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Wonder Woman: MMMHHHMMMMHHHMMMM....Are you sure this is...MMMMMMMHHHMMMMHHHHHMM....all right? Do you think Lois'll mind?...MMMMMHHHHHHHMMMMM...

All my heroes and villains!!

Hi, I'm Noah Tall, I named myself after the villain from the episode called The Balloon People. That was the first full episode of the SuperFriends I'd ever seen. I've been a fan for many years now, and I hope my contributions will be noteworthy. But anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Zan watches as Jayna shoots up!

By the way, in case you don't know my sister, she's an author! Check her out!

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Click on this photo and see if you can find me. This was a photo from Air Capitol Comic-Con in Wichita.

Favorite episodes

Batman: Oh my God that giant killed Superman!

  1. The Fear
  2. Darkseid's Golden Trap
  3. The Krypton Syndrome
  4. Universe of Evil
  5. Superfriends: Rest in Peace
  6. History of Doom
  7. Secret Origins of the Superfriends

A little more about me

Cromy Super Amigos.jpg
I love the Superfriends, as I've already made plain. But I like almost all things sci-fi, including Star Trek, Star Wars, Back To The Future, Terminator and many more. I even thought Wal-E the Disney movie was a great hardcore science fiction film. I'm a big time fan of DC Comics, but I like Marvel too.

Some of my all time favorite television shows are Superfriends, Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Superman (TV series), Smallville, X-Men, Fantastic Four (1990s), Superboy, all of the Star Trek shows, Batman: The Brave and the Bold (didn't really care for "The Batman" that much, just being honest...the last season was good though), MacGyver, Lois & Clark, Thundarr the Barbarian, Thundercats, Transformers, Transformers Beast Wars, Beast Machines (Transformers Animated isn't too bad, but I don't really like any of the other Transformers shows), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Spider-Man ('90s), Spectacular Spider-Man, Back to the Future animated series...I could probably go on an on...I have lots of favorites....not necessarily in that order though.

Incredibly Racist Superfriends.jpg
I also like the Indiana Jones movies, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Sandlot. Oh, and Home Alone is overrated. Problem Child is better.

I also love music...of all kinds. Rock and Roll, country and western, reggae, blues, rhythm and blues and tons of other kinds. Music is like my crack.

I am also an aspiring scientist...ha...that was a total lie, nope I'm just a pure geek who has no life or girlfriend, I haven't had a girlfriend in years,[1] and I might as well live in my mother's basement, because I know some would say that if I did I would fit the stereotype. Funny thing, my mom actually does have a basement. I was never much of a gamer though, so I guess I'm not a total nerd...I hate most board games...anyway...enough about me let's talk about you!

Oh! One thing I forgot to mention...I don't exactly live all by myself. I have a pet hamster named Noah[2] and he's the awesomest. Is AWESOMEST a word? I guess it isn't because the spell check thingy is underlining it. Weird didn't underline the word thingy! That's just weird. I would have expected it to...oh well...anyway. Noah's freaking old as hamsters go...he's lived a long life and in hamster years he should have been dead by now...he's like about three years old. Oh, and yes, I named him after Noah from the book of Genesis. And yes, I do read the Bible as well as comic books. Bet that surprised you.

Anyway, the best way to describe my personality would be by saying that I'm somewhere between that manically depressed white robot in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Bugs Bunny. That's not too bad huh? My ex-girlfriend once told my I was insane. Actually I've known a great number of people who've told me I'm insane. Screw them! I think the key to a good personality is the occasional drop of humor. But anyway, what I'm looking for in a woman is honesty, and a long term rela---ooopss!! I forgot I'm not on craigslist! Hee hee!!

Superfriends to the rescue!!

AQUAMAN: Come on Gleek! Tear him to peices!


  1. Actually I have had a girlfriend since I last wrote this, but we've been broke up since January, and I'm still single almost seven months later.
  2. Actually he's dead now. He died about a three months ago. (It's now 7-21-2011)

Pages I'm planning on making

Note to self. The 1980 Shorts and 1981 Shorts pages may list episodes incorrectly. A couple I believe that are are Big Foot and Outlaws of Orion. --- DO NOT FORGET TO RESEARCH THIS AT SOME POINT.


