellectual and physical talents and asks her consider leaving her job as a guide and to come and work for him as his associate at the U.N.'s Crisis Division. She says she’ll consider it. As she leaves through the plaza, she sees Clark. As the two catch-up, Clark asks her when her powers returned. She has no idea that she ever lost them, and does not know that she ever went on leave of absence from the Justice League. He tells her to come to JLA Headquarters right-away for the team to help solve the mystery. When she doesn’t show up at the Satellite HQ, Superman goes to the site of the deserted Secret Sanctuary. Diana is afraid and confused seeing that no one has been there in months. He takes her to the Satellite and is greeted by Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). It is soon confirmed that she has no memory of her powerless period. This distresses her greatly. The heroes wish her to return to active-status in the Justice League, but Wonder Woman fears she might have another memory-loss while in action and thus jeopardize her teammates. Inspired by Hercules's Twelve Labors, she declares that she will rejoin the League if she can perform twelve assignments successfully.[74] She asks the JLA members to individually monitor each of her next twelve cases, and, if she is judged worthy, she will return. They agree. Wonder Woman goes to Paradise Island, where she confronts her mother about her memory loss. Queen Hippolyta says that they could not restore her memories of her non-powered life, because their records of that time of her existence were incomplete, and they could not give her ‘half-memories.’ When Wonder Woman asks what became of Steve Trevor, Hippolyta reveals that the ‘Steve Trevor’ is dead. Diana weeps, and then leaves Paradise Island. On her way back, Diana is able to wrap up the assassination plot, while Superman watches. He makes his report to his fellow Leaguers, and then chooses The Flash as the next monitor member. She is glad she decided to live by herself again and heads to her new apartment. She decides to take the job with the U.N.'s Crisis Bureau.[75]

In this new position, Diana was made aware of many critical situations that required immediate attention of Wonder Woman. One such matter that required her immediate attention was the invasion of a giant robot from outer space, which robs human beings of their aggressive abilities. Flash observes this second Labor. [Note: the Magic Sphere is used, This is the second appearance in Earth-One continuity].[76] The third labor was observed by Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. He files his report of the case with the JLA, recommending that Wonder Woman be reinstated.[77] On her next mission tip from the U.N. Crisis office, Wonder Woman uncovers plot from Mars, the god of war; who was trying to make the Amazons and Atlanteans go to war on each other. Aquaman helps and then delivers his stellar recommendation.[78] Black Canary takes on the fifth labor and is able to observe what happens when man steps foot on paradise Island. She also recommends that Wonder Woman be reinstated.[79] Next up is Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow). He observe the tyranny placed up the employees of the U.N. Building, by the Duke of Deception.[80] Next up is Red Tornado, who observes the seventh labor. He gives a great recommendation.[81] As the League discusses Red Tornadoes recommendation, the Phantom Stranger appears. He tells them that they have missed another mission. Felix Faust animates the Statue of Liberty and uses it as a weapon against Wonder Woman. As they discuss the how they missed this action, the Stranger disappears.[82] The Elongated Man watches over the ninth labor. He observes a the ruler of a male-dominated world in another dimension kidnaps feminist leaders from Earth through a beauty parlor facade and subjects them to brainwashing, until Wonder Woman discovers the plot and overcomes him.[83] Next up is the Atom who observes Wonder Woman's battle against Chronos (the time thief), who temporarily wipes out all time-perception in Manhattan. Morgan comments to Diana how efficient she is at solving all the crimes that come across her desk. But after the Atom's report, Hawkman appears with a report of another Wonder Woman's activity in a different locale at the same period.[84] He thought he was observing the tenth trial, but it turns out to be the eleventh. Wonder Woman goes up against Dr. Cyber, who apparently falls to her death. In the meeting, Hawkman casts his vote to readmit Wonder Woman to the Justice League. The Atom still wonders how two Wonder Women can exist simultaneously. Batman enters, and says that he has the answer to the mystery.[85] He reveals that the Wonder Woman that the Atom saw was a duplicate of the real Amazon Princess. Wonder Woman feels that, since her duplicate was the one to defeat Chronos, she has only performed 11 labors. Batman disagrees, and later tells the JLA that the duplicate's battle against Chronos should be counted as a legitimate labor. The League members vote unanimously to restore Wonder Woman to full membership in the team.[86] After proving her worthiness, in the twelve trials and being the mastermind in their victory over the Nekron, Wonder Woman was re-admitted with flying colors into the JLA.[87]

Still Diana is not happy with herself. And feels like a liability. She wants to regain her lost memories in order to feel whole. The JLA reminds her that since she’s a member, this is a JLA problem, but Diana wants to do this on her own. She decides to take a vacation from both her job at the U.N. and her duties to the JLA. The JLA of course accepts, and Diana heads to head to Paradise Island for answers. She seeks the Amazonian Memory Chair and will use it with or without her mother’s help. However, as she approaches the chair, an invasion takes place. Men are dropping from the sky in full body suits that prevent their faces from being seen. Diana springs into action, knowing that no man should ever set foot on the Island. She is able to gather them together. And then one by one, they begin to disintegrate. She discovers that they are made of clay. Soon there is only one left. She pulls off the mask, only to discover that it is Steve Trevor. As Diana appears to be stunned, her mother and the goddess Aphrodite approach and tell her that the whole invasion was a way to test to Diana’s skill and wisdom. They say she passed. Aphrodite turns to Steve and is about to make him disappear, but Diana, in tears asks that he be allowed to stay. The goddess consents. Her mother looks to her and says that much has changed. The American has seen much – he knows your double-identity. Diana doesn’t care.[88] Unbeknownst to both Diana and her mother, Aphrodite was only able to bring Steve back by joining the ‘life-force’ of her son, the god Eros (aka Cupid) to Steve’s essence.[89]

Steve Resurrected

Diana takes Steve back to New York and helps him to check into a hotel. He is now calling Diana, ‘Di.’ They part ways for a short time and Diana thinks to herself that Steve is very much the same, yet very different. Later, back at Diana’s apartment, the two are watching the news. Steve and Diana share a tender moment. Steve says that whoever Steve becomes, he wants to go on loving her.[90] The phone rings, its Morgan Tracy, telling Diana that a crisis is brewing and that she needs to get to the U.N. right away. She leaves Steve and heads out. Steve, alone is struggling with settling into 1976 and feeling slightly inadequate because he was once a top intelligence agent, a super-spy and now he feels like Diana is treating him like a helpless waif. He decides to act rashly and busts in to the front door of the ‘Mission HQ,’ to the United States Mission to the United Nations across the street from the United Nations Headquarters. He speaks with Mr. Sullivan, chief operative of Spy-on-Spy (aka S.O.S.),[91] who sends him on a trial mission. This mission crosses paths with Wonder Woman, who is already embroiled in a scheme by a tycoon villain who wishes to extract the charisma of others and inject it into himself and his android duplicates. When they are done, they go back to Mr. Sullivan’s office at the Mission HQ, where Wonder Woman is able to give Steve her recommendation by her mere presence. Steve identifies himself as "Steve Howard." Mr. Sullivan explains that they don’t use firearms or muscle and that they answer directly to the President of the United States.[92]

Diana is contacted by the JLA who informs her that a mysterious plague has struck the United States! Human beings are exhibiting wild-animal behavior and animals are gaining human intelligence! And the evil behind it all, is their old nemesis, the Queen Bee.[93] Supergirl is also in on the action now, having been concerned about the animal menace, sought the aid of Superman at the JLA satellite (who is apparently missing at the moment). At the same time the villain Sonar is using his high-tech to take over the minds of those who are using his ingenious invention the ‘Ultima-Card’ (a credit card to be issued to all Americans, which would serve as a substitute to traditional currency). After many confrontations with menacing swarms and stampeding animals, the JLA, with Supergirl, confront the Queen Bee, in Chicago. Wonder Woman confronts her directly and they succeed. Green Lantern teleports the Queen Bee, and Sonar, to jail and Supergirl implores the remaining heroes to help her find Superman, reminding them that whoever or whatever can defeat him is a threat to all of us.[94] Wonder Woman and the JLA heads to Sirkus, in response to distress call. They find Despero, who is threatening to annihilate the populace, if a cosmic cannon isn't turned over to him. Superman was also apparently drawn to the alien world.[95] After a long and tiresome battle Wonder Woman, Supergirl and the rest off the JLA depart with Despero as their captive. They return to Earth together with Superman.[96]

As Steve settles into his new job, Diana, still at the U.N., has been reassigned from the ‘Crisis Bureau’ to the ‘Special Services Department’. She is little upset Steve, who changed his appearance slightly, so as not to draw suspicion to himself, when she was hoping things would stay the same.[97]

