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Three Wishes
81' Three Wishes

September 25, 1981
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Plot Summary

Curiosity gets the best of Wonder Twin Zan when he unwittingly releases an evil space genie from his bottle. For freeeing him, this evil genie grants the Wonder Twins and Gleek three wishes. The first wish bestowed gives the Wonder Twins and Gleek super strength and flight ability much like Superman, but they also face a dangerous giant radio tower monster which proves too much for them to handle. While in distress, the Wonder Twins wish themselves “back to where they came from.” This also proves unwise as the evil genie teleports the Wonder Twins and Gleek back to their home planet of Exxor within an infamously fatal desert setting. Soon the Wonder Twins are under attack by deadly Exxorian sand sharks. The Wonder Twins try to use their powers to defend themselves as best they can. Meanwhile, Superman discovers the Wonder Twins have let loose the evil space genie he imprisoned. Superman tracks down the twins to their home planet and comes to their rescue while also imprisoning the evil genie once again. Once safe and sound, Jayna wishes Zan had never picked up and opened the evil genie’s bottle. This third wish causes the current scene to flashback to when Zan first discovered the evil genie’s bottle, but he heeds the warning not to open the bottle just in case disaster might occur.


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Danny Dark as Superman

Louise Williams as Jayna

Michael Bell as Zan / Gleek

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Three Wishes


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Outlaws of Orion
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1981 Shorts (part 2)

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