Wayne family

Wayne family[1]

The Wayne family is a family with a long history in Gotham City.


Thomas Wayne was a wealthy industrialist who was the head of a major Gotham corporation called Wayne Enterprises. His wife was named Martha, and his son was named Bruce.

Thomas, Martha, and their son Bruce Wayne, were out one night, and they saw a Robin Hood film at a movie theater. Thomas asked his son Bruce what he had thought of the movie, and the young boy told him "that Robin Hood was something else!"

They then decide to take a short-cut through Park Row. An while they are there, they are stopped by a mugger named Joe Chill. He shouts: "This is a stick-up!" and demands them to hand over their valuables, taking Martha's purse. Thomas tries to stop him from laying his hands on his wife, but this only frustrates the criminal, and he then pulls a gun on them, and only Bruce seems to notice, and he shouts, "Look out! He's got a--". But it's too late. The criminal fires two shots, both bullets striking the man and woman, killing them. The murderer then takes off on foot, and leaves only the young child alive. This incident comes to be known as the Park Row tragedy.

This incident changed the young child forever. He was placed in the protective custody of the family butler, Alfred Pennyworth. As he grew, he trained himself to be the ultimate crime fighter; Batman. He also took his place as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, but his identity of Batman was a secret to all but his butler, and a few of his allies.

Known Wayne family members


  • The Wayne family first appeared in Detective Comics # 27 (May 1939).[2]


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