Wesley Dodd's Townhouse

The interior of Wesley Dodd's Townhouse[1]

Wesley Dodds' Townhouse was a townhouse located in York City's Upper West Side.

It was the house of Wesley Dodds, also known as the superhero Sandman, of the Justice Society of America.



When Sandman and Sandy the Golden Boy were working together, Sandman was looking for a way to improve their success as crimefighters. So he invented the silicoid gun.

But when they finally tested the weapon, it proved disastrous. Sandy was caught in the explosion, and he mutated into a giant yellow-skinned and red-eyed monster. He had clearly became evil, but just before he was going to crush Sandman, he collapsed to the floor, due to the strain of the transformation.

Sandman knew he couldn't let Sandy go free in that condition, so he imprisoned him in the basement of the townhouse, in a gas-filled glass chamber, where he kept him unconscious for years. Still, years later, Sandy finally broke free from his "Velvet Cage," and wrecked the interior of the townhouse. He then broke out and caused havoc all over York City.[2]


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