The Wonder Twins accidentally expose Superman to Red Kryptonite which turns him into a 6-year old kid. Throughout the episode the Wonder Twins, Firestorm, and Samurai have to babysit the kid whom they have nick-named super brat. Mr. Mxyzptlk does not make things any better with his practical jokes and pranks.


  • Superman was presumably 44 years old during this episode. In this episode, he was physically de-aged by Red Kryptonite to that of a child of about six years old. The Kryptonite wore off however, and he returned to his normal age within twenty four hours or so. Had that not happened he wouldn't have been physically 44 years old again until 2022. However we can only assume he was physically six years old, he realistically could have been anywhere between four and eight years old, likely no older or younger than that, which would mean that Superman wouldn't see the age of forty-four until 2020 (if he was eight), 2021 (if he was seven), 2022 (if he was six), 2023 (if he was five) and 2024 (if he was four).
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