Superman in flight over the City Line Traffic Circle, observing the cars and trucks below during Rush Hour traffic.[1]

Traffic on roads consisted of pedestrians, bicycles, horseback riders, or most commonly; automobiles.

Speed limits were set for road traffic,[2] and if someone was caught speeding, a police car could pull the offender's vehicle to the side of the road.

When G.E.E.C. service was common in America, a traffic guard had little to do, as no one was out, because of the G.E.E.C., so all he did was sit in the middle of the street and read a newspaper, because there was zero traffic.[3]

During the Cosmic Crisis, the sun's heat caused a bunch of automobiles to overheat, thereby stopping up traffic.[4]

During the incident involving the shamonite gas, a tiny sea pachyderm became large outside the Hall of Justice, in the middle of the street, blocking traffic.[5]

At the City Line Traffic Circle, a traffic jam is caused by what drivers think is an Alien Invasion.[6]

While in pursuit of King Plasto in their Batmobile, Batman and Robin find themselves the target of FRERP eggs, which Styro tosses out of the truck. One egg hatches a FRERP replica of the Eiffel Tower, but Batman tells Robin they'll just leave it there for now, because it isn't blocking traffic.[7]

Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were riding in the Batmobile through the city when they noticed Superman in flight above them. Robin mentioned how flying sure beats riding in traffic.[8]


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