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Superman (1988)
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November 26, 1988  
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Clark Kent confronts the coach

Clark decides to follow his friends and try out for the football team. When Clark makes a starting position, Pa asks him to reconsider joining the team, because as a superpowered Kryptonian playing against Earth teenagers it is akin to a pro football player taking on boys in Pop Warner football. Clark reluctantly agrees with his dad, and tries to get himself disqualified from the team. But is there a way for Clark to contribute to the team where he is indeed evenly matched with all others?


  • One of Clark's ideas to get himself kicked off the team is to wear a pair of drama glasses that Jonathan Kent once used in a play. Clark's dad does not think that will get him disqualified, and asks an ironic question of how a pair of glasses changes anything, a foreshadowing of the questionable effectiveness of Superman concealing himself when not needed.