A girl by the name of Dawnstar, who has wings.[1]

Wings, which often came in pairs, were an important part of the anatomy for species that had the ability of flight.

Wings were common among birds and insects, but were also common among some humanoid species as well, such as Angels and Starhavenites. Certain horse breeds, such as pegasi, had wings as well, as did pterosaurs and dragons.

The Thanagarian race developed a special type of artificial wings made of Nth Metal, which allowed them to negate gravity, and it even allowed them to propel themselves through outer space, without the worry of not being able to breathe in the vacuum, because the special metal also protected them from the harsh environment of space.

Humans also developed artificial wings for flight, when the Wright brothers developed the first airplane, such wings were developed and allowed the human race to have access to the skies, paving the way for further achievements as mankind reached for the stars.


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