SuperFriends Comic Book Character
High Counselor
Ulpar (SF 21)
Real name: Ulpar
AKA: High Counselor
Species: Exorian
Homeworld: Exor
Universe: Earth-1A
Occupation: Government Official
Base: Velthun, capital of Exor

Ulpar is the High Counselor[1] of Exor.

On one occasion, he came to Earth with Illik, the Laughmaker of the Trans-World Carnival to seek the aid of Earth's newest shape-shifters -- Zan and Jayna (aka the Wonder Twins). Exor is being pillaged by two renegade shape-shifters and former Carnival performers, Yeltu and Fegla. The Wonder Twins, along with the SuperFriends accept the offer and head to Exor to aid in the shape-shifters defeat.[2]

Appearances / References

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  1. The spelling of 'Counselor' in the comic book is probably incorrect. It should be spelled 'Councilor'.
  2. As revealed in SuperFriends #21 (June, 1979).
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