Wild-goose chase

The FRERP geese King Plasto used to send Superman on a wild-goose chase.[1]

A wild-goose chase is an impossible or near impossible pursuit of something unattainable, meant as a practical joke or something to waste someone's time or keep them busy so that the person who sent them on the chase would be able to do something behind their back.

For example, a supervillain might set certain obstacles into motion to waste a superheroes time, to make it possible for a getaway or a crime. For example, Doctor Pelagian used his albatross to lead Wonder Woman on a wild-albatross chase, to keep her busy while he comes up with his next scheme.[2]

Some whales that were chasing Aquaman were sent off on a wild-goose chase, and according to Aquaman, are probably still looking for him somewhere in the Sargasso Sea.[3]

Noah Tall also used his Cloud Busters to keep Superman busy while he made a getaway. Although it wasn't effective and he wasn't able to escape.[4]

King Plasto even used literal geese, (well, FRERP geese anyway) to send the Superfriends off on a wild-goose chase.[5]

When the getigraph was sabotaged by Hank and Ben, it began sending the Super Friends on wild-goose chases.[6]

One of the Riddler's riddles sent the Super Friends on a wild-goose chase, causing them to search for the Legion of Doom in the future, but traveling too far in the future to locate them.[7]

When the SuperFriends learned the location of the Legion of Doom's island hideaway, Mordru attempts to lead them on a wild-goose chase with his jetboat.[8]


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