The Freedom Fighters (from Earth-X) storm the United Nations' Secretariat Building. Both United Nations' security forces, and the New York Police Department immediately confront the invaders. They fail. Meanwhile upstairs, Morgan Tracy (Diana’s former boss) is running down the hallway, passing Diana. She asks what the hurry is and he tells her that the General Assembly has just been invaded by a group of super-powered fugitives. She enters the translator booth overlooking the general assembly chamber, so she can see what is going on. And she recognizes them. Just the day before, Prince, as Wonder Woman, was summoned before the District Attorney, Pearson, the Police Commissioner, Hayden Ross, the Chief of Police, Frank Connelly, and the Mayor's Chief of Staff, Craig Olsen. Pearson tasked Wonder Woman with bringing in the Freedom Fighters. Connelly, Olsen, Pearson, and Ross threatened Wonder Woman with deportation, if she didn't comply. Wonder Woman reluctantly agreed. Prince leaves the translator booth and transforms into Wonder Woman, confronting the Freedom Fighters. They turn to fight, but are easily evaded and subdued. The Freedom Fighters depart with Wonder Woman. They explain how they were forced to perform criminal acts, for the Silver Ghost, to secure the lives of half their team. King Samson who has gone crazy after killing his own mother, is behind it all now. He has stolen a glove belong to Ghost and is wreaking havoc with it. The Black Condor, the Doll Man, and the Ray, agree to be taken into custody, and incarcerated. The Human Bomb, the Phantom Lady, and Uncle Sam are allowed to remain free, in the hopes that they can clear their names. Wonder Woman teleports up to the JLA Satellite HQ. Aquaman is on the duty roster and aid, Wonder Woman in tracking the Silver Ghost's technology. They confront King Samson in NYC, but his use of the glove helps him evade capture.[98] Wonder Woman is knocked unconscious, so Uncle Sam, withdrawing from the fight, brings her to the Armory Building, which serves as their Earth-One HQ. She is revived. Meanwhile, the Black Condor, the Doll Man and the Ray, break out of jail. The Human Bomb and the Phantom Lady continue the battle with King Samson. The Silver Ghost uses his telekinetic power, over his gauntlet, to transform King Samson to silver. The Freedom Fighters battle against the Silver Ghost. Pearson arrives, with the police. The Freedom Fighters fight their way to freedom. In the ensuing melee, the Silver Ghost escapes. Pearson files new charges against the Freedom Fighters. On the run, the Freedom Fighters vow to find the Silver Ghost, before the authorities find them.[99]

On the parallel universe of Earth-1A, Steve calls Diana, S.O.S. Agent, ‘Steve Howard’ at her U.N. office on an urgent matter. He has received a tip that one of the ‘heads of state’[100] that will be attending the U.N. Conference on the following day will be assassinated. He doesn’t know who is behind it yet. Most are guarded well, but six we should watch carefully. They are: Prince Mark of Sardonia; King Vulko of Atlantis; Princess Evalina of Valdania, Prince Ali of Kaliph, Queen Astrid of Graustania and chief Solovar of Gorilla City. Diana knows that most of the JLA is busy, so she goes to the Hall of Justice in Gotham City to the SuperFriends for help. On hand to help are Batman, Robin, Superman, Aquaman, the Wonder Twins (Zan and Jayna) and Gleek. They find out who the assassin is and they call him the Kingslayer and learn that assassin's plan was to divert attention with the six attacks from his real plan – kill over 100 of the world’s leaders at U.N. Conference! After they foil the plot, they learn that the Kingslayer was hired by mysterious benefactor.[101]

Wonder Woman has many adventures over the next few years. One such adventure involves teaming up with her Earth-Two counterpart.[102] On another, she goes to the 73rd Century with Adam Strange, his wife Alanna, a few JLAers and meet the Green Lantern of earth and Kanjar Ro.[103] Wonder Woman and the JLA also encounter the Construct;[104] Injustice Gang and Privateer, Mark Shaw;[105] Count Crystal[106] a second encounter with the Construct;[107] Secret Society of Super-Villains;[108] then Dr. Light discovers the location of one of the Justice League's transporter stations to the JLA Satellite.[109] and the Metal Men.[110]

Morgan Tracy asks for Diana's help and then says he wishes that she had never moved from the Crisis Bureau to the Special Services Team.[111] She teams up with her Earth-Two counterpart again to take down the Angel Man … again.[112]

Under the direction of the U.N., Wonder Woman teams up with S.O.S Agent, ‘Steve Howard’ to take down S.C.Y.T.H.E., a terrorist organization seeking to force America to free its captive leader.[113]

It’s morning at the most famous building looking over Manhattan's East River. Agent Steve 'Howard' (Trevor in disguise) and Captain Diana Prince are discussing an assassination of a U.N. Ambassador. He was killed by a mysterious plant that was found on his plate. Plus a mystery woman at the function, vanished right after the ambassador keeled over. As they discuss, a woman is heard screaming from the Security Chamber. Diana does a quick change as they head over to see what is happening. They find another an ambassador who soon dies and the mysterious plant by his side. After a third murder, it is revealed that the one who planned the nefarious plot is Poison Ivy. As Wonder Woman catches up Ivy, she is told she has taken steps to ensure Steve Howard's death. At that, the heroine breaks out and heads after Steve.[114] As Wonder Woman reaches Steve, she learns that it’s actually her that is poisoned, so she refrains from touching him until she can be treated. Soon however, Wonder Woman engages Ivy once again only to have her fall over a cliff, down a waterfall to her apparent death.[115]

It turns out that Poison Ivy is not dead. She is working with the Injustice Gang. It’s up to Wonder Woman and the JLA to defeat the villainous crew. As if this isn’t bad enough, the JLA must also deal with turncoat hero, Ultraa (from Earth-Prime).[116]

Steve Dies ... Again

On one afternoon, Diana and Steve ‘Howard’ are walking to work, when Lt. Truman, believing that Steve Trevor and Steve Howard are the same man, kidnaps Steve. He is curious because the body of Steve Trevor was never found after he was killed on a mission.[117] Diana, furious, storms into the office of Morgan Tracy demanding answers. Diana believes he must know something, because a U.N. employee isn’t just abducted on the street in broad daylight. She wants to know where he is and why they are investigating him. He caves and says that the military requested that they handle this, because Steve'Howard' could be a threat to national security (NOTE: Morgan is apparently unaware that Trevor and Howard are the same man). Diana is yelling at him now, saying that he either doesn’t have the authority or the guts to stand up to these people. She storms out of the office, yelling that she can’t work for a man that doesn’t support his employees and quits! Before she left she was able to steal the file of Steve Trevor, which had the location of his interrogation. Meanwhile, it turns out that Steve’s kidnapping was orchestrated by Major Bradley. He believes that Steve’s miraculous return may have to do with mystical elements and may contain the key to reanimating the corpse of the demonic Dark Commander. Wonder Woman eventually arrives. As she engages the Dark Commander, it is revealed that he was psychically connected to Steve, draining his lifeforce. As the link is severed, the Dark Commander disappears. Wonder Woman cradles Steve who dies in her arms again. She screams out ‘not again’! [118]

Captain Diana Prince - NASA / Houston

Captain Diana Prince - NASA / Houston

The only man the mighty Amazon has ever loved is dead. She races to the plaza of the U.N. and demands to see Morgan Tracy (chief of U.N. security). She lays the deceased body of Steve down in front of Morgan, who is shocked to see that it’s Steve Trevor. He now realizes that Trevor and Howard were the same man. He asks how he died. The Amazon princess, unable to hide her tears tells Morgan that he was on a secret mission and that the details of his death will be provided by those officials who caused his death. With that she takes to the sky’s angrily shouting back at Morgan that she wants nothing to do with him. Out of love and rage, Diana summons Aphrodite, and begs her patron Goddess to restore her love to life, as she did once before. This time, however, Aphrodite refuses. Undeterred, Wonder Woman says that she will take matters into her own hands and uses her magic lasso to create a portal into the Land of the Dead (where all departed souls must pass), which is ruled by Pluto. She demands to see Steve, but he laughs and sends his minions to subdue her. Wonder Woman offers her soul for Steve Trevor's life but Pluto refuses. When she eventually refuses to even put up a fight, he angrily says that he cannot bargain with her, as he doesn't have Trevor's soul. Wonder Woman realizes that Aphrodite tricked her into coming to the underworld. Now her mortal soul is in jeopardy. With a Herculean effort, and some timely guidance from Trevor's spirit, the soul of Wonder Woman escapes the underworld's hold on her, returning through the gateway to re-unite with her mortal body. Once back, Wonder Woman learns from Aphrodite that Zeus has taken Steve's soul and put it among the stars. Wonder Woman resigns herself to Steve's fate, knowing his love will be with her forever.[119]

Diana, as Wonder Woman is at the graveside funeral service of Steve Trevor when she is startled by Shiera Hall, who is there to be comfort for Diana. As she consoles her, they are approached by a man who claims to Steve’s brother, Greg. He informs them they are targets of a group called U.N.R.E.S.T. who wishes to force the Justice League to share their technology secrets with humanity. Diana and Shiera eventually discover that Greg alone is U.N.R.E.S.T. He is tired of living in his brother’s shadow, so he wanted to bring her and all those like her down. As they interrogated him, men from a secret Government branch called the ‘Organization’ appear, and demand that Greg go with them. A few days later, an unemployed Diana Prince is walking into her apartment building after looking for work. The door man gives her a letter from NASA. Diana thinks to herself that this could be a response to the application she sent to them.[120]

After a short stay on Paradise Island, in the Bermuda Triangle,[121] Diana is in the lobby of her apartment building when she is approached by Conrad Starfield from NASA. He came to find her personally and to let her know that they received her letter and have processed her for acceptance astronaut candidate program. She will start in Houston, Texas in a week.[122]

Formation of the SuperFriends!

