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This page has material from the Super Amigos franchise. This includes any Superfriends or Super Powers material in the Spanish or Portuguese language. Although some material may be canon, others may be subject to dispute.

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Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures[1]

Warner Bros. Pictures was a major motion picture production company that was founded in the year 1923.

This company was owned by Warner Communications from 1972-1990.

There were many films produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, such as Casablanca (1942) and To Have and Have Not (1944).

Warner Bros. Pictures also produced many of the Looney Tunes animated films, the first of which was released in movie theaters in 1930.



The Warner Bros. Pictures film Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine and Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Lund; was screened at a film festival that Lois Lane and Mark Spencer attended.

Warner Bros. Pictures in the real world

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In the real world, Warner Bros. Pictures was the former name of Warner Bros. Entertainment, more simply called Warner Bros. or WB.
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Warner Bros. is currently owned by WarnerMedia, and it has many other divisions, one of them being DC Entertainment, which owns the Superfriends brand.

Prior to being owned by Time Warner/WarnerMedia; Warner Bros. Pictures was owned by Warner Communications.

Warner Bros. Pictures has many subsidiaries as well, such as the Turner Broadcasting System[2], Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Warner Bros. Animation and several others.


  1. As seen in the comic story: The Bogie-Man Will Getcha! (1982).
  2. Founded by Ted Turner in 1986.

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