Black Manta

Actually I kind of like your picture of Black Manta better anyway. I won't miss it. It's great to see somebody else really helping out on this wiki. I loved what you done with the voice actors.

Noah Tall


I'm sorry I'm replying so late. I'm afraid I'm too swamped with work and with the wikis I'm involved in to be able to provide the help you require. I can help out with coding if you need, but I just don't have the time right now to contribute regularly. Sorry. ― Thailog 20:32, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Filmation cartoons

Hi, I think it's probably something that should be voted on or something. I just put that there to get peoples attention at the possibility of including those cartoons in the Super Friends wiki. In my opinion, they belong in the Super Friends canon. The live action Batman as well. I mean you have Adam West as Batman, and in the Filmation cartoons we have Olan Soule and Casey Casem as Batman and Robin, just like in the Super Friends. In my opinion; and yes, I realise that this is not evidence, but in my opinion, the other shows I have shown there are part of the Superfriends universe, and should be included on this wiki. I'm betting that when the Super Friends came out, they had the Filmation cartoons in mind as well. What are your thoughts? Here's just a few of mine---not counting the stuff I already mentioned:

1. The Filmation cartoons were part of "The Superman/Batman Adventures," where they are paired with Super Friends episodes.

2. Robin was not part of the Teen Titans in the Filmation cartoons, the same was going to be the case in the canceled Teen Titans animated series back in the '80s. The Super Friends Batman and Robin are portrayed a inseparable. I think there was only one episode that Robin was in an episode and Batman wasn't there. (although I think there were several with Batman and not Robin)

3. There are no significant, if any, contradictions between the shows. For example, in "The New Adventures of Superman" episode "The Imp-Practical Joker," Superman meet Myxyzptlk for the first time. The first Super Friends episode with Mxy in it shows that Superman already knew him, although the other Super Friends did not. So that doesn't prove that the shows aren't connected. There are many other examples similar to this one.

4. The shows came out close to the same time. This doesn't say much, but it does suggest that maybe they tried to make everything connect? Like Bruce Timm's DC Animated Universe in the '90s and early 2000s.

All in all...that's just what I can think of off the top of my head. Obviously there's no direct evidence to indicate the shows are connected. (at least not to prove it to everyone) but in my eyes it's proof. What are your thoughts?

Noah Tall


Just do you know that Earth-1A was not part of the Pre-Crisis multiverse or the new 52 multiverse? As far as I know, not all 52 earths have been revealed yet, and in the original multiverse...there were countless earths. Trillions of them. I was just wondering where your information came from.

Noah Tall

Earth-1A (continued)

Not sure...but that seems a bit fishy to me. I'm wondering where they got that information from. Especially the dimensions and diameter and so forth. How did they know that? And what does it mean "Never officially existed"? If it never existed then what was it? A dream? I just can't wrap my mind around that. I always thought of it as being a part of the original multiverse, one of the many countless earths that's name was never revealed. I'm pretty positive that the "Earth-Super Friends" is also false. In my mind, and I may be wrong, the "DC Multiverse," includes everything ever made by DC or based on DC. Everything from Earth-One, to the Watchmen's universe, or even the George Reeves and Christopher Reeve's Supermen's universes. In my mind, they all have their own earth, which is obvious, but I don't see how they couldn't all be a part of the same multiverse. In my mind, they are. To me, another multiverse means Marvel, or Disney or some other company. To me, it wouldn't make sense for the Super Friends to be a part of another multiverse, since in my mind, there's only one DC multiverse. (And I know, after 52, the a NEW multiverse was formed, but at that point the old one was gone) What's your opinion?

Oh, one thing I can definitely say that I do agree with in that article is the inclusion of the Filmation cartoons as being part of the Superfriends universe.