Main Article: SuperFriends

Before starting as a NASA astronaut, exclusive to the Earth-1A universe, in late 1975, shortly after the Martian Manhunter had left Earth,[123] and in response to the formation of the Legion of Doom; Superman and handful of the Justice Leaguers and a few unaffiliated heroes had gathered together. Superman, leading the charge, states that, "the best way for us to combat crime and be prepared for world-wide emergencies is to work together. From now on, we'll be the SuperFriends."[124] The heroes on hand for this historic occasion were Aquaman, Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Black Vulcan and Samurai.[125] This arrangement was spear-headed by Superman, Batman (and Robin), Aquaman and Wonder Woman (the core-five) and included the training of young people (or Junior Super Friends) for law enforcement at the Hall of Justice. Marvin White and Wendy Harris, and later Zan and Jayna of the Wonder Twins are the first of the trainees.[126]

After spending a few days with her little sister, Donna in San Francisco,[127] Diana arrives at NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center 25 miles southeast of downtown Houston, ready to begin the astronaut candidate program. As Captain Prince, she and her other recruitments are under the command of General Novack. The requirements for the program, is to have at least 1,000 hours of flight, excellent hearing and sight and have a B.A. in engineering, physical science or mathematics (EDITOR NOTE: this degree was more than likely achieved by the original Diana Prince).[128] Diana’s training goes on for several weeks.[129]

During Diana’s training, she and a fellow astronaut go on the first space shuttle mission but are brought down by aliens in a hidden valley filled with dinosaurs.[130] After a short time in the valley with fellow NASA astronauts, Donald Lute and Mike Jansen, they escape.[131]

Diana, along with Conrad Starfield and General Novack are attending the U.N. Space Conference, when an assassin attacks. With the help of Morgan Tracy and Wonder Woman, they find out that the assassins are mind-controlled by the Bushmaster (no connection by the Bushmaster of the Global Guardians).[132]

A swarm of killer bees attack the NASA training facility, in Houston, where Diana Prince is in astronaut training. The attack leaves instructor Conrad Starfield and thirteen others in comas. Diana becomes Wonder Woman, battles the swarm, and learns that the Queen Bee is behind the insects. The heroine tracks the Queen Bee to her hive and defeats her, but learns that the villainess has captured the minds a few N.A.S.A. scientists and placed them in her computer, which is set to self-destruct if any hand tampers with it. The Queen Bee offers Wonder Woman a chance to save them, if she first becomes the Queen's slave.[133] Wonder Woman agrees, with the hope of freeing the minds of those whom the Queen Bee has trapped. When the Queen Bee, reveals her ambition to steal the minds of every person on Earth, Wonder Woman rescinds her surrender, and attacks the would-be world conqueror. While Wonder Woman is more than a match for the Queen Bee, she is unable to fight her swarm of bees. Overwhelmed by the swarm, she is stung by thousands of bees, and slips into a coma. Her body is found by N.A.S.A , in the desert outside of Houston. The comatose Wonder Woman is hospitalized and fights a mental battle against the image of a great bee, while, in the real world, the Queen Bee attacks and defeats four Justice League members in their satellite. But Wonder Woman succeeds in breaking out of her coma, locates the Queen Bee, and fights her again. During the battle, the Queen stumbles into her own mind-controlling computer and has her own mind stolen away. The minds of her victims are restored to their bodies.[134]

Wonder Woman interrupts as the Royal Flush Gang is committing a robbery. However, her overconfidence results in the gang being able to escape. The next day Diana Prince does some homework regarding the Royal Flush Gang. Wonder Woman surmises what the gang is after. She rides shotgun on the convoy carrying equipment to the NASA site. The gang strikes while she is doing an aerial recon of the convoy. She is able to capture Jack. She uses her lasso to get information from Jack. She realizes one of her co-workers is Ten. She tracks the gang down and uses her tiara to take out Ace, King and Queen. She confronts Ten and reveals his identity as fellow astronaut trainee, and close friend, Mike Bailey. After this, Diana decides to quit the astronaut trainee program.[135]

Diana Goes Back to Work at the U.N.

Diana Goes Back to Work at the U.N.

Diana moves back into her old apartment in NY, because Undersecretary Wagner at the U.N. has rehired Diana Prince. Morgan Tracy argues with him, telling him that it’s not a good idea, believing she’s a security threat. As he leaves, he vows to find out what that could be. The next morning, Diana moves into a temporary office in the Secretariat Building in the U.N Plaza, working for Doctor Fischer’s Department.[136] In her new role at the U.N., Diana would have more available time to dedicate to helping to JLA[137] (and the SuperFriends in the Earth-1A universe). On her first morning working at the U.N., Diana enters the building and is upset that security had gotten so strict. She thinks to herself that there are children growing up today who will think nothing of having their purses opened and their suitcases x-rayed all in the name of public safety. During her first meeting with Doctor Fischer, Diana is offered to be her direct aide and the executive director position.[138]

Personally, Diana has been struggling finding solace ever since Steve’s death – unable to love, restless with work in her secret identity. Her mother, Hippolyta sought to alleviate her daughter's trauma by entreating Aphrodite to remove Diana’s memories of Trevor. They both agree that this has been a blessing and curse for Diana and that she doesn’t deserve this. Aphrodite calls upon the Mists of Nepenthe to rise from the sea. Later, as fate demands (perhaps a cruel joke by the gods), a man crashes just off shore of Paradise Island. Diana rescues him. He identifies himself as Colonel ‘Steve Trevor’ and he captures her heart immediately.[139] After Princess Diana rescues the new Steve Trevor and heals him with her Purple Healing Ray, Queen Hippolyte asks Aphrodite where he came from. She responds that he is from the Earth of another dimension, and even she has no power to send him back there. Aphrodite extends the Mists of Nepenthe over the Earth, causing all people to forget the existence of the other Steve Trevor who died years ago. Once again, Diana competes against the Amazons for the right to go into Man's World, and wins the costume and title of Wonder Woman. Just before Wonder Woman returns with Steve to America, Hippolyta begs him, "Don't hurt her again," which mystifies Trevor.[140]

Major Diana Prince - Air Force’s Special Intelligence Branch / Washington, DC

Major Diana Prince - Air Force’s Special Intelligence Branch / Washington, DC

With a new lease on life, Capt. Diana (an Air force officer) arrives to her new job in the in the ‘Special Assignment Branch’ / ‘Air Force’s Special Intelligence Branch’[141] at the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, as an Adjutant (military officer acting as administration assistant to a senior officer) for Col. Trevor and field intelligence officer. Gen Darnell is in charge of the operation. [NOTE: In the Earth-1A universe, Diana meets Gen Darnell during the summer of 1960. She is re-united with him again, 20 years later in the fall of 1980.]. Diana of course orchestrated this position working with Steve by falsifying records. As Diana walks to office on her fist day, she is greeting by the new secretary, Lt. Etta Candy [NOTE: Etta is a former Holliday Girl, a WW fan Club at Holliday College]. Diana asks Etta to drop the formalities and call her Diana.[142] Steve has gone back to not knowing that Diana Prince and Wonder Woman are the same person. After a few days of working together, Diana and Etta decide to move off base and share an apartment. They find a place called ‘Georgetown Townhouse’ Apartment in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., owned by former U.S. Senator, Russell Abernathy. As a former military man himself, he decides to only charge them $300 a month.[143]

[Exclusive to the Earth-1A Universe,] Diana and Col. Trevor, also worked at an Unnamed U.S. Military Base in the early eighties,[144] in conjunction with their time at the Pentagon.

Wonder Woman encounters Deborah Domaine, the ‘new’ Cheetah (niece of the original Cheetah). After a few battles, Deborah gets away.[145]

On monitor duty, on board the Justice League Satellite, Wonder Woman is surprised by the arrival of Eros, the Greek God of Love. Eros professes his love for the Amazon Princess, then forces himself upon her. [Editors NOTE: WW believes that this is their first meeting, when in reality it was Eros’ life-force, joined with Trevor’s that produced his resurrection (See: WW, #322). This explains his appearance now.]. Wonder Woman rebuffs Eros' advances, angering the petulant God. When Superman arrives to take over on monitor duty, Eros, out of spite, fires his ‘cupid’ arrow into the Man of Steel and then one at Diana. Shunning, the now overwhelming influence, they learn from Aphrodite, that the ‘blue-lotus’ of lost love within the Nether World, has the power to kill unwanted passion. This is their only chance to reverse the spell. They find the blossom and reverse the spell.[146][147]

Wonder Woman and the JLA, join the New Teen Titans to battle the demon Trigon.[148]

Diana also splits her time with the JLA, as she has done in years past. On few of the adventures, the JLA deals with: the return of Starro the Conqueror;[149] a duplicate Red Tornado, which was created by T.O. Morrow; [150] the JSA, to bring down the Secret Society of Super-Villains;[151] a new version of the Royal Flush Version;[152] and the JSA and the All-Star Squadron (of Earth-Two), to battle Per Degaton and the Crime Syndicate of America (of Earth-Three).[153]

Col. Trevor, Capt. Diana and Wonder Woman, with some help from the demon Etrigan, rescue Etta Candy who has been kidnapped by a demon named Baal-Satyr, a mystic named Klarion, Teekl and the Delphi Corporation.[154]

Mars, the god of war appeared to Helen Alexandros, a Greek ballet dancer. He revealed to Helen that her mother and now her are descendants of Zeus, Leda, and Helen of Troy. When Mars asked if she was ready to accept her "heritage of blood", Helen agreed because she feels that she is quite ugly. And so, Helen was transformed into the beautiful Silver Swan, with the powers of flight, great strength, and a "swan song" which could wreak destruction. Mars told the Swan that Helena would be able to change into her for an hour at a time, as long as she served him. He also tells her that if she destroyed Wonder Woman, she would become the Silver Swan forever. Doctor Pshycho shows up, becomes Captain Wonder and teams up with the Swan. Eventually, Mars grew disappoint with Helen and withdraws her powers. When Psycho and Helen see each other, they are mutually repelled and run away from each other.[155]

Upon running into the Adjudicator, who planned to test several alternate Earths, destroying them if he deemed them wanting, Wonder Woman summoned the Justice League and the Justice Society of America to warn them about his threat.[156] Wonder Woman fought the Adjudicator’s four servants, aided by several fellow heroines: Supergirl, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Raven, Starfire and Wonder Girl of Earth-One. Black Canary, Huntress and Power Girl of Earth-Two; and Phantom Lady of Earth-X.[157] In the end, though, their combined power wasn't enough to take the Adjudicator down. Wonder Woman managed to save all worlds when she ensnared him in his Lasso and demanded to know who set him up as judge, jury and executor, which alerted his overseers his lunatic ward had overstepped his boundaries and took him away.[158]

Diana, who entered with rank of Captain, was eventually promoted to the rank of ‘Major.’ Another special occasion for the Diana, is her short excursion to Earth-Two, where she accompanies her counterpart to her home, where she meets Steve Trevor of Earth-Two. She learns that the two have been married for 20 years and they have a teenage daughter, Lyta Trevor, who also has Amazon powers.[159]

