Black Vulcan (03x13b - Fairy Tale of Doom)

This man was a superhero who called himself Black Vulcan.[1]

Vulcan was a word that a certain superhero used as part of his codename: Black Vulcan.

Presumably the name originated from the Roman god of fire, volcanoes and metalworking.

One other possibility was that he got the name from the 1960s television series known as Star Trek, as his mask has what appears to be pointed ears, much like the fictional race that are also called Vulcan.


The Vulcan of mythology was the son of Jupiter and Juno.

Like his Greek counterpart, he was the god of fire, volcanoes and metalworking.


There was also once a hypothetical planet that was hypothesized as being located between Mercury and the sun. This hypothesis was introduced by a French mathematician in the 19th century. It is possible that Black Vulcan got his name from this as well.

Star Trek

In the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise, the word Vulcan referred to both a race of people and the planet that they inhabited.

This race was well-known for suppressing their emotions, relying on logic rather than instinct. Their homeworld was pretty much a desert world, and it had no moons. Several close planets or planet-like objects could be seen in the sky from the surface however.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock was a movie about a particular Vulcan named Spock.


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