A ship traveling on a large body of water.[1]

Water a liquid substance common all over the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. One third of the Earth is covered in water. When water is cooled, it becomes what is commonly referred to as ice, although it can also become snow. Water is the most vital source of sustenance to the human race and other animal species on the planet. Water makes plants grow, which is where our food comes from. Water is also used as a drink. Salt water however, is not drinkable water, only fresh water is drinkable, as salt water has been known to have ill-effects on humans. Zan has the ability to transform into any form of water. A person with the ability to control, transform into or alter water in any way is referred to as a Hydrokinetic. Water is also bottled up as drink. This is called bottled water.

Paw Martingale described the Raven as a "long, thin drink of water."[2]

Doctor Curum told Superman that the water at the launch site of Mars 1 was carefully analyzed, and it had been determined that it couldn't have been the cause for the people there to shrink.[3]

Aquatic species and cultures

This is a list of species and cultures that live in, or mainly in water:

Various types and forms of water

Agricultural technology used for water

Bodies of water


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