Shadow Lass 2

Shadow Lass, a citizen of the United Planets.[1]

Kid Psycho

Kid Psycho, a citizen of the United Planets.[2]

The United Planets, founded sometime before or during the 25th century, was an intergalactic republic mainly located in the Milky Way Galaxy, although there were a considerable number of other member planets in other galaxies, at least this was the case by the 30th century.

Earth was part of this interstellar nation, along with many other human colony worlds and countless alien worlds as well.

The capitol of the United Planets was Superman's hometown of Metropolis.

By the 2990s the United Planets was in a state of financial ruin, and it eventually collapsed. By the year 3000, it appears that it no longer existed. It is unknown if the United Planets resurfaced after that.[3]


Neighboring space nations


  • United Planets first appeared in Adventure Comics # 340 (January 1966).[4]


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