SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Filmation Character
Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl (TT 48)
Real name: Donna Troy
AKA: Wonder Girl
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Relatives: Adopted Mother:
Queen Hippolyta
Wonder Woman
Sharon Tracy[1]
Apprentice: To Wonder Woman
Base: Titan's Lair
Gabriel's Horn
Affiliations: Teen Titans
Weaponry: Magic lasso[2]
Voiced/Played: Julie Bennett
Wonder Girl (TeenTitans -53)

Wonder Girl was the teenage sidekick of Wonder Woman[3] back in the '60s. She was also a member of the Teen Titans.

Background Information

In the parallel universe of Earth-One, a little girl is saved by Wonder Woman from an apartment building fire. Unable to find her parents or family, Wonder Woman brings the child to Paradise Island. She becomes Queen Hippolyta's adopted daughter and Wonder Woman's adopted sister. Naturally, she was unable to compete with the Amazons on a physical level, lacking their special powers. She was given powers almost identical to those of Wonder Woman by scientist Paula von Gunther's. She also learned the ways of Amazon combat and physical training.[4]

In the months and years to come, Wonder Girl dons a new, all-red bodysuit-style costume, lets her hair fall loose,[5] adopts the secret identity Donna Troy, becomes a member of a "junior Justice League" and helps establish the Teen Titans. At that time, the Titans consisted of 'Robin' (Dick Grayson), 'Kid Flash' (Wally West), and Aqualad.

Powers and Abilities


Wonder Girl did not appear in any episodes of the Superfriends.

Filmation Appearances

The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967-1968):

Super Friends (comic book)


  • Wonder Girl first appears in The Brave and the Bold, Vol. 1 #60[6] (July 1965).
  • She was created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani.


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  3. Saying that Wonder Girl is Wonder Woman's sidekick is never actually revealed in the Superfriends, or in the Filmation cartoons. This is just speculation, because in the comics, Wonder Girl or specifically, Donna Troy is Wonder Woman's sidekick.
  4. Four years after the debut of Wonder Girl, writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gil Kane created this origin for Wonder Girl in Teen Titans, Vol. 1, #22 (August 1969). See also: DC Comics Year By Year A Visual Chronicle. p. 134. In the later years of the Golden Age of Comics, Donna Troy is a young woman created through a magical clay ritual, intended by the Amazonian sorceress Derinoe to be the successor of the late Hippolyta. This is revealed in Wonder Woman, Vol. 4 #37 (February, 2015).
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