Zatanna is severely injured by a Dark Cloud/Grey Mist creature. Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman the Justice League Satellite after the incident, but the sorceress doesn't seem to recover. Wonder Woman decides to take Zatanna to Paradise Island, where she will use the Purple Healing Ray to cure Zatanna.[160] Her recovery is slow.[161] While Diana was away, Gen. Darnell brings on a new member of their intelligence team, Major Keith Griggs.[162]

Wonder Woman has had strange encounters over the years. This one involves her namesake from 3,000 years ago beyond the grave. It was Hyppolyta’s best friend Artemis, who was called ‘Wonder Woman.’ Aphrodite and Athena gave the Amazons important task. One Amazon would have to venture into the outside world, as an ambassador for compassion and love. Artemis was chosen. She eventually allied herself with Ares and turned on Hyppolyta.[163] As fate would have it she was slain in man’s world when she challenged Athena.[164] Eventually, her tomb was discovered by Nikos Aegeus.[165] Circe magically revived her with a mystic sword, and set her loose on the Amazons. Back at Paradise Island, they are undergoing training. On their half mile swim, one Amazon is pulled under by a skeleton wherein a tiara and calling herself ‘Wonder Woman.’ Diana (aka Wonder Woman) is there to help, and does battle with the skeleton. The skeleton and Diana eventually wash up.[166] After Wonder Woman disarmed her and made sure the sword was well out of the way. Artemis's bones crumbled to dust.[167]

After an incident in which a USAF plane is destroyed by a mysterious force, both Steve Trevor and Major Keith Griggs make a dual test flight over the area in question. It turns out to be Green Lantern's old foe Dr. Polaris. Wonder Woman is called to action.[168] Polaris refuses to battle Wonder Woman, telling her he is only interested in Green Lantern. When she informs him that the Emerald Gladiator is on a space mission, Polaris blasts Trevor’s plane apart, and says that he will find a way to make Green Lantern come back and fight him. Then he vanishes with Major Griggs. Wonder Woman assumes that he has gone back to his polar fortress at the North Pole. With Steve costumed as a stand-in Green Lantern, Wonder Woman rescues Griggs and returns with him and Trevor to America.[169]

Superman’s apparent demise a the hand of King Kosmos (a new super villain), draws the attention the Flash, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, who are all en route to Metropolis. They are all stopped by King Kosmos. It is up to time-travel Kristin Wells from the 29th century and ally to Superman, to put an end to the menace. Donning the Supergirl costume in Lois Lane’s office, and outfitting it with her future technology, she makes her debut as – Superwoman! It is revealed that Superman was only sent back in time. Superwoman saves the day and after her goodbyes, heads back home.[170]

The sorceress Circe is back! She has created a small battalion of Man-Beasts that attack Wonder Woman. Of course they’re defeated.[171]

Wonder Woman, Col. Steve and Lt. Etta Candy help nab some terrorists.[172] Steve is wounded in a battle against terrorist Nikos Aegeus. Wonder Woman defeats the terrorist in a battle for the lives of Steve Trevor and Senator Russell Abernathy.[173]

Wonder Woman is on Paradise Island involved in a ritual performed by Athena and Aphrodite to restore the ‘unique powers’ to the bracelets of submission and magic lasso. Meanwhile, Karl Schlagel (a Nazi loyalist) threatens to use the harnessed psychic power of his captive children against the American military. The Gypsy mystic, Zenna Persik performs a mind-transference ritual to occupy Black Canary’s body Zenna Percik transfers her mind out of the Black to stop him. Wonder Woman with the help of Elongated Man put a end to the possession and bring down the Nazi’s.[174]

An energy-beam emanating from an undersea crevice causes seaquakes in Atlantis and transforms three surface humans into elemental beings of earth, water, and air. Aquaman summons the aid of fellow Justice League members. Wonder Woman along with Hawkman, Red Tornado, Firestorm, Zatanna, and Elongated Man respond. Discovering the link between the creatures and the seaquakes, the heroes travel together to Atlantis. While there, they battle the sorcerer Daanuth, a survivor of the original Atlantis who seeks to mystically resurrect his ancient homeland. Superman and Firestorm use stellar energy to return the elemental beings to normal, causing Daanuth's powers to ebb, and he disappears into the ancient ruins of Atlantis.[175]

When the new and improved robotized Brainiac and his hordes attack the Earth, Wonder Woman, several Leaguers and the New Teen Titans are on hand to put an end to the threat.[176]

Wonder Woman and the JLA are called to an emergency meeting on the JLA Satellite by Batman concerning a kidnapping in Markovia. This meeting proves to be historic. After an argument about between Batman and Wonder Woman and Superman about closed borders and refusing to help because it would violate the country’s sovereignty, Batman storms out and quits. He wonders to himself, what happened to the League he knew. He subsequently forms the Outsiders.[177]

Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern are in Gotham City searching for missing artists. They find them in a high rise and discover [Doctor Desitny]]’s experiment in dream deprivation. Doctor Destiny uses the Materioptikon to conjure dream warriors into existence. Soon several Leaguers are involved. They find him in the Dream Dimension and return him to Arkham Asylum.[178]

It is days before Barry Allen’s wedding to Fiona Webb.[179] At the Wedding, the Reverse-Flash shows up determined to kill Fiona. Panicked at the thought of losing Fiona as he had lost Iris, Barry miscalculated the force needed to stop him. Grabbing Zoom in a headlock, Barry snapped the villain’s neck, killing him instantly.[180] Later, the Flash is teleported aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Following an obscure bylaw in their charter, the team has come together to decide if the Flash can continue his membership. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman vote to expel the Flash from their ranks. The Elongated Man, Green Arrow, and Firestorm, the Nuclear Man vote to allow the Flash to stay, on a probationary basis, until the trial's outcome. With the vote deadlocked, it is up to Superman, who has just arrived, to issue the deciding vote. Superman ponders the matter for several moments.[181] He then votes to keep the Flash on the team at least until the trial.[182]

At Metropolis Harbor, Superman and Wonder Woman engage a group of armored men who had just stolen from top secret equipment from S.T.A.R. Labs. The heroes are surprised when a giant whale-man named Gargantus emerges from the bay and assists the thieves. Wonder Woman is knocked for a loop and nearly drowns, but Superman resuscitates her.[183] The JLA soon learns that Rex Rogan, CEO of Repli-Tech Industries when the company went bankrupt, Rogan and the board members volunteered to gain newfound power by way of a scientific process that manipulated their DNA, transforming them into animals. Meanwhile, the League receives word that Hawkman is injured in Egypt. They fly to Egypt, but they are ambushed. Wonder Woman and the Hawks are taken hostage. Maximus Rex broadcasts a message to the Justice League Satellite, revealing that he has the fallen heroes and that he is declaring himself the leader of a New Order.[184] Amazingly, the threat takes care of itself with little to no effort from the JLA. The process that originally gave them their powers is now mutating them even further. They quickly devolve into normal, everyday animals. As simple beasts, they no longer present a viable threat. The League frees its abducted comrades and administers a much needed antitoxin to Hawkman.[185]

Superman discovers a tree in Africa is a portal to an overpopulated alien world that wants to conquer Earth and Batman was just stranded on this other world when the portal sealed. Superman gathers JLA members, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Wonder Woman, and Zatanna in the Hawkship to rescue Batman. Elongated Man, Green Lantern and Hawkman stay behind to deal with the Cosmic Tree on Earth. They are joined (for the first time) by the Outsiders. Eventually Batman is saved but the relationship between he and Superman is tense. Wonder Woman encourages Batman and the two to reconcile, which they finally do. The two old friends clasp hands together, and acknowledge that they're stuck with each other.[186]

The last few months have been a struggle for Diana. She is plagued with wanting to tell Steve her secret identity. She finally decides on telling him, but he refuses to let her. He wants to keep the mystery. She also gave Steve the ability to control her robot plane.[187]

Major Keith Griggs (USAF Pilot and associate of Steve and Diana) was undercover and heading to an arms-reduction conference in Caribbean. He was investigating reports of arms smuggling by American Intelligence Officers. As his plane approached the Island his plane falls under the control of someone else and lands on a mysterious island. He has been abducted by the sorceress Circe and turned into one of her man-beasts.[188] Meanwhile, Diana is on Paradise Island with Donna Troy and her Titan friends. Donna is asking her mother, Queen Hippolyta for her blessing to marry Terry Long. As a wedding gift, Diana gives her sister a new set of magic bracelets.[189] Later, Diana heads back to work at the Pentagon. Upon her arrival, her and Steve, learn of the Major Griggs is missing. Diana is assigned to find the missing associate in South America. Wonder Woman goes to South America to find the missing Keith Griggs, only to discover he has been turned into one of Circe’s man-beasts.[190] Wonder Woman engages in battle Circe. As the battle ensues, Wonder Woman manages to free the man-beasts from their animalizing spell. Then Circe disappears into a mirror, and Wonder Woman discovers her true foe is not Circe, but the "god" Tezcatlipoca.[191] As Wonder Woman engages Tezcatlipoca, he transforms her back into a non-powered Diana Price. This does not deter her. With the help of a now conscious Major Griggs they go up against the mighty foe.[192] As Wonder Woman fights Tezcatlipoca they free the Amazons of South America from his mental domination. Then amazingly, defeat the god when she shatters an image which bound him to his mortal host.[193]

Wonder Woman aids the League in taking down the villain Paragon;[194] and then with a few Leaguers, to aid the Swamp Thing in a battle against the Floronic Man, eventually taking him to Arkham Asylum.[195]

Wonder Woman, several Leaguers and the Teen Titans, commemorate the anniversary of Supergirl’s arrival on Earth. [196]

