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This page has material from the Super Amigos franchise. This includes any Superfriends or Super Powers material in the Spanish or Portuguese language. Although some material may be canon, others may be subject to dispute.

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John talking about Watergate.[1]

Watergate was a political scandal that occurred in Washington in the 1970s.

This incident forced President Richard Nixon to resign as the President of the United States.



Circa 1986, While discussing the media with Katma Tui, Kilowog, Ch'p and Salakk; John Stewart mentions how the media saved the whole country during Watergate.

Ch'p was unfamiliar with the reference, since he was not of the same planet. He then asked "How does water work as a gate?" Salakk then tells him "Will you never understand the concept of local references, Ch'p?"[2]


Super Friends books


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