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The gorillas from Gorilla City are excellent observers, thus they are good at tracking.[1]

Tracking is the science and art of observing a place through animal footprints and other signs, including: tracks, beds, chews, scat, hair, etc. Specifically, mapping a changing landscape and soaking up sensory data like a sponge. Another goal is the further understanding of the systems and patterns around you, including that of the animal life. So called, "master trackers", are able to know an animal through its tracks and trails, also known as spoor. These include not only identification and interpretation of tracks, but also scat (or feces), feathers, kills, scratching posts, trails, drag marks, sounds, marking posts, and more. There is a story in most of these marks to be found. The skilled tracker is able to discern these markings and recreate what transpired. Tracking has been traditionally practiced for thousands of years by the majority of tribal peoples all across the world.


  1. This image depicts gorillas using their tracking skills to track down a few members of the Super Friends. One gorilla notices that the sap on the tree is still wet, giving him the understanding that the Justice League members must be nearby. This image is taken from Revenge on Gorilla City.

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