As Steve and Sofia Constantinos leave Paradise Island, Eros is watching. He stands in the shadows, vowing that Steve will be out of the picture and that princess Diana will be his.[197] He stalks her at her home in D.C. and wonders how Steve, twice dead, rose again, while he laid at Hades’ Gate, trapped.[198]

It is the day before Donna Troy’s wedding day and Diana (Donna’s big sister) along with her best friends, Lilith Clay and former roommate, Sharon Tracy are out getting last minute things for the big day.[199] Meanwhile, on Paradise Island, Queen Hippolyta is beseeching the goddess Athena for permission to leave Paradise Island to attend her daughter's wedding and surprise her. She prays all night and is granted permission. Diana is in attendance.[200]

Disguised as Diana Prince, Dr. Cyber steals the launch codes for America’s nuclear missiles![201] After looking for the fake Diana, the real Diana returns to Washington, convinces Major Griggs that the "Diana" who stole the missile codes was really Dr. Cyber in disguise. Later, Wonder Woman breaks into Cyber’s stronghold, which Steve Trevor and Glitch (a space gremlin) have already infiltrated. Steve and Wonder Woman battle Cyber, who defeats them, but not before revealing that she once killed Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman ends up entangled in metal wires that heat up as she resists them, and Cyber says that soon Wonder Woman's body will be as scarred as Cyber's face.[202] Eros turns up and helps free the mighty Amazon. He tells her that he is the original Steve Trevor. Although confused, Wonder Woman, along with Steve (parallel universe doppelgänger) they continue to battle against Dr. Cyber.[203] On Paradise Island, the trio entreat the goddess Aphrodite to tell them the truth behind Eros' claim. She tells them that the only way she was able bring Steve back to life, was to infuse his essence, with that of his sons. And that it was that life-force that was stolen by the demonic Dark Commander, causing Steve to die a second time. So, when the Dark Commander was destroyed, Eros’ spirit was scattered to the winds. When it was restored, he was quite mad. So the goddess had him placed in twilight state, from which he recently awakened. Meanwhile, Eros has gone on a rampage nearly killing Steve – all in the name of love! As Wonder Woman battles Eros, the Queen takes Steve and places him under the Purple Healing Ray. Eros, seeing this tries to remove Steve from the ray and kill him but becomes frozen in the ray. The Amazons allow the ray to run its course and when it's done, it cures Eros' mind of his madness and restores to Steve Trevor all the memories of the Steve Trevor from Earth One. However, some things are still spotty – like the secret identity of Wonder Woman. The Queen is happy and entreats Diana to help her rebuild Paradise Island. Diana is still furious at her mother’s tampering and wants nothing to do with her. She tells her that she will rebuild it without her, for Paradise Island is not longer her home.[204]

The End of the Justice League

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On one notable occasion, the Martian Manhunter is seen rapidly entering the earth’s atmosphere and crashing into the East River off Manhattan. As several JLA members (Aquaman, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Red Tornado and Zatanna) comes to his aid, he tells them that a squadron of Martian warships hot on his tail with plans to conquer the earth. The Manhunter is eventually able to confront the fleets Marshal in open combat. He defeats the Marshal and is able to convince the remainder of the fleet to agree to a cease-fire. They leave Earth's orbit to return to Mars II. J'onn however, elects to stay behind on earth. In the aftermath of the confrontation, the JLA HQ Satellite is virtually destroyed.[205] With the Justice League splintered, Aquaman, as a charter member of the League and the only original League member present, addresses the general assembly of the United Nations, announcing that they cannot protect the Earth without complete commitment from all of their members - so he disbands the team! The new team that rises in their place includes Aquaman, Elongated Man, Gypsy, Martian Manhunter, Steel, Vibe, Vixen and Zatanna. To remain closer to those they’re sworn to protect, they establish new headquarters in a Detroit compound operated by Dale Gunn.[206]

The reason that Aquaman is the only original Leaguer present when he disbanded the JLA is because the Green Lantern has turned in his ring to the Guardians in the wake of the Satellite’s destruction, wanting to marry Carol Ferris[207] and the Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman are on Earth-Two, having left before Martian Manhunter’s arrival. Our story begins on the JL Satellite. The Flash had called a meeting with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl. Their meeting is interrupted by three people who immediately transport the quartet to Earth-Two! On that world, Dr. Fate, Starman, Green Lantern, and Dr. Mid-Nite are battling winged monkeys somehow connected to the trio who have brought our famed Leaguers there.[208] It is revealed that the Joshua Champion has discovered an 'alternate universe' and has been possessed by a malevolent entity who rules that dimension. He attempts to invade the earth, leading a horde of creatures and calling himself the Commander. It takes the combined effort the Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and the JSA . Together they free the scientist from the alien's control and exile the creature back to its home dimension. Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash have no idea of the changes to the Justice League during their absences from Earth-One.[209]

Final Days & The Crisis on Infinite Earths

Final Days & The Crisis on Infinite Earths

Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash travel to the Justice League satellite — to find it destroyed! A signal, from the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, alerts Aquaman to the return of our heroes. As our heroes look around they are stunned because they were gone only a few hours. Superman discovers a Soviet satellite in the wreckage. Wonder Woman identifies the satellite's point of origin. Aquaman monitors as they descend to Earth, specifically Star City, in the Soviet Union. Aquaman summons the ‘new’ League. The Russian Air Force greets the trio's invasion of their air space with missiles, then fighters, but the heroes land without injury. As they attempt to end the hostilities they are surrounded by Star City's security forces and confronted by a strange musician, wielding an instrument hauntingly familiar to the Flash. The musician plays demons into existence that subdue and capture the three heroes. Their captor is General Anton Gorki. At Gorki's winter estate, our heroes revive, but find themselves incapable of moving. They find that Anton Allegro is also Gorki's prisoner. It is Allegro's cursed instrument that the musician is wielding.[210] Dale Gunn has convinced Steel's grandfather to use his CIA contacts to find out where the three former JLA members are held captive, and the team flies to Russia. After an escape attempt, Gorki kills Allegro. Soon the ‘new’ League storm Gorki's winter house and subdue his forces. Offering no answers to Superman's questions, Aquaman orders the League to depart the Soviet Union.[211] The trio are finally informed that their "short" trip to parallel worlds actually took three weeks, and that in that time the Justice League has been disbanded and reformed. Wonder Woman demand to know why Aquaman disbanded the JLA. Aquaman states that, in the beginning, the individual members gave their all to the Justice League of America. As time went on, however, the Justice League of America ceased to be a priority for the membership. After the Earth-Mars war, Aquaman decided to disband the current incarnation of the Justice League of America, in favor of a new incarnation. Wonder Woman disputes Aquaman's right to disband the League, but Superman points out an amendment in the charter that allowed for Aquaman's actions. The Flash acknowledges that the new members' commitment to the JLA is stronger than his own. The trio accepts Aquaman's decision, and gracefully bow out of the new Justice League![212]

When weapons-laden monstrosities wreak havoc in Metropolis, Wonder Woman and Superman team up to confront the culprit behind the creatures. It turns out that a research scientist Christina Cade, who lived on Paradise Island for time and friend of Diana. Christina uses living clay, which is also the substance from which Diana was created, was making warriors and monsters that do her bidding. The creatures go after Military scientist Doctor Terhune who gained notoriety by doing gene splicing experiments. In the ensuing battle, Cade was killed. This shakes Diana up a bit, since they were long time friends.[213]

Unbeknownst to Wonder Woman and the other heroes, there is a new player is on the board. His name is the Monitor. He is more of an observer, but this time he takes action. From his personal satellite he fulfills the wishes of Dr. Pyscho by hiring the ‘new’ Cheetah to steal an ecto-plasmic extractor from the Pentagon. Unfortunately, Etta Candy and Howard Huckaby (aide to Senator Brad Covington) are on the premises at the time. Howard believes Etta is really Wonder Woman and says so within earshot of the Cheetah, causing the villainess to kidnap her and Howard. She takes them to the National Air and Space Museum to meet Dr. Psycho. Elsewhere, the Angle Man asks the Monitor how to power up his new Angler Man's Angler, and is directed to the National Air and Space Museum, where Etta and company are. Angle Man does find the object that can power up his Angler. It is a plane called the Daedalus, which he accidentally activates. Captain Wonder stops the plane, with the help of the Silver Swan. Out of sight of our villains, Howard uses the ecto-plasmic extractor to transform Etta into a Wonder Woman copy, dubbed Wonder Etta. As such, Etta is able to defeat the villains seconds before the real Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor appear on the scene. Wonder Etta transforms back Etta Candy shortly thereafter, and Howard proclaims his love for her.[214] Meanwhile, in New York, there is a reception and a huge parade in honor of the Titans, for saving the Earth from the demon, Trigon. Among those being interviewed are Superman and Wonder Woman, who says, “the Amazons have known for centuries that it is the person that matters, not their age.”[215] Later, Diana Prince is walking home, upset that Steve doesn’t know her secret identity and hardly gives Diana a second thought – a non-entity as she put it. Suddenly Major Griggs appears outside her home, startling her. He wanted to confirm the romantic tension between them. Diana does, and invites him in. Glitch is teleported away by aliens.[216]

The arrival of the Atomic Knight after Glitch’s’ disappearance has Wonder Woman standing opposed to him. They soon unite to attempt to stop nuclear war, only to be preempted by the arrival of the alien Ytirflirks.[217] They decide to split up. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor strive to overcome the Ytirflirks and destroy a bomb trigger mechanism in an alien spacecraft. The Atomic Knight and a Russian soldier search for a bomb in the Kremlin that could destroy the Earth's atmosphere. They save the day and Glitch is returned to earth. Back at the Pentagon, Major Griggs and Lt. Candy discuss Senator Covington’s Committee on Wonder Woman’s involvement in America secret spy missions, how it’s taking so much of Gen. Darnell’s time and how Etta is dating Howard Huckaby, the senator’s aid. They also talk about the Major’s upcoming mission to Tropidor again and how it seems like a waste of time. Etta informs him that he won’t be going alone. He’ll be accompanied by Lt. Lauren Haley. It will be her first assignment for Secret Intelligence.[218]