Noah Tall

Winslow Schott and Jack Napier

I'm not sure who made the Jack Napier article, but I think I changed it to redirect to Joker. I don't think we should have that either. Jack Napier is a name given to the Joker in the 1989 Batman film, it totally does not apply to the Joker in the Superfriends universe. As for Winslow Schott, his name is written, not uttered, in the Dollmaker episode. The "abandoned toy factory" that Dollmaker used as his hideout was called "Schott's," which as the writer (I believe it was Rich Fogel) mentioned it was intended to be a reference to Toyman. And he's also appeared in the first two issues of the Super Friends comics. I guess it just depends on what we consider "the canonical Superfriends universe." (In other words, do we consider the Superfriends comics part of the same universe?) Plus, just because the writers say it, and yet it's not onscreen, do we still go by what they say? There was an episode of Batman Beyond that had a creature that bore a striking resemblance to Starro. However, it was never referred by that name onscreen. But Bruce Timm called the creature Starro, during the commentary of the episode. You'll notice on the DC Animated Universe Wiki there's an article called "Starro." So I suppose I should edit the article to let people know where the info came from. Let me know what you think.

Noah Tall

Canon, Adam West, Toyman, Batman TV series

Hi. I think I agree with you on limiting canon to the cartoon. However, yes, it's true that it's never mentioned in the cartoon that the Toyman in the jester costume is Jack Nimball, however it is obvious to me that the Toyman from the Superfriends was clearly based on the Jack Nimball Toyman from the comics, which even though it was never directly said in the cartoon, that was what they were leading us to beleive. I think we should have two separate pages. However, we could put a conjecture marker on the Winslow Schott page. I have no issues with that. But in my mind, they're two different characters. And I'm pretty sure that was the intention of the writers as well.

As for Adam West, I'm not sure what you mean. I knew that Olan Soule did his voice in the cartoon first, but I'm not exactly sure what I wrote in the article. I was really just trying to start the page. So that others could come in with more information and add more information and change stuff or whatever. I wasn't expecting that article to be anything permanent. As for the Batman TV series. That's another one for conjecture. I see it as at least having some "canon value," as Adam West did the voice of Batman in the last two seasons of the Superfriends. Let me know what you think.

Noah Tall


Okay, you might want to help me out on that non-canon disclaimer thing. I tried making it...but I don't know how. It's under Template:Conjecture.

Thanks, Noah Tall


By the way, don't think I'm knocking what you said about Earth-1A, but just because the name is not canonical, does not mean it's not part of the DC multiverse. We don't know the name of the earth, but it doesn't mean that it's not part of DC's multiverse. If it's not part of DC's multiverse what would it be part of?

Noah Tall

Good guys

You know I was just thinking that instead of the "Heroes" category, we should have "Good guys." Just so as to differentiate the "Superheroes" from the "Good guys." What do you think?


That doesn't bother me. Yeah, the more pages the better.

Noah Tall


Thanks, I still have to put the references in there. I got to say I'm glad someone else other than me is taking so much time to upload pictures to this wiki. For me, it's a time consuming process.

Noah Tall

Sure thing...

I could never betray the trust of a fellow Super Friend fan. My lips are sealed.

Noah Tall


Howdy...I didn't write that part of Robin's article. I truthfully don't remember The Planet-Splitter that well, other than the Superman origin.

