A "Keep Out" sign warns anyone that might be thinking about trespassing.[1]

Trespassing refers to someone going inside private property without permission. It is usually not considered a crime, but it is against the law.

Once Doctor Shamon accused Marvin and Wendy of trespassing on private property when they entered his lab inside Mystery Mountain.[2]

There was a "Keep out" sign at Cape Courageous, which didn't allow trespassers on the premises, because anyone who entered must have a top-secret pass.[3]

Marvin and Wendy once again were trespassing at the Rebos' Auto Parts & Wreck Yard when they were looking for Wonder Dog.[4]

A "Keep Out" sign was also on the door to the hangar at UltraTech. This didn't stop Batman and Robin from taking a peak inside though, despite the fact that the secretary told them they weren't supposed to be in there.[5]


Super Friends


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