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Toy-Biz, or Charon Toys as it was originally called, is a toy company that made an action figure line that was an offshoot of the Super Powers Collection. The name of the line was DC Comics Super Heroes, which used much of the same molds for the figures that Kenner used for the original line.

Despite the low quality of the figures compared to the older ones, the line proved to be fairly popular, and the first wave of the figures even had a Batman figure modeled after Michael Keaton.

It was apparently also popular enough to give McDonald's incentive to use the Looney Tunes characters in a line where they "play dress-up" as DC Comics Super Heroes. This line of Happy Meal toys was called Super Looney Tunes.

The company lost the license to make DC Comics action figures and began making Marvel figures in the early 1990s. The company was eventually purchased by Marvel Entertainment, and it was renamed Marvel Toys, and at that point the company exclusively made Marvel toys only. The company closed up shop in 2007.


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