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SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Wendi Harris Tyler
Wendi Harris (Showcase 56 June 1965).jpg
AKA: Wendi Harris
Wendi Tyler
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-2A
Relatives: Rex Tyler (husband)
Base: New York City

Wendi Harris Tyler was the wife of Rex Tyler, who was in reality the superhero from the Justice Society of America known as Hourman. She was also the doppelgänger of Wendy Harris of Earth-1A.

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-Two, we know very little about Wendi's background.

On one notable occasion, Rex Tyler and his girlfriend Wendi Harris were attending an event they sponsored for archaeologist Kent Nelson and his wife, Inza. At this special event, an unidentified man lights a strange fire which causes everyone in attendance to laugh uncontrollably. Everyone except Rex's girlfriend, who takes the masks Kent had on display and gives them to a beggar on the street. Unbeknownst to everyone at the exhibition, Roger Hayden (the second Psycho Pirate) sneaks in and takes masks because he knows they contain special powers that control the emotions of others.[1]

Twenty years later, (as the Crisis was bearing down on the remaining few earths) Inza and her husband Rex are attending the wedding of Molly Mayne (a former Earth-Two villain known as 'Harlequin') and Alan Scott (aka Green Lantern of the Justice Society of America). As the wedding reception is underway, the Harbinger appears and takes the JSA and Infinity, Inc. to the Monitor's Satellite.[2] Rick Tyler (Alan's son), and Inza are left behind wondering what happened.[3]




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