Toy car

Toy car[1]

A toy car was a type of toy that had the appearance of a car.

Although they usually resembled the real thing, they were much smaller than real cars, and they were usually used as toys for boys to play with.

Some such toys could even drive by using a remote control device.



Doctor Gulliver had a toy car that he showed to Batman and Robin when he was trying to explain how real cars at that size would only need a single drop of gasoline, which would be economically more efficient. His belief was that he should shrink the entire adult human population to two inches tall.[2]

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Toy cars have been popular Super Friends products sold in stores over the years. Popular brands that made Super Friends cars were Hot Wheels and Matchbox Toys.

In the 1980s, the Batmobile was also released by Kenner for the Super Powers Collection. The toy car was built to scale to the Batman and Robin figures; although other figures from the line will fit as well.

Superman's space car, the Supermobile was also released with that line, as well as tank called the Kalibak Boulder Bomber.


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