Robin is Fired- mature content

Me with Transformers voice actor Garry Chalk at the TF-EXPO in Wichita

Me with Michael Bell at the TF-Expo 2016 in Wichita

Me with David Kaye at the TF-Expo 2016 in Wichita

Links to stuff I should check out someday

Other stuff I need to work on eventually but probably not today

Noah Tall's Personal Canon and Editing Policy

Keep in mind, this is just my personal policy, how I view canon and the rules I go by.

1. The Super Friends cartoon and comics, Swamp Thing animated series, DC Filmation shows, and Ruby-Spears shows are all part of the same universe -- even if they do at time contradict themselves -- they are all equally canon. Even the Super Friends comics and cartoon do not "trump over" the other, they are equals. See No. 6 for more details about canon.

2. Super Friends First: Despite the fact that I view all of the above as equally canon, this is a Superfriends wiki, so when it comes to using images, when we can, we should use the Superfriends cartoon and comic book images first and foremost, not using the Filmation or Ruby-Spears Superman picture for Superman's profile pic for example. Not that those images can't be used, but they shouldn't be the primary image. This is not to reflect the idea that Filmation and Ruby-Spears cartoons are less canon or not canon, but rather just to emphasize the focus of the wiki.

3. Superamigos and Super Powers: The canon of the Portuguese language comics should also be considered. Some stories might not fit, and completely contradict the Superfriends. If that is the case, they should be treated as a separate continuity. That's okay, because we already have pages for both Earth-One and New Earth. So any comic that is a clear break in canon, should be placed on the Earth that was associated with it in the original comic it was published in. For example, read Myndi Mayer's article. The comic she was in tells the story of how Superman and Wonder Woman met for the first time in 1988. We know that this can't be right, because they knew each other at least as early as 1971, as established in "The Ghost." This isn't just a small difference. This is big, and it doesn't fit with established canon. So it's on New Earth. Also, the Crisis on Infinite Earths has a page and is part of this wiki, but it's not about Earth-1A at all, because that would mean that the Superfriends Earth eventually merges with other Earths to become New Earth. And if we were to say that that happened, that would mean that any future Superfriends Universe story, no matter how vague the possibility is that that would happen; would restrict what writers could do later on. They might want to expand the universe some day and pretend it still exists. This happened with Earth-66, which was shown revisited with two animated films.

Plus, to me it's irresponsible to discard all that previous continuity, because it would be like saying that it never happened. True, one could say that it would make more sense this way, because we have James Bartholomew Olsen in both the sixties and eighties series, and there's no way he could still be a teenager by the '80s, but nevertheless, leaving it as is is a better idea to me. It makes more sense if Earth-1A had nothing to do with a Crisis or even a version of the Crisis. Besides, there's other ways to say to rationalize the Jimmy Olsen problem. It could be his father James Jacob Olsen that was in the Filmation series. They'd both go by the name "Jimmy" because of this. But anyway...

4.Super Powers: The Jack Kirby Super Powers comics, as far as I know, can fit into the continuity of the Super Friends universe somewhat, but volume three is where things get a little tricky. Samurai is treated as a brand new superhero so that has to be discarded. It's set in Earth-1B. If other contradictions are to be found in the first two volumes, we may end up making that set on that Earth as well. The only real contradiction (if you want to call it that) that I remember finding in Super Powers volume one was about Darkseid. They make it seem as though it was the first time they met him just like the season premiere of SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, but this is actually open to interpretation, because Green Lantern was in the comic, but not the episode, and he asked Superman if he knew who Darkseid was. And Superman said, "Even if I didn't," his reputation alone was well-known or something like that. The point is, it was Green Lantern who asked Superman if he knew him, and GL might have actually not known about the incident that happened in the animated episode, since he wasn't there for that adventure. That being said, it can still fit, it's just a matter of how you interpret it. After all, if you are to interpret the Return of Atlantis episode in the same way that the episode implied it, then we'd have to assume that this episode was a retcon to Aquaman living in Atlantis, because he looked surprised to see it. This wasn't the first time that Atlantis was "discovered" in Superfriends, another time was in Battle at the Earth's Core, when they find an Un-named Atlantean city in the Unknown Wonderland. They made it seem like they didn't know of any other Atlantean cities such as Poseidonis. We know this to be false, since one of their teammates is once again, it's all just how you choose to interpret it.