The goddess Athena is displeased at former pop-star, Wayne Tarrant’s use of her lover's name, Theseus (a demigod). His depraved behavior and abuse of women sets her off. Athena decides to release the spirit’s of the furies to inhabit three women to punish Wayne. The furies destroy Wayne's house and have him trapped in a tornado. The Blue Devil rescues him. The furies pursue them out in the open. They are observed by reporter Megan O'Dell, reporter for KSTV-TV. Megan reports what she saw on the evening News. It is watched by Etta Candy and Diana Prince. Recognizing the furies as the real ones from Olympus, Diana switches to Wonder Woman, flies her jet to Hollywood to find out what I going on. She helps the Blue Devil free the possessed woman and banishes the furies. Athena appears an expresses her displeasure in Wonder Woman.[219]

It is Spring 1985, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Hawkman, Black Canary, John Stewart (the new Green Lantern) and the Flash show up outside the home of John Smith (aka the Red Tornado). They ask him to stand-down from any future heroics. Without responding, he flies away. As he leaves, they evidently come out of a trance, wondering what just happened. The Leaguers go to a hidden base under the World Trade Center, where they periodically check on a device that transmits a frequency to stop the Construct from reforming its consciousness. They fail to realize that it has actually been gnawed at by a rodent and the ‘technological being’ has returned. His mission is to manipulate the weather circumstances, that his friends and people at large turn against the Red Tornado.[220] The Construct is so delighted by his foe's distress that he causes machinery worldwide to malfunction and takes control of individuals' minds worldwide. Several of the most advanced research institutions determine that it's the Construct, including a secluded T. O. Morrow, who sets about to stop it.[221] Meanwhile, Kathy (John Smith’s wife), flies out to Wyoming to meet John. She intends to kill him, assuming that he is responsible for this but she finds that he is actually desperate to stop the Construct. As he explains himself, his mind becomes overtaken by the malevolent entity. Kathy runs away and abandons all electronics on her way to find The Red Tornado on horseback.[222] The Tornado flies to T. O. Morrow's lab to partner up with him to destroy the Construct who has overtaken all electronics and most human minds across the world. As he arrives, the Construct takes over Morrow's lab and controls the minds of the villagers around it to dismantle the Tornado. As his body slowly rebuilds itself, he is able to trick the Construct into thinking he has given up and invites it into his consciousness where the two battle psychically. Through sheer force of will, he destroys the villain and allows Morrow to flee from the destroyed lab due to his assistance. He reunites with Kathy and his daughter Traya.[223]

Wonder Woman along with Batman and Robin, pay Superman a visit at his Fortress of Solitude, with Batman and Wonder Woman bearing gifts for the Man of Steel's birthday. Upon arrival, they see something is very wrong – they see Superman standing rather still with a strange alien plant attached to his chest and wrapping its tendrils around him. As the three heroes try to determine where the plant came from and what it's doing to Superman, a gigantic yellow-skinned muscular humanoid male calling himself Mongul shows up, telling them that the plant is a Black Mercy. Batman succeeds in pulling Black Mercy off Superman, only for it to now latch onto him and give him a fantasy-induced dream based on the desires of his heart. In Batman's fantasy, his father, on the night that his parents were murdered, succeeds in overpowering the criminal, preventing the murder from ever happening. Bruce grows up happy, marrying Kathy Kane. Together, they have a daughter. Meanwhile, Superman has attacked Mongul in a rage (thinking over his fantasy of being on a Krypton that was never destroyed). It’s a full on melee now. Robin uses the gauntlets that Mongul pulled off his hands and grabs Black Mercy, pulling it off Batman and carrying it to where he would hope to dump it on Mongul. The fight between Superman and Mongul continues, with neither side prevailing. Robin is able to put the Black Mercy right on Mongul, and it instantly wraps itself around Mongul, giving him a fantasy of his own heart's desire. In that fantasy, he kills Robin as well as well as the others. Now, Mongul is able to take over the world, as leader of a new Warworld. In reality, Mongul simply drops to the ground, with the heroes now relieved that the fight is over. The heroes secure Mongul and decide that this is the best time to Superman with his gifts. Wonder Woman shows him a perfect replica of the Bottle City of Kandor made by the Paradise Island Gemsmiths. He quickly goes to hide the replica he already has before taking the one from Wonder Woman and kissing her. The two think about a romantic relationship, but concede it will be too predictable. Batman shows him a new species of a plant blossom called the Krypton – a blossom that ended up being crushed during the fight.[224]

It is July 1985. Wonder Woman follows Keith Griggs and Lauren Haley to the Central American nation of Tropidor on the investigative mission.[225] As she approaches, the skies overhead have turned red. Weather around the world is out of whack. Wonder Woman is caught in a cosmic storm, unaware of the approaching of anti-matter wave. When she regains control of the Robot Plane, she is over the South American jungle. Meanwhile, back on the lawn of the Pentagon, Howard Huckaby and Etta are having lunch, unaware of the strange weather patterns. Wonder Woman lands in the midst a tribe, that appears to be in the past. As she is taken to the top of the Aztec Pyramid, she sees Lauren and Keith tied up and wearing tribal garb. Back at the Pentagon, Senator Covington busts into Gen. Darnell’s office unannounced and threatens him with a Congressional Investigation to bring him down for Wonder Woman’s illegal participation in missions on foreign soil. Back at the Aztec Pyramid, Wonder Woman sees Tezcatlipoca, who is about to kill Griggs. The knife comes down and kills him. Then time reverses and the same seen plays out. Then a third time, this go around, Diana realizes that she has experienced this same scenario. She is too late though and Major Griggs dies again. A fourth time, Wonder Woman is able to break the loop by force of will, freeing herself and her three friends from Tezcatlipoca's grasp. As she does, the skies turn red.[226]

Crisis on Infinite Earths

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As the Amazonian Senate begins its meeting, the goddess Demeter appears before them and tells them that Earth and Olympus are under attack! Then, the Anti-Monitor's shadow demons burst in and begin battling and killing Amazons. Back at the Pentagon, Major Griggs, Col. Trevor, Lt. Candy and Lt. Haley arrive for a meeting in Gen. Darnell’s office to discuss the Congressional Investigation. Lt. Prince arrives a little late. As she enters, Hermes appears. He is summoning the Princess of Paradise Island, who is needed by her Mother and that Zeus himself command her presents. Stunned, she immediately obeys and reveals herself as ‘Wonder Woman’! They prepare to depart, while her co-workers are in shock. Just then, the shadow demons appear. Hermes and Diana prepare for battle while Major Griggs sounds the alarm. Outside, the skies are red, but the weather is only a slight drizzle. Gen. Darnell is meeting with Senator Covington. He tells the Senator that he’ll be that scapegoat as long as the Senator leaves his staff out of it. The Senator scoffs at him. Back on Paradise Island, a war for their very lives rages. Hermes and Diana arrive. Diana goes to Science Island, locates the Purple Ray, turns it on the giant shadow-demon, and causes it to explode. The Amazons are victorious, but there is still strife between Diana and her mother. Discouraged by this and the overwhelming forces of their unseen enemy, Hippolyta leads the Amazons in a prayer service. As Zeus looks on with the other Olympian gods, prepares to take on the forces of their unseen enemy. At the Pentagon, the shadow demons are defeated. Lt Candy reveals that the meeting for the Special Intelligence team involved listening to a tape. The Lieutenant leads them into the General’s office. The tape reveals that he has made poor decisions and that Col. Trevor is now in charge of the team.[227] As Hippolyta finishes her prayer, she tells the Amazons that Athena has spoken to her. They don’t believe that can save themselves or the Amazons. Diana is disappointed, as she was hoping for their help until the end.[228] Despite Wonder Woman's encouragement, Hippolyta sees devastation and refuses to try to continue. In his Underworld, after meeting with both the Anti-Monitor and Mars, Hades agrees to help his newfound allies against the Olympian gods and Amazons. Kore, the wife of Hades, appears to the Amazons and tells them her husband has fallen in with the Anti-Monitor. At that point, the dead Amazons are reanimated by Hades, turned into zombies, and sent against Hippolyta, Wonder Woman, and Kore. Diana defeats them and Kore sends them back to Hades’s realm.[229]

Wonder Woman turns up with several of her allies aboard a strange satellite. The heroes have been summoned by Alex Luthor Jr. of Earth-Three, Pariah and Harbinger. This trio has brought together a massive congregation of heroes from Earth-One and Earth-Two – against their will. Together the three explain that a being called the Anti-Monitor is consuming all positive-matter realities, but also explain that in order for things to correct themselves, the Multiverse must be folded back upon itself and become a single universe – the way it was intended, or else all worlds will be destroyed.[230]

Our heroes learn that there are three remaining earths in addition to Earth’s One and Two, Earth-four, Earth-S and Earth-X. And that by saving these remaining five earths will they have the power to defeat the Anti-Monitor.[231]

The heroes disperse, each joining groups to help contain the chaos. On Earth-S, the Changeling, Supergirl, Kole, Wonder Woman, and the Black Canary, combat the anti-matter wave. Wonder Woman catches a glimpse of Harbinger in the anti-matter fray.[232] Then, outside of what used to be Fawcet City, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Tawky Tawny, Changeling and Supergirl are present when Dr. Sivana and Ibbac suddenly vanish. Unbeknownst to our heroes, they are transported through space to Brainiac’s ship. Our heroes are joined by Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., Uncle Dudley, Kole and the Black Canary. As they gather together, Lyla appears to them and asks that one representative from each earth joins her because there is much that needs to be explained. She asks ‘Captain Marvel’ to be that representative.[233]

