You may be looking for Wendi Harris Tyler of Earth-2A, wife of Rex Tyler the Hourman.
Wendy Harris
Wendy 1
Real name: Wendy Harris
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Relatives: Harvey Harris (uncle)
Base: Hall of Justice
Nal Library
Paradise Island
Affiliations: Junior SuperFriend
Abilities: Amateur Detective
Weaponry: Signal Charm Bracelet (formerly)
Voiced/Played: Sherry Alberoni
Wendy Harris Gallery

Junior SuperFriends Team Member

Wendy (SuperFriends 26)

Wendy on holiday from her Amazon training.
Image from SuperFriends, #26 (November 1, 1979)

Wendy Harris is a good friend of Marvin White. Together they are members of the Junior SuperFriends.

During her tenure as a Jr. SuperFriend, Wendy worked at the local Library, name Nal Library near the Hall of Justice.[1]

Continuity from SuperFriends Comic Book

Wendy is the niece of Harvey Harris, a detective who trained a young Bruce Wayne in becoming a master detective.[2] This would explain why she was associated with the SuperFriends.

As a Junior SuperFriend, Wendy's cleverness and resourcefulness made her invaluable to the other SuperFriends.

In 1977, after several years as a Junior SuperFriends Member, Wendy moved to Paradise Island to attend an Amazon university and continue her training.[3]

Two years later, she returned with Marvin to aid the new Junior SuperFriends, the Wonder Twins, posing as Zan's and Jayna's human disguises, "John" and "Joanna", to fool a criminal who had deduced the Wonder Twins' and Batman's secret identities.[4]

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  2. E. Nelson Bridwell explains in the letters column of the SuperFriends Comic Book issue #1 (November 1976), that she may have been the Earth-One version of the Earth-Two character, Wendi Harris Tyler, wife of the first Hourman. Try as Bridewell did, he could not merge everything in the SuperFriends Universe with the Earth-One Universe. It is for this reason that fans dubbed the SuperFriends Universe, Earth-1A.
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