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A famous example of a Trlakan.[1]

The Trlakans were a race of Humanoids that were natives of a planet called Trlak.

Quarzz Teranh, a Green Lantern, was a member of this alien race.


Trlakan physiology was much different than that of some Humanoids, such as Humans. As an example, they tended to live a good deal longer, still being in their prime even when they were well over a hundred years of age.

Their eye color was also notably different, as at least one of them had bright red eyes. Their skin color was very similar to Humans however.


Unlike Human cultures and certain other cultures; which were very warlike and constantly committing unspeakable acts of violence on each other, the Trlakans were apparently a peaceful race.

Assuming that they had ever even had a history of war and violence, this was apparently something they had long abandoned in the past. During the 20th century they were happy that mankind had not yet reached their sector, as such peace would have likely ended.

But that was not the case; as they remained a peaceful people more interested in astronomy than military operations. Indeed, they had a strong appreciation for the beauty of outer space; ever interested in its' unlimited wonders. They even considered the stars their "friends."

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