Starfire, a native of a planet that is located in the same solar system as the planet Voorl.[1]

Voorl was the fourteenth planet in the Vega system, located in the Milky Way Galaxy, approximately twenty-six light-years from Earth.


Voorl was a nearly-dead planet by the 20th century; the fierce native Voorlians had stripped the planet of all other life forms. Possessing purple hair, orange eyes, white faces, black eyes, and humanoid forms, the death of a Voorlian triggers the generation of one hundred offspring. Consumed with greed, the natives of this world were a threat to any life form they come into contact with.

When an alien race bartered the right to study them in exchange for food, the Voorlians were infected with a virus which rendered them incapable of reproducing. In the 1990s there was only a single Voorlian native left who was capable of reproduction, but, by all estimates, one is all that was necessary to eventually repopulate the planet.[2]


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