Noah Tall


I can't find anywhere in that DC DATABASE Multiverse article where it says that the Superfriends universe is not part of the multiverse. It is not listed, but that means nothing. There is shown to be an Earth-898, but there's also shown to be an Earth-3181. But wouldn't it be safe to assume that there is also an "Earth-899," or even an Earth-3000. Just because they are not seen or referenced in the comics does not mean that they didn't me it's ridiculous to think that they didn't. If there's an Earth-3181, than there must have been an Earth-3000. That could have very well been the Superfriends' earth. It's like this, if there was a King Charles the third of Spain, wouldn't it be safe to assume, whether the information exists or not, that there's also a King Charles the first and second? As for the Superfriends earth? We don't know. And we have no reliable sources that support that. There was never a complete list of every earth listed from DC's multiverse. The only Earths listed in that article are the ones that have been seen or mentioned. Just because the Superfriends is not part of Earth-One's canon, doesn't mean it didn't exist or wasn't part of the original multiverse. It simply means it was its' own universe. But it doesn't mean that it wasn't part of the DC Multiverse. To me, it seems unlikely that it would be part of the new 52 multiverse, but once again, there's no way to know. But it is very possible it was part of the original multiverse. If not that, it could have been part of Hypertime. No matter where it came from, there's no way to know for sure. So I don't think we should make the claim that it wasn't part of any of DC's multiverses. Also, I understand that "Earth-1A" was nothing more than a fan-made name, but still, the reason for the name was because DC hadn't yet established what the name of the Superfriends' earth was. In fact, for a time (as you mentioned in the article) they had tried to keep it under the canon of Earth-One, which later episodes made that impossible so they changed their minds. There were also plenty of other universes shown in DC Comics that weren't given a "name." I just thought I should mention that. What are your thoughts?

Noah Tall


I'll do that...thanks for the reminder.

Noah Tall

I have no problem with that. Sounds good to me.

Noah Tall


Hi, I just wanted to ask you, is the Batplane the same vehicle as the Batjet? I don't seem to remember a Batplane in the show but that picture looks a lot like the Batjet, except without the jet exhaust.

Noah Tall


Hi there. Oh yeah, I definitly like what you've done with the place. In all honesty some of the stuff you've done I didn't even know how to do. I'm definitly glad you did. You're right, for the longest time it was just me on here practically. Believe me, ever since you came in things have been moving a whole lot faster. You seem to be a whole lot better at those screenshots than I am. Believe me, I'm totally convinced that I probably would have given up by now if you didn't come on here. I'm not finished with this place yet. I actually do a lot of editing on other wikis. Like Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki...I grew up with Star Trek...I'm totally in love with it. But I also grew up with Superfriends. I have a wide variety of things I like to edit, and with the new Star Trek movie that was just out, (and was quite awesome by the way, seen it yet?) I have been spending a little more time over there. However I haven't really been doing much at all anywhere because I've had a wretched throat infection ever since early last month, and I'm only now starting to get over it. I've even missed a little work because of it. I've been either losing sleep or sleeping too much. I'll try and see what I can do about the Filmation stuff. But I'll be honest, I haven't seen every episode, so even my knowledge is a bit limited. I've seen all of "The New Adventures of Batman," so I suppose I could do those episodes. But I really need to re-watch them first. By the way they are on DVD if you're interested. A really cool special feature on Batman's history is in there. No interviews with Adam West and Burt Ward though which was kind of a disapointment, but whatever. Much of the entries I've put here are from my re-watching of episodes of Superfriends on my DVD collections. The "Lost Episodes" will be coming to DVD this fall I think. Now all that's left is the original series, World's Greatest Super Friends and all the '80s shorts. I don't know about you, but I've felt that the Superfriends has had the most terrible DVD treatment. With all the episodes being released out of order, and labeled inaccurately. Sometimes I wonder if WHV are competent at all. Plus there was the "DC Comics Super Heroes" DVD set that on the DVD menu shows a picture of Birdman in place of Hawkman. How could they screw up like that?! Oh well, I suppose if Hanna-Barbara could revert the colors on Batman's batsignal I suppose this shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Anyway...thanks for all the support.

