Luthors Power Suit

Power Suit 2

Lex Luthor's Warsuit was made of Lexorian armor, which he had acquired while he was living on the planet known as Lexor, the homeworld of the Lexorians, a humanoid race.

Luthor's wife was a member of that race, Ardora. Although his armor made his power-level similar to that of Superman, he was unable to save Lexor from destruction, in fact, it was during a battle with Superman that Luthor accidentally destroyed the planet.

Still, Luthor blamed the Man of Steel for the destruction of his adopted planet, and on many occasions afterward he had battled Superman using his Warsuit.

In 1984, he used his armor to battle the Super Friends, who were teaming up with Captain Mystery. Luthor also teamed up with Darkseid on occasion, sporting his Warsuit as well.[1]

Capabilities (from the comics)

  • Super strength, Super Durability, flight, force field generation all across the armor and seemingly unprotected head from the torso of the powered armor, Kryptonite energy blasts, energy blade in right gauntlet.
  • Green Kryptonite energy generator in right forefinger, red Kryptonite energy generator in middle finger, blue Kryptonite energy generator in ringfinger, and black Kryptonite energy generator in pinky finger.
  • Blue energy blasts from left gauntlet, super strength and durability, and energy shield in the left gauntlet.
  • Sharp, green Kryptonite energy spike from right arm's under armor, flight at super speed due to jets in boots, and electrical surge generated across armor by pressing button on left palm.


The original warsuit was introduced in Action Comics Vol. 1 # 544 (June, 1983)[2]


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