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Victor Frankensteins monster.jpg
Real name: none
AKA: Frank
Species: Frankenstein monster
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Base: Transylvania

Victor Frankenstein's Monster, also known as Frankenstein's Monster or just Frankenstein; was a monster created by a scientist sometime during the 19th century.[1]

Little is known about the origins of this monster, but he was apparently the first of his kind, and later generations also created more members of his species, such as Doctor Frankenstein, a descendant of Doctor Victor Frankenstein.[2]

A horror story was written by Mary Shelley that told an account of his life in a book called Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. It's unknown if this was a work of fiction or a detailed account of the monster's life.[3]

By 1988, a movie called Frankenstein 2000 Meets the She Wolf was made that featured a fictional version of him from the year 2000.[4]



Circa 1976, Superman compared the World Beater to Frankenstein, since he was created by the dead, and the super powers he possessed originally belonged to the supervillain's that his creator murdered.[5]

Circa 1978, Batman and Robin face Frankenstein, because Mr. Mxyzptlk summoned him with his magical super powers by causing him to materialize from a book at the Gotham City Library.

The Dynamic Duo were then forced to fight the monster for The Rise And Fall Of The Superfriends, which was a movie that the mischievous imp from the Fifth Dimension was shooting.[6]

One year later, Doctor Frankenstein created a monster that was very similar to Frankenstein, just like his ancestor Victor Frankenstein had created the original Frankenstein.[7]

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In the comics

Frankenstein's Monster, often referred to as Frankenstein for short, originally appeared in the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus. Frankenstein has also appeared in DC Comics on multiple occasions. He made his first appearance in a Batman story in Detective Comics, which was set on Earth-Two. In the Earth-One continuity, he had his own series in volume two of the Phantom Stranger comic title, starting in number 23. In the New Earth continuity and later The New 52 continuity, Frankenstein becomes a member of the Super Human Advanced Defense Executive (S.H.A.D.E.).


Frankenstein's Monster made his first DC appearance in Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #135 (May 1948).[8]

Frankenstein in the comics[9]


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