Noah Tall

Me again

That's a cool Star Trek site you have there. My brother has a Star Trek website himself, but I can't remember the web address. I'm making a chronology that's still largely incomplete, but I have all of the original and animated series in it, and most of the films. (including the new one) I have a bunch of pictures. Who knows, I may put it online someday. Don't know. I'm pretty good at starting but never finishing projects. I even started writing a Star Trek novel a few years back called "Early Pioneers," which was set in the mid-to-late 21st century to the early 22nd century and dealt with the early years of warp speed space exploration. Zefram Cochrane and Lily Sloane were the main characters and the story was going to show things like the launch of the Valiant (as mentioned in "Where No Man Has Gone Before") And the big plot was going to be the Earth/Kzin wars. (Which was referenced in the animated episode "The Slaver Weapon") The story was to end with the 87 year old Zefram Cochrane being whisked away by the Companion (as seen in "Metamorphosis"). But anyway, I never finished the book. I better shut up now before I embarrass myself by saying too much. As for the email, Are you referring to the email notification thing? I'm already hooked up to that. I just have a habit of hardly ever checking my email.

Noah Tall

Superfriends comics

This is cool. I read somewhere that on the Lost episodes dvd special features there will be two original Super Friends comic books for your PC.

Noah Tall


Really liked your mythological stuff. I was actually looking forward to writing those but you beat me to it. No sweat though. Pretty cool stuff.

Noah Tall

No problem

From the looks of it, it all seems pretty good. I really can't think of much to add to those pages.

Noah Tall


From what I understood from the episode, the year was 1941. (which is odd, because I think the U.S. didn't enter the war until '42) But that was the narrator's dialogue. He said the year. There are a few things in the timeline that I find a little confusing though, like in 1967 you say that that's the year the JLA came together, but that was never established on screen. I would guess they had been around for a little while. Plus you mention that they were not referred to as "Superfriends." It's true, in the '60s cartoons they were not called "Superfriends," but that doesn't mean that they were not called that. The real name of the heroes even in the Superfriends cartoon is Justice League of America. Superfriends is really just a nickname. It was also a program that the JLA set up to train young heroes. (as shown in the SF comic books) In the early 1970s you have it shown as the time when the heroes first assembled as the Superfriends. You apparently got that information from "History of Doom." But I'm thinking that that was suppose to be the formation of the "Justice League" itself. In other words, I think that should be moved to sometime in the '60s, sometime prior to the time of the Filmation cartoons.

If you remember, all of the heroes present in the foundation of the group shown in History of Doom are also present in the group shown in the Filmation cartoons. So it's not impossible that the group shown in "History of Doom" was the same group (only with more heroes) that was in the Filmation cartoons. The others not in the Filmation cartoons could just be considered absent. After all, not every hero is in every episode of the show. But I'm not planning on changing that until we find out for sure, and if we can't, we should mark it as "conjecture." But to me, they've always been the Justice League. Superfriends was just a nickname. In real life, as you already know, because I've read your writing, the reason they used the name "Superfriends," was because it was more kid-friendly than the patriotic sounding "Justice League of America." But in the Super Friends, it was just something they called each other. When you think about it, It sure sounds better than "Justice Leaguer." Can you imagine Superman saying: "Fellow Justice Leaguers...let's get to the Hall of Justice!" It's just a little too much of a mouthful in my opinion. Similarly, someone from the Legion of Super Heroes is referred to as a Legionaire. It's just easier to say than, Legion of Super Hero member or Legion of Super But you get the idea.

In the last season the name changed once again to Super Powers Team, the real world explanation was the fact that the "Super Powers" toyline was going on at the time, but the in-story reason was never given. But it seems pretty clear to me that the name was really always Justice League, where as Superfriends and Super Powers were just nicknames.

As for the Filmation and comic book stuff, I look forward to putting those on their. I haven't read all of the comics, but I read the first two and a few others I think, and I've seen most of the Filmation cartoons, so hopefully I'll get a chance to do that soon. And as always, nice working with you.

Noah Tall

Sounds good

Fine with me...

Noah Tall

Captain Marvel

Yes...Captain Marvel and Dr. Sivana were both going to be used in Season 3, but they couldn't get the rights for whatever reasons. I was going to write that but forgot to. Thanks for the reminder.