Back in Washington D.C. they are facing the same Crisis of weather patterns gone crazy. An earthquake has occurred and the ground has produce craters. Col. Trevor has a rope trying to save Lt. Haley who is hanging on for dear life. She cries out that her hands have become bloody, right before she falls. As he stands there, half in shock Huckaby and Lt. Candy arrive and are saddened by the news. They ask if they have seen Wonder Woman and then she appears. They kiss, embrace, and declare their love for each other. Howard turns to Etta and declares the same. Trevor and Wonder Woman leave. Etta, says to Howard that she doesn’t think they’ll ever see them again. High above the earth, Trevor asks Wonder Woman what’s the plan of attack. She tells him that Hippolyta awaits her signal, which she’ll give once she has scouted out Olympus. In the meantime, the goddess Kore will try to enlist Atlalanta and her mortal Amazons from South America in their cause – to crush the force’s of Mars and the Anti-Monitor. In Olympus, Wonder Woman and Mars begin fighting one another and the armies of Kore begin to fight the undead. Steve ponders what Diana has told him about the war between the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. As he does, he deduces that the Olympian gods have been imprisoned inside giant statues of themselves, and topples one to release Zeus, trapping Mars under the falling statuary. Kore journeys to the underworld, tells Hades that she still loves him, and gets him to withdraw his support from Mars and the Anti-Monitor. The zombie legions are withdrawn to the Underworld again. Zeus proclaims that the battle is won, but the war against the Anti-Monitor still goes on.[234]

Wonder Woman asks Steve to marry her, and he consents. With the blessing of Diana's mother, Zeus performs the ceremony, with all the Amazons in attendance. That night, Diana tells Steve of a dream she had, about both of them walking in the sunlight through a golden field, their child by their side. The two of them embrace and kiss.[235]

Soon a select group of heroes assemble for the great battle. Other heroes are concerned for their safety and success. Among the concerned heroes are the Spectre, Phantom Stranger and Deadman. They are discussing whether or not they should go with them. The Phantom Stranger reminds them that their powers will be useless in the Anti-Matter Universe, so they decide to wait. Among the select group, are the Supermen of Earth-One and Earth-Two, Mon-El, Lady Quark, Captain Atom, Jade, Green Lantern of Earth-Two, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, the Ray, Martian Manhunter, Wildfire, Firestorm, the new Dr. Light, and Supergirl. They are led by Pariah through the portal between the two universes, that was opened by Alex Luthor, Jr. Soon they come upon the Anti-Monitor's floating stone fortress. Inside the Anti-Monitor is aware of the encroaching heroes and calls the (captured) Psycho-Pirate, commanding him to use his powers against them. The Psycho-Pirate unable to comply tells the Anti-Monitor that he needs more time to recover from his control over the three planets. The Anti-Monitor angrily swats him away. As the heroes engage in battle, the fortress itself comes to life, creating stone soldiers. As some heroes begin to realize that their powers don’t work in the anti-matter universe, Superman of Earth-One and the new Dr. Light manage to reach the heart of the fortress, where they see a massive machine. Dr. Light explains to Superman that it is a ‘solar-collector’ converting starlight into energy and that it also reduces the vibrational differences between earths.. It is the very machine responsible for the merging of the universes. As Superman of Earth-One heads in to destroy it, but is suddenly attacked by the Anti-Monitor by a powerful blast. His scream of agony attracts the attention of his cousin Supergirl, who engages the Anti-Monitor in physical combat. Dr. Light is amazed and inspired by her selfless fury. Supergirl almost totally destroyed his body by her pulverizing blows. With his energy is now waning, she manages to destroy the universe-merging machine, but in the process is wounded. Dr Light comes to her aid, but the Anti-Monitor sees the weakened Supergirl and hits her with a titanic blast of energy. As the Anti-Monitor turns to escape and recuperate, Superman of Earth-One swoops in to hold his cousin Kara. She dies in his arms and Superman screams out, vowing that he would have his revenge. Superman of Earth-Two is also their grieving for Kara and comforting his younger counterpart. At that moment, the Anti-Monitor's fortress falls apart and our heroes head back to back to their own universe.[236]

The Crisis is Apparently Over

The Following Events Take Place Simultaneously or Within a Few Hours of Each Other...

For the most part, the five Earths are for now out of danger. The time distortions have ceased, and the Earths remain linked, if not fully merged. Soon afterward, the worlds receive the news of Super-girl's death and a memorial service is held in Earth-One Chicago. Thousands of people, including Brainiac 5 and many super-heroes attend. Batgirl makes the opening address, praising her friend, while both Lois Lane and Lana Lang oversee their respective broadcasts. Batgirl states that: "Kara is a hero. She will not be forgotten."[237]

At the U.N. Headquarters (where Diana is no stranger), representatives from the various parallel dimensions address the assembly on what the press is calling the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’. Key note speakers include Pariah, Harbinger and young Alex Luthor, Jr. Outside the chamber; Lt. Diana and Lady Quark discuss Pariah. Lady Quark doesn’t think she can forgive him for his role in the Crisis. Diana suggests that she can’t hate him forever. Luthor, Jr. explains that the Antimatter Universe that attacked our earths has seemingly disappeared. As the people question him, wanting assurances that it’s not only over, but that the Warp Zone won’t spread; Pariah suddenly disappears, to the horror of those present. Alex Luthor and Lyla know this means the Crisis is not over. Then a large and looming holographic image of Brainiac then Luthor appears before them and extends an ultimatum. Brainiac states that he already controls three of the five Earths (Four, X and S), and Luthor demands the unconditional surrender of the remaining two, or else he and Brainiac will unleash a destructive force that will obliterate all five. As the holographic image fades, several figures dart from the U.N. Chamber with determined speed. One is Clark Kent, another is Jack Ryder (aka the Creeper).[238]

Meanwhile, Luthor’s cadre of villains spread themselves across the realities, sowing chaos and discord at every turn. Back on Earth-S, Eclipso incapacitates Wonder Woman and the Justice League fight the Brotherhood of Evil.[239]

Suddenly the Spectre, in a grand display of his power – makes his presence known across the five partially merged Earths. He speaks to all of the heroes and villains at once, warning them that the Anti-Monitor is still alive and that he has retreated into the past, to the dawn of time itself. And while everyone is engaged in meaningless battle, the Monitor is trying to consume all realities, leaving only the Anti-Matter Universe. He further explains that one group of ‘super-powered beings’ must travel to the beginning of time and the other half must go to Oa’s past, to the time of the mad-scientist Krona. He states that they must decide now, there will be no second chances.[240]

Several heroes migrate to Earth-One to coordinate their efforts. They gather in the wastelands of Death Valley and form teams. Soon they develop a strategy using various time-traveling capabilities -- Rip Hunter’s Time-Sphere, the Legion of Super-Heroes’ Time-Bubbles and Lord of Time’s Temporal Transporter. The Spectre explains to both Supermen that time can be changed, but only from the dawn of time. Flash (Jay Garrick) and Kid Flash are outfitted with converter technology to help bridge the gap. A speech on ‘freedom’ is given by Uncle Sam.[241]

As our heroes prepare to head to the dawn of time, the ‘Lord of Time’ takes Lex Luthor and his allies backwards in time ten billion years to the planet Oa, before Krona’s experiment creates the multiverse and the anti-matter universe. One group is stopped by a group of Oan’s, unsure of the nature of the attack, another bursts into Krona’s laboratory, but he is ready for them. He kills Icicle, Mirror Master and Maaldor.[242]

At the dawn of time, fifty-strong channel all of their energy into him (their combined energies could decimate a solar system), but with the absorbed energy of all the universes he has consumed and the energy form his own anti-matter universe, he appears un-phased. In fact, he appears to be absorbing their energy as well. The non-powered heroes present watch in disbelief, only able to offer their hope. This absorbed energy is the key to his success. When Krona opens the doorway between the positive matter universe and the Antimatter Universe, the Anti-Monitor can use it to obliterate the Positive matter universe entirely. It will be his hand that Krona sees. In this moment, when all appears to be lost, the Spectre appears before the Anti-Monitor, channeling all the mystical energy of Earth’s most powerful sorcerers. As he attacks the Anti-Monitor directly, Krona appears in the skies above. He is in his lab peering backwards to observe the dawn time. Just then, the Spectre’s attack unleashes an explosion of energy, which appears to consume all reality.[243]

The Big Bang happens again! Later, at the Titans Tower situated on a private Island on New York’s East River, there is a gathering of present-day superheroes from the various universes such as Captain Marvel (of Earth-S) and Uncle Sam (of Earth-X) who helped defeat he Anti-Monitor at the dawn of time. They and the others are talking amongst themselves about how they are unable to return to their own universe and are somehow stuck on Earth-One. As they seek answers, Lyla appears as Harbinger again (her powers restored on this New Earth) and reveals that with time resetting itself, the five surviving positive-matter universes have all merged into one, with histories from those universes merging into a single history and only those present at the battle at the Dawn of Time remember the multiverse. In short, what arose from the ashes is this singular universe – a New Earth. However, she also tells them, that in this universe, that even though there are duplicates of Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman from varies earths now existing on this one earth that emerged, there is only history for one Superman, one Batman, one Robin and one Wonder Woman.[244]

Meanwhile, after the meeting at the Titan Tower, Princess Diana and Donna Troy are summoned to Paradise Island, to the Temple of Athena for an audience with the queen. They arrive to find Wonder Woman of Earth-Two and her daughter Hippolyta Trevor (aka Fury). Diana and Donna take Earth-Two’s Diana and Lyta aside to explain that only those who were at the Dawn of Time remember the multiverse.[245]

