Mister Mind, a Venusian.[1]


A Venusian sea-monster.[2]

The word Venusian was used to describe anything from the planet Venus, particularly all of the life forms native to that world.

There were at least five different intelligent species native to Venus, and also lower plant and animal species, such as the Venusian sea serpent.[3]

Venusian species


The history of the various Venusian people is largely unknown. Except for the Venusian humanoids, one of which was a friend of Hal Jordan, many of the Venusians encountered by the people of Earth have been largely hostile.

In 1970, a group of astronauts traveled to Venus in their ship and encountered the Pytho-Rexians, a Venusian race of religious fanatics that worship an idol statue called Pytho-Rex. They were abducted, and later rescued by the Thanagarian former space cop Hawkman.[4]

Several years later, the Fearians, a race of three-headed Venusians, tried to conquer the Earth with the help of the Legion of Doom. Their plans however were thwarted by the Superfriends.[5]

One of the most dangerous Venusians in the entire galaxy was Mister Mind, a Venusian worm with powerful mental abilities. He has plagued Captain Marvel with his evil plots on numerous occasions, many times with the help of Doctor Sivana and the entire Monster Society of Evil.[6]

Also, in the early '80s, a race of Venusian termites came to Earth and plagued the natives of the world, eating anything and anyone in their path. They are stopped by the Super Friends, and returned to outer space.[7]


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