The reason I didn't put him in the Filmation character template was because he did appear in the live action Super Friends specials from the '70s, which were made by Hanna-Barbera. However, all of his animated appearances were in Filmation. So if you think he should be considered a Filmation character, that's fine with me. But that's the reason I didn't make him a Filmation character. So should I change it?

Noah Tall again...

Hi, just so you know, I just created a bunch of redirect pages to the Justice League of America for simplicity's sake. The only problem is that any thing that links to the Super Friends (TV series) now links to the article about the Justice League...oops. But anyway, I fixed one link back at the Hall of Justice...ha ha ha...back at the Hall of Justice...I didn't even mean to sound like William Woodson when I said that...but anyway, thought you might like to know so you'll be aware of what to keep your eyes peeled for. I'll be looking as well.

Noah Tall

like this?

Noah Tall 20:32, 22 June 2009 (UTC) Didn't even know how to do that.


Just a thought, should we really have two Bizarro pages? I understand the dissimilarities between the season 3 Bizarro and the Super Powers Team Bizarro but still, it makes it seem like they are two different characters, when we really don't have anyway of knowing...just a thought.

Noah Tall 02:41, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

Super Powers

Hi...those Super Powers comics actually are based on the action figure line. They don't have anything to do with Super Friends (although they do have Samurai in them) They were written by Jack Kirby, one of his last if not his last works. The stories do not take place on Earth-One, not sure what earth but definitely not Earth-One or Earth-1A. (Earth-1B maybe?) I suppose we could still use them, since after all, on that earth they are called "Super Powers Team." But I have read the comics and there's no way they're part of Earth-1A or Earth-One. We should definitely distinguish it from Earth-1A though I think. The mini-comics were the comics that came with the toys. Those are also part of the Super Powers universe. I guess we could list the Super Powers universe as just another one of the alternate realities that we have. Like that idea?

One more thing, that Super Friends Limited Collector's Edition was a trade paperback collecting a few issues, but none of the stories you have listed I don't think. It had the Wonder Twins, even though Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog are on the cover, they aren't in it.

Noah Tall 01:30, 28 June 2009 (UTC)

Super Powers universe

I'm not trying to say that there's too much discontinuity on Earth-1A. Not saying that there isn't, but I'm just trying to say that the Super Powers was never intended to be part of that universe. It's its' own entity entirely that's based on the action figure line. There's no real way to connect it to Earth-1A. There's so many contradictions. One big contradiction is that Samurai is present, as well as Darkseid, and we see the origin of Samurai in the same story with Darkseid. Samurai was already there on Earth-1A, before the Superfriends met Darkseid. But on Earth-1B, (just my given nickname) They already knew Darkseid instead of Samurai. The last two seasons of the Superfriends were based on the Super Powers comics, only in look, style and some stories. But it's not the same universe. One of the comics stories was called "Seeds of Doom," which was later adapted into an episode, but it was quite different.

I think we should still use Super Powers, because it's so similar. And it has Samurai in it. And this is just my opinion, but I don't think we need separate bio pages for the Super Powers universe characters, but maybe we can just show it in a subheading in the article of the other characters. However certain other characters exclusive to the Super Powers universe would have to have their own article, such as Golden Pharaoh, Cyclotron, and whoever else. But I think...take for example, on Batman we could have a subheading that says:

Super Powers Universe:

Then the article could say; "In the Super Powers universe, Batman also existed and....yadda yadda yadda."

That's just my thoughts. I suppose that it really wouldn't matter either way though. But really, when the Super Powers comics were written the Superfriends was not in mind at all, they were just based on the toyline. The last season was called "Super Powers Team," to tie into Super Powers...just the media aspect of it, not the universe itself. I hope that makes sense.

But believe me, I not trying to bash it...I think it really is a good place for it. Because of the name and all that. Actually now that I think about it maybe separate bios would be okay. Separate pages I mean. Let me know what you think.

