Real name: Reno Bryce
Species: Human (Kherubim ancestry)
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Wildstorm Animated Universe
Hair: green
Eyes: blue
Base: New York City
Affiliations: Wildcats
Abilities: Liquid metal shape changing hands
Voiced/Played: Dean McDermott

Warblade is a superhero with Kherubim ancestry who has the ability to shape-shift his hands because they are made of liquid metal.[1] He was the second-to-last member of the Wildcats to be recruited.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers

  • Alien Physiology: He is of Kherubim ancestry, and because of that, he has extra abilities.
  • Bio-Morphic Liquid Metal: He is essentially a bio-morphic being possessing the ability to assume the properties of a type of biomolecular, high-tensile metal that he can manipulate into objects of various sizes, shapes, and density for a variety of uses. Primarily, as per his namesake, he forms bladed weapons out of his fingers and arms yet is quite capable of forming shields, hammers, and other basic shapes and properties.
  • Radio Block: Warblade is capable of manipulating his bio-molecular metals in such a way to create a negative zone immediately around him that renders him immune to most sensory capabilities. Essentially, granting him limited stealth aspects that enable him to get through most security systems undetected.
  • Superhuman Durability: Warblade can fight, and fight, and fight. His Kherubim blood grants him a high resistance to pain and damage, even beyond those of most other crossbreeds. He's taken a sword to the gut and lived through a lengthy fall when he should have very well died. Taken high end energy assaults. Been stabbed repeatedly, lost lots of blood and still kept going. If you want Warblade down only death will stop him. Knocking him out temporarily, doing haphazard damage just doesn't work. His malleable and bio-metallic body might be the reason behind this as on top of his high endurance he's resistant to injury far more then it may appear he is. While not 'bullet proof' or invulnerable, it takes a lot to hurt him and slow him down.
  • Superhuman Stamina: His high willpower and refusal to give up, grant him the endurance that he needs to continue to push through. Almost as bad as Zealot.



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Warblade made his first Earth-50 appearance (and first appearance overall) in WildC.A.T.S # 1 (August 1992).


  1. Jim Lee stated in the DVD interview that he was inspired by the liquid metal Terminator from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

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