Zan accidentally activates a Wartoid space ship's Warp drive.[1]

Warp drive was a highly advanced propulsion system that allowed spacecraft to travel through space at the speed of light, and beyond.

The general population of the human race didn't have access to warp drive technology until sometime around the 23rd century, however it existed on Earth as early as the 20th century, as Batman's Bat-Rocket had warp capability, and so did Wonder Woman's invisible jet.

However, during that time many alien cultures did already possess warp drive, such as the Wartoids.[2] There were also several other civilizations from other worlds that visited Earth in this era that likely had warp drive or some other similar technology that allows them to travel faster than light. Brainiac's Skull Ship did also possess warp drive.[3]


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  3. This is conjecture based upon DC Comics, which did reveal that Brainiac's ship did indeed have warp drive.

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