Noah Tall 23:49, 29 June 2009 (UTC)

Sorry about that

I'm really sorry about that Superman Fan. I don't know if I am all that good about explaining things. The whole multiverse concept is a bit confusing as it is but then whenever I try and explain it it's just worse. Sorry about that...but I still think that they all belong here on this wiki. I'll try and see if I can work on this stuff...I may have to go back to old comics if I can find them.

Seriously though, it's a good contribution, I didn't even think about it, otherwise I would have put it in there by now. (Just the other day I thought of Shazam!, I couldn't believe that I forgot about that!) Believe me, your contributions have been essential to this wiki. You know your way around the wiki and I'm not good at some of this stuff. Plus when it comes to screen shots you are a lot faster at taking them than I am. Plus they just look better. A lot of the screenshots are stuff I grabbed from other sites. Anyway, thought you'd like to know.

Noah Tall 00:05, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

Super Powers/Darkseid/Samurai

In the Super Powers comic, the Samurai origin is set in the present, ignoring all of Samurai's appearances prior to the episode. Darkseid is shown, and all of the team already knew him. He is shown to have had quite a history with them apparently if I remember correctly. Later, the Superfriends incorporate some "Super Powers" like elements into the show. That doesn't mean they tried to make it the same universe, they just incorporated some similar elements, much the same way the writers of "The Batman" animated series incorporated elements of "Batman Begins," since they were tying into the media sense of tying into it.

Noah Tall 00:40, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

Scooby offer

I'l keep it in mind Superfan man? :)
Sccobpedia was only recently adopted after two years of next to nothing, and the other guys are admin on other wikis how are checking Scooby for fleas. I'm away and when I'm back and tidied up a little elsewhere my only mission will be to get scooby fit again (100 articles, along way to go) - Good luck with yours, thanks for popping by and the offer - Oh and your welcome to use anything, most of the quality articles seems to have been grabbed from wikipedia, so we have rally less than 100 pages and thirty of which are one line stubs :( Piandao and Scooby!


Do you think we should call the Super Powers universe Earth-1B?

--Noah Tall 19:54, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

I'm sure

I'm pretty darn sure, but don't take my word for it. You see, at the time, as you obviously remember, there was a toyline from Kenner called "Super Powers" in 1984. Those comics were to tie into the toyline, not the Super Friends. The Super Friends immersed itself into the Super Powers hype when "Legendary Super Powers Show" came out, around the same time or maybe a little later in the year. But there was obviously know real way to connect the two. There were three waves of Super Powers figures. In 1985, series two came out, this was when Darkseid and his henchman were brought in, which was a reflection of what the Super Friends had already shown. Series three even brought in another Super Friends character, Samurai.

However, in the final Super Powers comic series, it is shown that Samurai's origin has something to do with Darkseid. Not only was Darkseid in the second Super Powers comic series, but he also was quite familiar with the heroes and vice verca. (at least I think) But Superman stated, like you said, in the first "Legendary" episode that he had heard of Darkseid, but never met him. If we are to assume that it is the Super Friends universe, then it would have had to have been before Samurai met the other heroes. But if it was, the fact that they knew Darkseid wouldn't make sense. Obviously, it could boil down to a simple writer's error but it's pretty big. Also, I've heard the term "Super Powers universe," to describe the toyline and comics. But never Super Friends. It's true, the Super Friends got involved with the big "Super Powers" fad, but it was just to serve as a media promotion mainly. I'm pretty sure it had been admitted that it wasn't part of the Super Friends universe before.

But until I read the comics again or at least look through them I probably won't do anything about it. So don't worry about that. I haven't read many of the mini comics but I did read all of the 3 mini-series. Each mini-series tied in with each wave of action figures. Thought I'd mention that too. Anyway, tell me what you think.

