Venus spaceship[1]


The crew[2]

The Venus spaceship was an American spacecraft that was successful in achieving the first spaceflight to Venus.


Circa 1972, the crew and the ship went on a mission to Venus, the first known attempt to do such a thing. The mission is successful, but once they arrive at Venus, they are captured by a fleet of Pytho-Rexian space ships. They are brought underground on Venus to the realm of the Pytho-Rexians, one of the several sentient species to inhabit the planet Venus. There, they are brought to Pytho-Rex, a large idol statue that the Pytho-Rexians worship. Hawkman, who had been monitoring them from his vast lab complex outside of Midway City, takes off for Venus in his Hawkship to rescue them.


The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure


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