White Star

White Star[1]

The White Star was the homeworld of the Green Genii.

Despite the fact that this world was repeatedly referred to as a "white star," it was also at times called a planet.

Furthermore, it's surface was much more like that of a planet rather than a star; because it had an atmosphere capable of supporting Humanoid life, and it didn't appear to be hot like a normal star would be.

Because of this, it seems more likely that this world was a planet rather than a star.[2]



Circa 1974, Wonder Woman encountered this world after she had observed the White Star getting what appeared to be "consumed" by a large gaseous planet known as the Red Planet.

The Red Planet was inhabited by a race of Humanoid females known as the Golden Women. They were members of an interstellar police force that was attempting to capture the Green Genii's world because they were a race of evil war lords. Wonder Woman and her Amazons helped the Golden Women defeat the people of the White Star.[3]



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