One more thing, in the first comic series (which ties into the SERIES 1 SUPER POWERS ACTION FIGURES) the team is called "Super Powers Team," a good year before they are called that in the "Super Friends" series. --Noah Tall 20:37, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Swamp Thing cartoon

I've been thinking. I was wanting to ask you what you thought about the Swamp Thing cartoon. Should we include that? I think it would be cool if we could. There's never been any indication that it's not part of Earth-1A...but then...there's never been an indication it is. That's why I thought we should talk about it first. I personally think it would be cool. Plus, there's only 6 episodes anyway. Thoughts?

--Noah Tall 04:45, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

I like what you do

I like the stuff you added to the pages. I would have added stuff eventually but I didn't really have time yesterday. Season 6 is very similar but still quite different to the Super Powers comics. Season 6 is part of Earth-1A. One major difference is the fact that in the Super Powers universe, Darkseid has his Parademons but in the Super Friends they are called Paradrones. Not much of a difference, but if we are to really assume that season 6 is part of the Super Friends universe, then there would be other conflicts as well, the biggest one being like the Samurai thing. Basically what I'm saying is, it's not impossible for "The Super Powers Team" to be set in the Earth-1B universe, if you can just ignore the Parademon thing, but that's only if you separate season 6 from the rest of the series. To me, that's a horrifying concept, just because it would mean that everything that came before didn't necessarily that universe. But there actually have been references made. "Seeds of Doom" makes a reference to "The Bride of Darkseid" Part Two. That's just one example. It's not evidence, but it seems like it's worth mentioning. I don't think it was their intention to go with a new universe. Plus, I don't think there was any evidence of Darkseid being obsessed with Wonder Woman in the Super Powers comics.

As for Man-Bat. Ivor Hale was just a man who dressed as Man-Bat. Kirk Langstrom was mentioned in the comic. So he still exists in the Superfriends universe, he just wasn't shown.


You're right, it is a big project...I've often wondered ever since I started working at this wiki...where is everybody!? Isn't there any other Superfriends fans out there asside from the few of us? It's my all time favorite cartoon next to Batman: The Animated Series! Surely someone must be out there that hasn't yet discovered this wiki. It would be nice to get someone who's an expert on the Filmation stuff. I've seen most of them, but not all of them. Plus I don't know the order that all of them go in. I have quite a few of the comics, but not all of them. Just today I found some of my "Super Powers" mini-comics, and the original Super Powers series from 1984. And I was wrong, Darkseid was in that one. And it was the first time they meet him. (Although Superman implies he may have met or heard of him, as was the case in Superfriends). I'm still looking for my Super Friends # 1. I have that somewhere. I'm sure my ex would freak out if she saw all the comics strung out all over the house. I went through that. Geeks get persecuted. Good riddance. (Trust me, that's not why we broke up!)

Biggest reason I thought Swamp Thing would be great is because it was the last of the "old style" DC cartoons. In other words, before "Batman: The Animated Series." The animation style was very reminiscent of the '80s cartoons. In fact, I don't know if you knew this, but there was going to be a Wonder Woman cartoon back then, to tie into a toyline for girls, but it was scrapped. Noah Tall 23:18, 6 July 2009 (UTC)

info links

Hiya! Sorry about that. Someone was testing things on the backend and it accidentally went live to a bunch of wikis. Are you still seeing it anywhere? —Scott (talk) 17:51, 7 July 2009 (UTC)

No. It is not up today. I hope that will not go live permanently. It takes away from the integrity of the wiki. There were several links per page. Thanks for responding back. --Superman Fan 18:21, 7 July 2009 (UTC)


Thanks for the Noah Tall pictures...I'll use those.

Noah Tall 15:02, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

Superman Family Album

The Superman Family Album was a short 6 or 7 minute cartoon that was shown at the end of each episode of Superman. Each one focused on different parts of Clark Kent's early life.