5. Parallel Universes: Within the DC Comics Multiverse, there are world's that parallel the Super Friends world more than others, and certain worlds belong on this wiki, such as Earth-66 and Earth-508. I shouldn't even have to mention the Universe of Evil and the Antimatter Universe, because they were actually in the Superfriends cartoon. They are clearly quite similar Earths and deserve to have their content on this wiki. The DCAU on the other hand, should have its' own page, because it was shown in Superman and Batman: World's Funnest, but all of it's content? No way Jose. The DCAU has its' own wiki, and it's not that "parallel" of a universe, other than in names. Same goes for the Looneyverse. It has its' own page, and content from that universe belongs here, but only that which was shown from the perspective of the Superfriends franchise. That's way to much stuff to have on this wiki as it is, so no way would we add all that stuff. Besides there are wikis for Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo and probably others from the same franchises.

6.Super Friends Referenced Comics: Some issues of the Superfriends comics referenced other comic books that were technically supposed to be part of Earth-One or New Earth when they were originally published. Nevertheless, they should be considered Earth-1A, and be considered just as canon as what was shown in No. 1. This also sometimes means that even a story that isn't "referenced" in a Superfriends comic would be considered canon. For example, let's pretend that an issue of Superfriends referenced The Adventures of Jo Blo # 7. Well, the thing is, that story might have been part seven of a twelve part story. So you'd want to include the first 12 issues of The Adventures of Jo Blo as being canon. And those stories should be treated just as canon as any of the other things mentioned.

A very, very similar policy should be in place in regards to the Superamigos and Super Powers comics. The only difference being, since many material in these comics contains both Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis stories, we're bound to find a lot more material that contradicts established canon from Superfriends. So don't sweat that, we'll just say that those stories took place on Earth-One or New Earth, that way we don't have anymore continuity issues then necessary. Keep in mind though, that this should only be done when the material isn't compatible with the SF Universe, not just because it was written to be set in another universe. This is important to remember because it all goes back to the fact that all the comics referenced in Bridwell's Superfriends comics were supposed to be Earth-One when it was originally written anyway, so it should for the most part be treated the same way.

7. Use of Images: The images used should come from the Superfriends franchise, which is either the Superfriends series and comics, Superamigos and Super Powers comics, the DC Filmation and Ruby-Spears shows, Swamp Thing cartoon and any product with one of the various "Superfriends" labels, such as Superfriends, Super Friends, Super Friends!, SuperFriends, Super-Friends, Super Heroes, DC Heroes, Superamigos, Super Amigos, Super Powers and maybe others I left out. On occasion, a certain character or place or thing or concept may be referenced but not shown, and because of that, we wouldn't have an official image, and so because of that, we could, if we had to, look for an image from a different continuity. But this should be only if such an image doesn't exist within the franchise itself.

8. Products: For the most part, books and similar "story-based" products should be considered part of Earth-1A, such as Super Friends: Revenge of the Super Foes. Same goes for other story based products. In terms of action figures, there should be pages about characters that were made into Superfriends-based toys, whether they actually appeared in any other Superfriends related material or not. In the "appearances" section of the article, you should just write; for example, that Devilman appeared in Devilman (Super Powers figure) (2009), or something to that effect. He definitely didn't appear in anything else, so that's how it should be written, the history section should probably read "this section is not yet written," or "history unknown." However if certain background information is written about a certain character on the back of the figure's card, then that can be put in the background info. Certain conjectural information could be used as well as long as it doesn't contradict other info established in other canon. (that often all depends on which Earth you are writing about in the history section)

