A plexiglass dome getting ripped apart by a tornado.[1]

A tornado is a mass of spinning wind. They are extremely dangerous storms, and they are often viewed as natural disasters. A waterspout is a storm that is present during tornado conditions.[2]

Doctor Pelagian had engineered a computer that was capable of weather manipulation. He used it to create a tornado to attack the Hutchinson Estate, ripping off the plexiglass dome.

When Marvin and Wonder Dog entered King Plasto's shack that was on top of his truck, when the truck started driving, and they looked out the window, seeing they were moving, Marvin thought that they were caught in a tornado, not realizing that they were on top of a truck.[3]

When Superman arrived at the Seismological Bureau building to pick up Marvin White, Wendy Harris and Wonder Dog, he landed on the roof so hard that the kids and Director Wimple thought the building was struck by a tornado.[4]

After heat from lava caused the North Pole's Polar Ice Cap to melt, a tidal wave is formed. Using his super speed, Superman spins around a tidal wave, encasing the water in a tornado and redirecting it to where it belongs, the freezing it with his Freeze Breath.[5]

When Aquaman saw the theft of a cooling unit at the Government Research Laboratory, he commented how it look like it was hit by a tornado.[6]


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