A Titanite.[1]

The Titanites were a telepathic human subspecies native to Titan.


The history of the Titanites can be traced to the 22nd century. It was during this time that a group of human colonists settled the Saturnian moon of Titan. Although it is little understood, either certain properties of the Titan atmosphere or its proximity to the rings of Saturn have endowed the Titanites with a wide variety of unexplainable powers; most of these powers are psychic, and they often follow no traceable sequence of genetic transference.[2]


The culture of the Titanites revolves around their psychic powers. Their mental abilities has naturally fostered a great interest in psychic phenonmenon on Titan and has led to the creation of the foremost academy of psychic sciences in the Milky Way Galaxy.[3]


The Titanites have a societal structure similar to Earth's, albeit with a far more effective bureaucratic system, since efficiency and corruption are easily weeded out in a society of telepaths.[4]

Known Titanites


  • Titanites first appeared in Adventure Comics # 247 (April 1958).[5]


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