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Tony Isabella Tony Isabella
Birthname: Anthony Isabella

Born: December 22, 1951

Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio

Occupation: Writer, jounalist

Tony Isabella is a comic book writer best known for creating Black Lightning, one of DC Comics first black superheroes.

When development of season 2 of the Superfriends was in preproduction, Hanna-Barbera was interested in using Black Lightning, but they decided not to, since they would have ended up paying Tony Isabella royalties to use the character in the show.

They ultimately ended up creating a brand new character who was very similar to Black Lightning, which was Black Vulcan, who first appeared in The Whirlpool (1977).[1]

The character was dropped for season 9, and replaced with another black superhero that actually was a DC Comics character from the Teen Titans comics. This was Cyborg, who was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.


  1. Ironically, another black superhero that was similar to both Black Lightning and Black Vulcan was created for DC Comics' imprint Milestone Media. He was called Static, and he had electrical powers as well, although he was portrayed as a teenager. He even had his own cartoon show in the 2000s, Static Shock, which even teased the Black Vulcan costume in episode one. Static was created by Dwayne McDuffie.

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