White cat
White cat
Real name: Unknown[1]
Species: Cat
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: white
Base: Washington, D.C.
Voiced/Played: Frank Welker[2]

This white cat was walking down a street in Washington, D.C. after Wendy Harris and Marvin White's taxicab had a flat tire. Wonder Dog then chased the cat into the Washington Monument, with the kids running after him, but luckily the cat escaped with its' life.[3]

Powers and Abilities

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  1. The cat's real name, assuming it had one, wasn't revealed in the episode it appeared in.
  2. This is actually just conjecture. If you know who does the voice of this cat, then by all means make the changing edit.
  3. As seen in The Menace of the White Dwarf.
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