DC Heroes and other Super Friends games should be used on this wiki, but they are not always necessarily canon in the strictest sense of the word. For example, if material in the DC Heroes game contradicts anything in the Superfriends universe, then that material should be used for Earth-One or New Earth, which as I stated before, we have articles for, so that's okay to use them when it pertains to the Superfriends franchise. For example, the Kryptonian Birthing Matrix only applies to the New Earth continuity so any information from the DC Heroes game that is shown in that, can be placed in that article, but the history section shouldn't be under Earth-1A, but rather New Earth. If we do end up writing anything under the Earth-1A section, it would only be to say that no such device existed on that Earth, or at least if it was, Kal was already born from it on Krypton, before arriving on Earth.

9. How Articles Are Written: All articles about characters, places and things within the Superfriends Universe should be written strictly from an in-universe perspective. Articles about TV shows, episodes, writers, producers, directors, actors or any other member of the staff, including production companies; should all be written in the real world perspective. This means, that in an article such as Superman, it shouldn't say something like "Superman is a character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster that appeared in the Super Friends television series." Instead, it should say, "Superman, was a superhero from the Super Friends." Etc....Notice, this was written in the past tense. All in-universe articles should be written in the past tense. This is because "now" or the "present" is always changing in the real world, and not every character or thing or whatever should be assumed to still be around. Also, the timeline is another thing to consider. From our perspective, the 30th century seems pretty far away, but in the 35th century, it's a long time in the past, same with the 64th century or 120th century. Making it past tense makes it seem like that whoever wrote it must have been from very far in the future. And that's the best way to handle it. That's the way it was in the Star Trek Chronology and Star Trek Encyclopedia. And that's the way Memory Alpha and the Tardis Data Core do it. It's the best way and there's no reason to do it any differently.

That all being said. Certain portions of articles can be "real world," like notes for example. If you want to say something like, "According to the comic books..." or "Episode such-in-such stated that..." then that can be in the notes section, or if possible, it can be in the in-universe section, but it would have to be reworded to sound like it's being told by someone from the Super Friends Universe. In other words, write the articles as if they were real, not as if they were in some episode or comic. That is probably the most important rule to me, so as to keep the consistency.

As for images...when an image is being shown in an article, it should have a text saying what's going on in the image, like for example, if the article is about cherries, and the image has Wonder Woman eating them, it should say: "Wonder Woman eating some cherries." Then, you site what episode the image was taken from, with references. This way, you don't see the show, episode and date in the image itself, but rather, it's in a footnote. This is important because it maintains the in-universe concept. Showing the episode name and stuff in the actual image is what I call "real world dumping" which doesn't belong in an in-universe article.

All of this is also important within the article itself. All real world material should be footnoted. In other words, if you were editing the article about a Green Kryptonite, and you said: "In Will the World Collide?, Superman was powerless because of a large Kryptonite planet on a collision course for Earth." Instead, you would say: "Superman was powerless due to a large Kryptonite planet on a collision course for Earth." Then you would cite it with footnote references. Do not ever cite the episode in the article itself. Always use the "ref" thingamabob.

10. Final Thoughts: I didn't come up with these rules all at once. This was years of developing an understanding of what works best. Even for those reading this for the first time, there may still be many pages that have not yet been written in this manner, either because it was written by someone else, or it was by me, before I had adopted all these rules. Instead of pointing fingers at me and calling me a hypocrite, maybe you could help me out? There's lots of work that needs to be done on this and there's only two active editors on here. Superman Fan is the other. We can use some help.

Important Links

A poem

Green Gold

Sometimes, I like to smoke pot
Sometimes I smoke it a lot
So get it while it's hot

Smoking is nice, it helps you sleep
It helps you screw and feel good when you bleed
Aside from this drug, what else is to need?

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Money is as worthless, as two pieces of crap
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Alcohol makes you beat up your wife
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