Throwing up

Bat-Mite about to throw up.[1]

Throwing up (or vomiting) is when someone, who is usually sick to their stomach, empties the food contents from their stomach out of their mouth and nose, in a mostly liquid form. This is usually a very unpleasant experience which can also cause ones' eyes to water, and cause the person to feel ill. Throwing up can be caused by a foul odor or taste, the sight of blood, sickness in the stomach, such as a stomachache, or a gag reflex.

After Bat-Mite ate Dick Grayson's homemade pie that he called "peanut butter and sardine pie", he started to feel sick, his skin turned greenish, and he quickly left Wayne Manor to throw up.[2]

In the break room in the Hall of Justice, after Aquaman ate Ben Tennyson's tuna sandwich, he said: "I think I'm gonna throw up."[3]


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