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An evil Wonder Woman and Aquaman in the Universe of Evil.

The Super Enemies confront the real Superman

The Universe of Evil is an alternate universe in which the SuperFriends are actually evil. Here, they are referred to as the Super Enemies. What passes for law enforcement in this universe is aware of the Super Enemies, and has developed ways to combat them (for instance, police helicopters are equipped with Kryptonite lasers).

Superman once accidentally traded universes with this Earth's Superman.

This reality seems to be an amalgamation of Earth-Three and Earth-148.

It is unknown if there are any heroic characters in this universe; however, given the existence of the Legion of Doom in the normal universe, it is possible that there is a "Legion of Good" in the evil universe.

Background Information


Bat-Mite on Earth-Three.[1]

Earth-Three was considered to be a partially "reverse" Earth and was populated by "opposites" to the primary Earths of the Multiverse. In its reversed history, Columbus discovered Europe, England won its independence from the United States, and President John Wilkes Booth was assassinated by actor Abraham Lincoln.

The majority of the Earth-Three's superpowered beings were criminals unlike the primary Earths whose main forces were heroic beings. The primary superbeings of Earth Three were five evil analogues of the Earth-One superheroes, called "The Crime Syndicate of America". The base populace of Earth-Three reflected a society based on laws and good values, despite the majority of their super powered beings having an evil nature.

Its post crisis incarnations have all had a totally inverted society where "good" and "evil" are reversed.




Earth-148 was a parallel world, which contained elements from the Earth-One reality. However, in this reality, everybody's alignments were entirely different. Heroes from Earth-One are villains and viceversa, creating this sort of "evil twins" universe.

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