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Wonder Dog was Marvin's half-bloodhound pet dog.[1] Marvin had him all dressed up in a superhero costume, since he viewed his dog as his sidekick.

Although he was an animal without the ability to speak,[2] he did have a knack for barking in such a way that he could at times be understood, as if he were speaking real words.[3] He also communicated to others by gestures and acting out scenes.[4]

Although not as intelligent as humans,[5] Wonder Dog seems to be quite a bit more intelligent than most ordinary bloodhounds, and at times, it is Wonder Dog that figures out something that Marvin and Wendy are completely stumped on.

Powers and Abilities[]

Super Powers[]



  • Hunting: He would often chase cats, as was fairly natural for a dog.


Episode Appearances[]

From the SuperFriends Series:

  1. The Power Pirate
  2. Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C.
  3. The Baffles Puzzle
  4. The Weather Maker
  5. The Shamon U
  6. Dr. Pelagrin's War
  7. The Balloon People
  8. Too Hot to Handle
  9. The Androids
  10. The Ultra Beam
  11. The Fantastic FRERPs
  12. The Mysterious Moles
  13. The Menace of the White Dwarf
  14. Gulliver's Gigantic Goof
  15. The Planet-Splitter
  16. The Watermen

From the SuperFriends Comic Book:

The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins


  • Wonder Dog was created by E. Nelson Bridwell.
  • According to series writer/producer Dwayne McDuffie, 'Wonder Dog' made a cameo appearance on the animated series, Justice League Unlimited, in the episode "Ultimatum" as the "beast that threw itself against the bars".[6]
  • Wonder Dog made his first DC Comics appearance in Teen Titans Vol 3 # 62. Here is shown to be an evil Hellhound and an agent of the supervillain King Lycus.

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