SuperFriends Comic Book Character
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Real name: Liang Xih-k'ai
Species: Metahuman
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Base: Taiwan
Affiliations: Global Guardians
International Heroes

Global Guardians Team Member


Liang Xih-k'ai was a Buddhist monk, who has vocal manipulation powers. He soon takes on the persona of Thunderlord, and becomes Taiwan´s premier superhero. It is not long before he becomes a founding member of the international superhero team, the Global Guardians.

Continuity from SuperFriends Comic Book

In 1977, the Thunderlord helps the Black Canary dismantle a bomb on the island of Taiwan.[1]

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-One, during the mid eighties, he assisted the brothers Thunder and Lightning in Vietnam. He later joined the other Global Guardians as brainwashed pawns of the Queen Bee. As with most of the Guardians he assists the Justice League Europe in battling a robot threat. It takes a trip into the sewers before the group could destroy it. Unknown to the heroes, the robot was under the Queen's control and she did not care if it had actually killed Thunderlord or anyone else in particular, it was a public relations maneuver.

As with the rest of her brainwashed victims, Thunderlord remains loyal to the Queen Bee until her murder by Sumaan Harjavti.

Like the other brainwashed Global Guardians, Thunderlord rejoined the Global Guardians. The group confronts the Guardians and in the crossfire, Little Mermaid is slain by a blast from Jack O'Lantern.

The heroes involved stay to help the injured then go their separate ways. Fain Y'onia, an ancient enemy of Doctor Mist, begins attacking the group one by one. Godiva, Impala and the Olympian are all injured. Bushmaster dies during his fight with Fain.

The surviving Guardians gather again, ambushing Fain in the Arizona desert when he tries to kill Owlwoman. Fain's energy blasts pierce Thunderlord, killing him. After Fain's defeat, a statue is built is to honor Thunderlord, placed alongside statues of other fallen Guardians.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

Vocal Manipulation Powers:



Super Friends comics (1976-1981):


From his Super Friends (comic book) appearance in issue #8:

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  1. As revealed in the SuperFriends ComicBook, issue #8 (November, 1977)
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