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Winslow Schott (Issue 1).jpg
Real name: Winslow Schott
AKA: Toyman
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Apprentice: Toyboy
Affiliations: A.P.E.
Super Foes
You may be looking for Jack Nimball, the second Toyman.

Winslow Schott was the original supervillain to take on the role of "Toyman."

He was one of Superman's most crazed and dangerous enemies.

He was a toy maker that made toys that had bombs, guns, and other weapons.

At some point during the 1970s, he presumably retires, and Jack Nimball takes over as the new Toyman.[1]

In the early 80's, the Doll Maker made use of the apparently retired Winslow Schott's old toy factory as his lair where he made his magic mold.[2]

Winslow Schott and his sidekick, Toyboy, are both former members of the Super Foes.

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Winslow Schott never appeared in any episode of the Superfriends series. The name of Doll Maker's abandoned toy factory was called Big Shott's Toy World (notice that 'Schott' was misspelled as "Shott's"). Writer Rich Fogel stated in the DVD's commentary of this episode that "Shott" was intended to be Winslow Schott.



  • Winslow Schott is a comic book supervillain in the DC Comics universe mostly appearing in Superman stories.
  • The Toyman first appeared in Action Comics, vol. 1 #64[3] (September 1943).

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17.5) Toy man (justice League version).jpg Winslow
Schott Jr.
Winslow Schott was an adversary of Superman that used deadly toys and gimmicks. He was the son of Winslow P. Schott. When he reached adulthood, Winslow had become obsessed with "reclaiming" his lost childhood, and created a child-like persona for himself. He also inherited or adopted his father’s mechanical talent, but the "toys" he created were also sophisticated and deadly weapons.

This version of Winslow Schott is based on the Justice League animated series produced for the Cartoon Network from 2001-2004.
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Winslow.jpg Winslow
Winslow Schott was a scientific inventor at MIT as well as STAR labs. At the age of eighteen, he was hired by Oliver Queen to work for Queen Industries in July of 2001. He remained there till November 2003. Winslow had a great mind, though a bit eccentric. He eventually went crazy when he decided on putting explosives in toys, which caused his immediate termination from Queen Industries (as owned by billionaire, Oliver Queen). For six years Schott remained inactive, harboring a grudge against Oliver until he was found and hired by Oliver’s great nemesis, Lex Luthor. Lex had Schott put a bomb with Kryptonite in the meeting room of the LuthorCorp Board of Directors, hoping that it could kill Oliver. Instead everyone was killed except Oliver. After months of inactivity, Toyman resurfaced, with a vendetta against Oliver. He wanted vengeance for getting framed for murdering Lex Luthor. Chloe Sullivan was able to locate Toyman, and had him arrested and sent to Stryker’s. While at Strykers, Tess Mercer came to Winslow and shot him in the knee for trying to assassinate Oliver and said he was going to have much time to play with a new toy. Tess then gave Schott Metallo's kryptonite heart and ordered him to find out how it works. This new task excited Winslow.

This version of Winslow Schott is based on the Smallville TV series (2001-??) as seen on the CW.
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  1. This history takes place in the the Earth-One universe. The reason that this maybe important, is that the SuperFriends universe, Earth-1A shares a common history with Earth One.
  2. Winslow's connection with the factory is conjecture based on the DVD commentary for the Season 8, SuperFriends episode The Case of the Dreadful Dolls.
  3. Go to the DC Database for more on Action Comics, vol. 1 (September 1943).