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A very well-known Time Lord.[1]

The Time Lords (also called Gallifreyans; were a Humanoid race from the planet known as Gallifrey.

They were most well-known for their development of time travel technology.

The TARDIS; a time traveling space ship; was an example of their technology.

The Doctor was a member of this race, although unlike most of his people, he left his homeworld to explore space and time, even going as far as assisting worlds in peril. He even stole a TARDIS to do it.

Typically the Time Lords didn't interfere with other cultures in outer space by traveling through time to prevent certain catastrophes, as they were strongly opposed to changing what they felt was the natural course of history.

The Doctor however, was quite different then others of his kind, as he would more times than not interfere with the course of Human history, changing things here and there along the way. This earned him the reputation of an outlaw.


Although Time Lords physically resembled Humans; they were physiologically very different. For one, they had two hearts.

They also had the ability to regenerate after receiving a fatal injury, or deadly illness.

After regenerating, they would transform into a new version of themselves, which often altered their personality, appearance and less often; their gender.

Sometimes their new incarnation would look even younger, but at other times they would appear to be much older. But this varied from regeneration to regeneration.



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One Time Lord was walking to a TARDIS that was located on a London street corner when Batman and Robin were in England attempting to apprehend the Mad Hatter.[2]



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