Five bucks

United States five dollar bill[1]

The United States five dollar bill, also known as a fin; was a form of money worth five dollars, used in the United States of America. An image of Abraham Lincoln was seen on this bill.

Once, on Earth-Two, The Boss hired a man he called "Stupid" to steal some money from a place he had robbed, but he kept some cash for himself, which angered the Boss. "Stupid" tells him that "it was only little fin." But the Boss then tells him "Next time, it'll be a Mickey Finn!"[2]

When Sinestro met Susan and her brother, who both were yawning, Sinestro tells them he can cure them from yawning if they both give him five bucks. They hand him two five dollar bills, and instead of curing them, he kills them with an energy blast from his power ring.[3]


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