Noah Tall 22:06, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

Season 5

Howdy...I didn't change anything on season 5. I'll check out the Samurai page. Noah Tall 01:09, 14 July 2009 (UTC)

Image code, Syrene

I'll have to check to see what you mean about the code thing. But as for Syrene, you'll have to explain what you mean. I don't understand. Noah Tall 02:37, 14 July 2009 (UTC)


It's the story of her from the comics. Her story in the comics is MUCH different than her story in the cartoon. In the comics she has nothing to do with Wonder Woman. So I just thought it would be important to put that in there since it's so different. Her "Earth-1A" backstory hasn't been added yet. It's partially there though, shown above the "Background Info" but it's still (as always) subject to change.Noah Tall 02:52, 14 July 2009 (UTC)

Not quite

No, the background information on Syrene is the "comic book background info." Her Earth-1A bio hasn't been fully written yet. Her background info is taken from her Post-Crisis Earth story. (as far as I know she wasn't around prior to the Crisis, therefore she didn't necessarily exist on Earth-One) Hope that makes sense.

Noah Tall 17:39, 14 July 2009 (UTC)


So what happened with her? What was it she changed?

Noah Tall 02:36, 15 July 2009 (UTC)

More members

You know it'd be really nice if we could have some more members on board, especially if they were involved with the production of the show. Noah Tall 02:59, 15 July 2009 (UTC)


How do you upload videos from youtube?

(Noah Tall 03:03, 15 July 2009 (UTC))

SF quiz

Liked that. But the Luthor question apparently didn't count the Super Powers team episodes as part of the series, so I got that one wrong. Got 80%. (Noah Tall 03:17, 15 July 2009 (UTC))

DVD Drive

My DVD drive fried or something. I don't know what happened to it. Yeah, I have all the Superman episodes. I could start doing the Swamp Thing series. I have all of them too. Noah Tall 21:28, 20 July 2009 (UTC)


Yeah, I have all of the JLU DVDs.

Noah Tall 00:57, 21 July 2009 (UTC)


For right now, I can't do screencaps. I'm gonna try and see if I can get this thing to work but I think it's fried.

--Noah Tall 01:05, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Don't recall the Wonderdog nod. I do remember that that episode was a tribute to the Superfriends so that doesn't surprise me. I remember in "Injustice For All" a statue of the Wonder Twins was seen and destroyed.

--Noah Tall 01:13, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Batman and the Super 7

I'm curious if we should use some of the particular segments of Batman and the Super 7 for this wiki. Do we consider them canon? Or do we just site that they are were part of the series, and just not make any articles about them?

That's sort of the topic I have up for debate. I don't think there were very many episodes of some of them, but obviously there were a lot of Tarzan episodes not to mention the fact that there was a spin-off of Tarzan called "The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Hour." (Later titled "The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Hour") Just a thought. I don't know...I seem to remember reading somewhere that DC Comics worked with Filmation in regards to the Tarzan episodes. But not that that necessarily connects it to Batman. The only connection to Batman that there seems to be is the fact that they shared the same show together. But then again, should we use them based on the simple fact that they shared a show? Or should we just list the episodes but not give links to them? What are your thoughts?

Noah Tall 18:46, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Sounds good to me

I just wanted another opinion. I sited all of 7 segments to the show, but I only made links to the episodes that share canon with Earth-1A, all of the other ones that may or may not are only sited, but there's not links to the episodes for their own articles. (actually there's no episode lists yet)

Noah Tall 19:00, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Super 7

The New Adventures of Batman is just part of Batman and the Super 7. Technically the show started out with Batman all by himself. The name didn't change to Batman and the Super 7 until 1980. That's explained in the article. I figured that "The New Adventures of Batman" was not a good way to describe a show that has more than just Batman episodes, so I changed it. Is that all right with you?

Noah Tall 17:50, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

I got a start on it, let me know if that's what you mean.(Noah Tall 18:13, 22 July 2009 (UTC))

I'm not really familiar enough with the show to know what episodes go to what season. Do you know?(Noah Tall 18:32, 22 July 2009 (UTC))

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