Not much later, the skies are thunderous and glow red. It spreads over the entire world. In the Tower, Pariah suffers pain but doesn’t disappear and Alex Luthor, Jr. glows with the anti-matter effect. They are soon confronted by a huge image of the Anti-Monitor, welcoming them to his home, and to their deaths.[246] He explains further, that thousands of universes have perished without resistance, but you have refused. He then applauds their willingness to live, then tells them that it ultimately doesn’t matter nor do the deaths of both Supergirl and the Flash – because they will all die! Before he disappears and the skies turn black, he tells them that his Shadow Demons are ravaging the earth as he speaks.[247]

The Harbinger begins to appear to various heroes and teleports them away. Elsewhere, on this new earth, many heroes still battle the Shadow Demons. Harbinger brings her gathered to Qward, to confront the Anti-Monitor. The Supermen of Earth One and Two, Power Girl, Martian Manhunter, Kid Flash, Dr. Light, Captain Atom, Lady Quark, Firestorm, Firehawk, Captain Marvel, both Wonder Women, and other heroes are on hand for what seems like a final battle. Harbinger explains to the new Dr. Light the reason the Monitor created her and it was for this time. Dr. Light absorbs the energy of one of the binary suns that the Anti-Monitor is drawing power from. Alex Luthor begins to drain the antimatter energy away from the Anti-Monitor. The Negative Woman, using her radioactive power seeks touch the Anti-Monitor while the other heroes engage in a frontal assault. He falls to a nearby planetoid seemingly killed and our heroes cheer. Just then Wonder Woman of Earth-One is struck with a flash of power from the Anti-Monitor and appears to disintegrate. This devastates our heroes. Superman of Earth-Two knocks Superman of Earth-One out and directs the rest of the heroes retreat through the portal. Superman of Earth-Two, Superboy from Earth-Prime and Alex Luthor stay behind and deliver the final blows, destroying the Anit-monitor.[248]

It is revealed that Earth-One’s Wonder Woman has returned to the clay which Aphrodite and Athena had given life. The clay was then spread over Paradise Island. As time continued to 'reverse' itself, the Amazons were returned to the Grecian Island they had fled.[249]

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  • Wonder Woman is a fictional character, a DC Comics superheroine created by William Moulton Marston.
  • She first appeared in All Star Comics, #8 (December 1941). This marks, what would come to known as her first Golden Age / Earth-Two appearance.
  • Her first Silver Age / Earth-One appearance, like Superman, is the subject of debate. DC Comics never officially announced when Earth One Wonder Woman and Earth-Two Wonder Woman starts or ends. All we know is that a shift, did indeed occur.
    • Many believe that Wonder Woman, #98 (May 1958) is the first canonical Silver-Age appearance of Wonder Woman (and her supporting cast), due to changes in her background and Hippolyta's physical appearance. In this issue, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito take over the creative team of Wonder Woman comics, replacing original artist Harry G. Peter. Wonder Woman was intentionally revamped for the silver age in this issue. Those that support this issue, generally place issues: #78 – 97 as post-dating issue #98 in Silver-Age continuity.
    • There are also those that believe that Wonder Woman, #105 (April, 1959) is the first canonical Silver-Age appearance. Regardless of which is chosen, this origin is important as it establishes that Diana had NOT been created from clay, being born before the Amazons settle on Paradise Island.
  • She is one of three characters to have been continuously published by DC Comics since the company's 1944 inception (except for a brief hiatus in 1984).
  • Various deities and concepts from Greek mythology were blended and incorporated into Wonder Woman's stories and origin.

SuperFriends Notes

  • In 1984 for Season 5: Shannon Farnon after 10 years as the voice of Wonder Woman was re-cast in favor of the new voice, Connie Cawlfield.[259]
  • In 1985 for Season 6: The voice of Wonder Woman was recast again. Veteran voice actress B.J. Ward[260] replaced Connie Cawlfield.
  • Wonder Woman tended to be kidnapped, brainwashed, etc. by the main antagonist more than anyone else on the Super Friends series.


  • Wonder Woman’s appearance in the early golden age of comics made her the first prominent female superheroine. Charles Moulton (pseudonym of Psychologist William Moulton Marston) created Wonder Woman somewhat as a counter reaction to the presence of prominent male superheroes (at this time Superman, Batman and Captain America) with the hopes that the character could serve as an inspiration for young children (though in certain ways it was geared more towards female readers).
  • Marston had been partially motivated to create this character because of the accomplishments of his own wife, who was also an accomplished academic at a time when it was difficult for women to fulfill this role. As a result, the first Wonder Woman series contained many complimentary articles and features which sought to provide guidance to a presumed female readership. There were articles for instance on the different career paths that women could pursue (according to the standards of the 1940s) as well as a series of stories on famous and accomplished women, called the Wonder Women of History.
  • Wonder Woman has been published more or less continuously since 1941. After the death of creator William Moulton Marston in 1948, her character did go through some changes by Robert Kanigher, namely the removal of Marston's quasi-feminist, BDSM-heavy fantasy in favor of more conventional superhero action and soap opera. He focused on the ‘Wonder Family’, which consisted of stories about Wonder Woman as a teenager (aka Wonder Girl) and as a baby (aka Wonder Tot). Yet, the character's costume, powers, origin, and basic iconography were unchanged. This didn’t last long though as the character was still mired with story lines from the Golden Age. Starting with Wonder Woman, #98 (May 1958), Kanigher was joined by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, who became the new artistic team, running for quite a few years in this book. They altered the appearance of the series, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. At the same time across the DC lineup characters were being revitalized with a new focus on science fiction. Along with these others, this is considered her first Silver Age appearance.[261] As a result, the version of Wonder Woman who appeared throughout the Silver Age and Bronze Age — later assigned to Earth-One — was no longer quite the same as the original Golden Age character.
    • Earth-One's Wonder Woman possessed incredible strength, speed, endurance and she could jump great distances and then glide on air currents (her post-Crisis counterpart could fly). Her reflexes were quick enough to deflect bullets or even energy blasts with her bracelets. All the Amazons of Earth-One's Paradise Island possessed similar abilities, but Wonder Woman was the most formidable of the Amazons, granted exceptional strength and prowess by the gods.[262]
    • Young Diana, on her way to Paradise Island theoretically became immortal like her Amazon sisters,[263] but she did not stop aging at that point. It is unclear if she would have continued to age (perhaps at a reduced rate, like her Earth-Two counterpart) or if her physical aging, like her mother's, would have ceased in adulthood.[264]
    • Wonder Woman's bracelets were nearly indestructible and could block or even redirect almost any physical attack. However, she would temporarily lose all her strength if her bracelets were bound together by a man. Wonder Woman's magic lasso, created of Amazonian metal, compelled anyone bound with it to answer questions truthfully (thus retaining both of these Golden Age elements). She was also skilled with a wide variety of other weapons, but seldom used them, although she did occasionally use her tiara as a boomerang.
    • Wonder Woman's invisible "robot plane," created by Amazon science, was faster than any conventional fighter aircraft, could convert itself into a submarine, and was capable of responding to remote mental commands from Wonder Woman or anyone she designated.
    • Wonder Woman also had access to the Amazons' Magic Sphere (a carry-over from her Golden Age origin), which could display events from other times, and the Purple Healing Ray, invented by the Amazon Paula (the Earth-One counterpart of Earth-Two's Baroness Paula Von Gunter).
    • Diana’s somewhat drab civilian clothes and costume from the golden era were replaced with contemporary fashions of the time. In addition she opened a fashion boutique in trendy Greenwhich Village. This has led some to describe this era of the character as the “Mod Girl Wonder Woman.” While this version of the character did not prove to be consistently popular over the course of her brief run, it did leave some lasting impact on the character once she returned to her usual appearance.
    • Following this she sought out more ambitious careers, for instance as a translator for the United Nations, or as a NASA astronaut and eventually moved back to Army Intelligence where she eventually got promoted to major.
    • Also this period provided the opportunity to sever her from a dependence on Steve Trevor. Stories up to this point focused on her romance with Steve, as opposed to heroic adventures. First time in her publication history, they became much more in line with what is considered typical of the super hero medium.
    • The introduction of the multiverse made it such that there became two Wonder Womans, the modern version on Earth One, and the Golden Age version on Earth Two. For a short time her appearances in her own comic were those of Earth Two until the contemporary Angle Man accidentally visited her and subsequently the series was returned to modern day. The stories continued much like this for the remainder of the Silver Age until the end of the first Wonder Woman series with the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  • The events of Crisis on Infinite Earths greatly changed and altered the history of the DC Universe. Wonder Woman's history and origin for both Earth-One and Earth-Two were completely erased from history, so that a new Wonder Woman character, story and timeline could take priority.
    • After she was "erased" from existence in the final pages of Crisis on Infinite Earths, George Perez, Len Wein and Greg Potter brought the Amazon Princess back to the DC Universe. While the basics of the story remained the same, Wonder Woman’s powers were adjusted to include Beauty from Aphrodite, Strength from Demeter, Wisdom from Athena, Speed and Flight from Hermes, Eyes of the Hunter from Artemis, and Truth from Hestia. This run established Paradise Island as the mythical Amazon capital, Themyscira. Perez's Diana is not only strong and smart, but graceful and kind – the iconic Wonder Woman.[265]
    • Due to the reboot, Diana's operating methods were made distinctive from Superman and Batman's with her willingness to use deadly force she judges it necessary. In addition, her previous history and her marriage to Steve Trevor were erased. Trevor was introduced as a man much older than Diana who would later on marry Etta Candy.[266] Instead, Perez created Julia and Vanessa Kapatelis, a Greek-American scholar and her teenage daughter whom Diana would live with when she was in Man's world and would be major supporting characters in the series for years.

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  29. In Earth-One continuity, the location of 'Military Intelligence' is un-revealed beyond a reference to 'the Capital City.' While this is most likely a reference to Washington D.C., it would only be conjecture. In the Golden Age story found in Wonder Woman, #29 (May/June 1949), its location in Washington D.C. is confirmed.
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